DCDC KIDNEY CARE is raising the yardsticks of dialysis treatment with a blend of innovation, partnerships and patient-first approach. 

Meet the brand 

DCDC operates a network of dialysis and kidney care centres that provide care for acute and end-stage renal disease patients in India. The company offers dialysis services, including in-centre and home hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and AV fistula and AV graft procedures and allied services that include counselling and diet and nutrition advice. 

BRAND DCDC: A quick snapshot 

DCDC KIDNEY CARE, promoted by DCDC Health Services Pvt. Ltd., is one of the leading chain of Dialysis Centres providing dialysis care & related services to ESRD patients in India. The company operates dialysis centres through Stand Alone Dialysis Clinics, In-Hospital Dialysis Departments at Private Hospitals and through Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode with various Government Entities

DCDC’s clinical and quality teams are continuously working with on ground operations towards improving dialysis quality and patient care by regularly measuring clinical indicators and through periodic quality audits and checks. Over the period of last 11 years, the organization has established strong processes and quality systems - and has regularly fine-tuned them as per the evolving ISN and NABH quality standards to achieve excellence in patient care. Its Learning and Development Cell regularly imparts technical as well as soft skill training to its medical staff for their skill enhancement and to stay in step with the times - with the big goal of achieving not just patient satisfaction, but patient delight.

Geographic span

DCDC is currently present majorly in 9 states in North and East India with strong presence in Delhi-NCR, UP, Haryana and Jharkhand. DCDC will expand its presence across the country with a mix of public and private partnerships (PPP). It aims to have over 200 centres over the next three years making this facility more accessible and affordable to the patients across the nation.

The big idea and inspiration

The idea behind DCDC was conceptualized during a time when Aseem Garg (Founder & CEO, DCDC) was in his second year at IIM Bangalore. Thereafter, in his own words, “I proceeded to gain work experience from National Kidney Foundation, Singapore, before founding the company in 2009. The big inspiration was to something in social entrepreneurship that creates value for investors and society as well.” 

Centered around Quality

DCDC has always been focused and strongly driven towards continuous improvement in dialysis quality and patient care so as to provide patients a great dialysis experience. 

Brand differentiators and USP’s

Being a network of Dialysis Centres lends DCDC a unique advantage in terms of efficiencies in supply chain in terms of securing availability and standardization in patient care across centres. DCDC operates, manages and market dialysis centres in private hospitals and government hospitals (through PPP model) and at standalone centres (through its hub and spoke model) in a seamlessly efficient manner, providing its hospital partners convenience, quality and patient growth. Through its experience culled over 11 years of experience, team of trained, qualified and committed staff, and well-established processes and quality systems, DCDC is adding value to the dialysis quality and patient care - providing improved and standardized services across its centres at affordable costs.

BRAND PERSONALITY: Vision – mission – philosophy

Vision | To be the leading dialysis provider in South East Asia.

Mission | To provide quality dialysis at affordable price using standardized protocols and processes across the centres. 

Philosophy | “Success is built on efforts made over time. Most of the efforts or initiatives fail and each failure brings significant learnings on how to do things right. Eventually, if one perseveres through and keeps on trying, one will find the right way of doing things and be successful. The important thing is to keep on trying” 

Current initiatives and Future milestones 

The organization recently got its Nephrine Renal Care Centre accredited by NABH (first standalone dialysis centre in India to get NABH accreditation). The milestone reinforces its commitment of making quality healthcare accessible, affordable and accountable to communities who need it the most. This accreditation will doubtless add fire and force to the organizational mission of raising service quality, and striving towards achieving quality standard in its centres across India. 

DCDC has also initiated Diploma program in Dialysis Technician. DCDC Academy of Healthcare aims at impart its decade-strong knowledge, learning and expertise in dialysis among the aspiring students and groom them for rewarding professional journeys in the Nephrology field, and long term growth in the healthcare industry. 

Awards and accolades received 

Dialysis Chain of the Year 2018 by Frost & Sullivan

Leadership quote 

“Let’s Strive for success one failure at a time.”

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