Mrs Gracy Mathai | CEO, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala


Healthcare veteran Gracy Mathai is spearheading a quality revolution by focussing on transformational change - across both processes and mindsets. 

Mrs Gracy Mathai (CEO, Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut, Kerala), is a veteran in hospital administration with more than 40 years of experience. She completed her Graduation in Nursing and Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration from Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai and went on to do her Masters in Human Resource Development Management from Mumbai University. Mrs Mathai has worked as the Nursing Director in Mumbai and MIMS Calicut, GM Administration & HR at MIMS Calicut, Chief Operating Officer at MIMS Kottakal and as Chief Quality Consultant at Aster DM Healthcare. 


Passionate about Nursing, Quality and operational excellence, Mrs. Gracy Mathai is presently steering the success journey of Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut (since October 2018) in her inspirational capacity as CEO. As the CEO, she is responsible for the entire gamut of healthcare operations at BMH. Her focus lies in unlocking the true potential and value of the superior quality of services the organization has pioneered in the region and beyond. With her driving passion for quality, Mrs Mathai has been instrumental in synergizing both clinicians and administrators of the organization under one umbrella - thereby magnifying efficiencies and seeding consciousness about the criticality of quality uniformly across teams and departments. Gracy has also introduced the principles of “Lean management” and ‘5-S’ into healthcare deliveries of BMH.


We are keen to understand the persona and her space in a little more detail, and request the idea leader to capture the essence of the one big idea or philosophy that defines approach to life and success mantra. Gracy captures it pithily : “I am a people oriented, yet result oriented person. I consider my Staff as my strength. My Mantra is - Quality service and Patient safety”, she shares candidly. 


Is there a definitive moment of life-altering experience that has shaped her approach to life and work, we wonder. It turns out there is. The idea champion shares her flashback story :

“Being a part of NABH in 2006 changed my journey. The knowledge of NABH standards instilled confidence in me particularly in ensuring patients safety at every action. Each edition of NABH standards have brought about the paradigm shifts in the hospitals approach towards delivering safe health care to the patients. While implementing these standards in my own organization, I promise to the stake holders safe and secure healthcare facilities at my organisation. This has ultimately increased the customer satisfaction which in turn have changed into customer delight and the footfall increased in both IP and OP. Today I consider myself as a successful hospital administrator and I give full credit to our chairman and board of directors for their unconditional support and guidance.”


As with all elevated souls, Mrs. Mathai is quick to acknowledge and recognize the minds who influenced and impacted her own journey. She submits with humility… 

“I will be fooling myself if I do not mention the CEO, staff, Technical and AC committee members of NABH and my colleagues and friends in bringing out the hidden talents in me for managing the organization and performing my responsibilities efficiently.”


So what is the overarching forward goal Gracy and her team are trying to fulfil - driven by her personal success mantra? Mrs. Mathai reveals…

“My foremost passion is to ensure that our quality levels remain impeccable. That’s where the NABH guidelines can act as a powerful roadmap and compass. Implementing the NABH standard in the organization is not an easy task, because every employee of your organization must comply with the requirement. Ensuring repeatability, inerrability and sustainability is key - and that can only happen when not only systems and processes, but mind-sets and attitudes also undergo a transformation. For this, we are bringing everyone aboard the ‘change mission’ and giving every voice and opinion due importance and presence in the decision making process. The big vision is to boost confidence and build positive attitude across departments and functions.”


A brief but memorable session - that gave us valuable insights into the mind of an industry veteran and true change leader - is approaching a conclusion. As we take leave, we request Mrs Gracy Mathai to share her views on a platform such as Voice of Healthcare, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. Mrs Mathai shares…

“VOH is providing a platform for the healthcare organizations and healthcare leaders to showcase their management styles and achievements thereafter. It will surely be an inspiration for the upcoming leaders and the organizations.”

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