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Family background, early childhood, education and professional journey

Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal descends from a distinguished family of engineers. His Father was the topper of Indian Engineering Services and a gold medallist in Mechanical Engineering from BHU. Mother hails from a royal family of Dehradun. He spent his early childhood in various parts of UP as father was in Government service. He completed his primary education in various towns of UP and B. Tech in Bio-Medical from Manipal Institute of Tech (1992-96) and joined Dornier Medizintechnik, Germany based in Hyderabad. Further up in career ladder he held various leadership roles at 3M, Boston Scientific and  Abbott Vascular where he was the Marketing Manager Asia Pacific in 2009. In 2010 he joined Meril Life as Business Head – India and South Asia. At last he Co-founded Involution in 2010 Dec. Throughout his 20 years of work in interventional cardiology, he marked that that the treatment facilities for Angioplasty or Cath Labs facilities are available only in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and the mortality was as high at 22-25% way back about six-seven years. With the growing need of cardiovascular facility, he sensed the other driving factors that are making it possible for small cities, having population of less than two lakhs to have a good Cath Lab setup. That was the goal with which he, grouped with other like minded partners, setup Innovation Imaging. At Innvolution Imaging they have some of the best technologies available.

Game changer/Uniqueness factor Innvolution Group

Innvolution Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is credited with Many Firsts in the industry – launched the second commercially available Bio Resorbable scaffold from Elixir in 11 countries in South East Asia in 2014-15. Innovation Imaging Technologies Pvt. Ltd (IITPL) became 9th manufacturer worldwide and only 4th in Asia to build Cath Labs. Later it became the fastest growing and most awarded Cath lab of 2018 within a year of launch. 
Innvolution Group is also credited to have launched India’s First truly Indigenous dental implant developed by CSIR (Ministry of Science), IIT Delhi and Maulana Azad College in 2019. TodayInnovation Imaging Technologies Pvt. Ltd (IITPL) is termed as one of the fastest growing MedTech companies in the country with a projected group turnover in excess of 150 crores in FY 19-20.

Supports and Roadblocks

He accredits all the bosses from his previous  assignments from whom he got tremendous learning and the go-getter attitude with which he launched Innovation Imaging
As it happens with every start-up, he had his share of numerous roadblocks such as lack of trained professionals in Bio medical engineering , lack of testing/accreditation/animal labs in the country for medical devices, poor infrastructure of high-quality vendors in areas of machining, reaction Injection Moulding of plastic parts and overall quality orientation of Indian vendors in terms of aesthetic appeal/fit and finish. But with his sheer patience, perseverance and innovation attitude, his team could tide over all obstacles and come out with flying colours.

Achievements, rewards and recognitions

During his professional Career, Mr Gaurav was one of the most awarded Leaders at Abbott – total of 15 Clinical Competence, Leadership and Individual Performance Awards in 10 Years. His Cath Lab company, IITPL has received 9 International and National Awards such as Red Dot Award, Germany, Good Design Award, Japan, Good Design Award, Ministry of Commerce, GoI, President’s National Award for Innovation by TDB, Ministry of Science, CII Design Excellence Award etc.

The Driving force

He was deeply influenced by the empowering and employee centric culture at 3M and Guidant (now Abbott Vascular) and always wanted to create an Indian MedTech powerhouse that is not only commercially successful but is also among the Best Places to Work for in India. The ability to create an organisation which nourishes talent, respects individuality and celebrates and rewards accomplishments is a dream that inspires and motivates him every living day of his life.

Interesting anecdote with this start-up

In the year 2009, he met a very interesting Life Skills/spiritual coach who told him “Never let anyone tell you what you Can’t Do “. That message has stayed with him in letter and spirit.
 In the early stages of development of the Cath lab at Innovation Imaging or IITPL, a prominent cardiologist in Bangalore had said that only trash gets produced in India and this was a challenge he took with all his might and created the most awarded Cath lab of 2018. 

Setback moment

The team of Innovation Imaging or IITPL were halfway through the development of the Cath lab when Government brought in Price Cap on stents leading to a meltdown in the demand for Cath labs, but they kept the faith and Government’s move proved to be a boon for the Patients and Cardiovascular Care industry in general. Despite all odds, it was a Eureka Moment when the team built a functional prototype of the Pinnacle Cath Lab on Sep 2, 2017.

Messages for aspiring and budding entrepreneurs and “What not to do” advice for them

If you don’t believe in your dreams, no one else will
Setbacks are a part of the Journey, even sun has cloudy days
Build an Organisation that people are proud to be a part of. Happy employees lead to happy customers and happy customers lead to happy shareholders. 

Message to readers through Voice of Healthcare Platform

“It’s not the miles you cover but the smiles you deliver that matters ”

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