Dr Aloke Mullick | Omni Hospitals


Dr Aloke Mullick is dovetailing professional acumen with meditative calm to balance healthcare’s equation with expertise and empathy. 


Dr Aloke Mullick is the Group CEO of OMNI hospitals - an expanding chain of mid-tier tertiary care hospitals in Southern India with nearly 1000 operating beds. He has come on board with the mandate of stabilizing existing operations and facilitating growth in neighbouring geographies.


Healthcare Leader, Healer, Advisor, Mentor, IT Evangelist, Spiritual Trainer, Light Worker and Lifelong Learner - Dr. Mullick wears many laudable hats. We open the session by requesting the idea leader to capture his personal and professional identity in a few words. He shares…

“I am an ex-military surgeon, running corporate hospitals and chains for the past 16 years. Patient experience and cost of care are my focus areas. I am also a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer – something that gives me an immense feeling of fulfilment.”


Leaders are defined by their signature vision of the world, and the unique ‘personal methods’ they evangelize to make that vision come true. So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Dr. Mullick and his approach to work and life? His success mantra, so to speak? Dr. Mullick obliges our curiosity by articulating..
“ To be kind with all beings and to be brave in taking decisions has been my mantra in my professional life”. 

A pithy, and powerful, way of looking at life.


Profound journeys are influenced by powerful thoughts, many of which alter the course irreversibly and leave a lasting mark on the narrative. We wonder if there has been a person or life-altering experience or turning-point that had moulded his own odyssey? 

As it turns out, that turning point is not a person, but an experience. That of meditation.  Dr Mullick elucidates “Meditation made me understand that all beings are part of One Unity, and that the only way forwards is for us to love everyone, be generous and be kind.”


So what is the one, overarching goal that this idea champion wants to achieve in the coming time - fuelled by his signature view of life. Dr. Aloke Mullick responds…

“The Goal is that the Omni brand is known among patients for its compassion, and at least 80% of our patients come through word-of-mouth referrals.”


A short but edifying session is drawing to a close. We round up by requesting Dr. Mullick to share his views about Voice of Healthcare, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration, and positive energy to the healthcare community. The leader obliges… 

“I think VOH and similar platforms are doing a great job creating visibility to thought leaders’ ideas and creativity among all stakeholders. Knowledge MUST always be shared. That’s the prerequisite to growth and development of society at large.”

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