Sunil Khurana is leading med-tech innovation from the front with a firm eye on quality, affordability and accessibility. 


Sunil Khurana is the CEO & MD at BPL MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES Pvt Ltd, A Goldman Sachs Portfolio Company. 


We initiate the session by requesting the man - who leads by example - to briefly capture his personal and professional identity in his own version. Mr. Khurana obliges…

Presently, I am a motivated Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing Med-Tech companies in India. Before BPL Medical, I was in Bharti Infratel, a leading Indian provider of tower telecom infrastructure as the COO and a member of the Core Executive Council. Prior to Bharti Infratel, I spent close to three decades with the GE Group in its medical devices space in various capacities. 


Great leaders are defined by the contours of the ideas they champion. So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Mr. Khurana and his approach to success? Sunil reflects before sharing…

In my 30 years of career in the Med-Tech industry, what I have learnt is the importance of agility and developing connection - be it customers, employees or other leaders in the healthcare community. When you encounter difficult situations, I feel having a network of individuals who can help identify solutions or otherwise support you is absolutely essential. That’s what our healthcare community is all about. For instance, even during the coronavirus pandemic, we at BPL Medical have adapted to a Work-From-Home (WFH) model of working together and simultaneously staying connected with our customers. Moreover, we have been able to work effectively with the Indian Government to find solutions to tackle the pandemic better. Our subsidiary Penlon Ltd., has supplied more than 11,000 emergency ventilators to the UK government last year. By collaborating very closely with Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), a Navratna PSU, we were able to supply Oxygen Concentrators to Central and State Government. All of these tasks were possible simply because of strong support and the ability to respond quickly to an unprecedented crisis.


All great journeys have their defining moments. So how exactly did his faith in agility, like-minded networks and a symbiotically supportive community take shape over time? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Sunil elaborates…

“Having spent almost three decades in the healthcare industry, especially in the medical equipment industry, my goal was to create an Indian multinational company in this space. That is what motivated me to join BPL Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as CEO & MD in the year 2013. At BPL Medical Technologies, we all are guided by our mission to sustain and further enhance 'Happier Living Every Day' for all, which includes our co-workers, our customers and the communities at large. BPL Medical Technologies has come a long way in terms of products and service offerings. We are thankful to all our customers and employees who believed in us and have supported us in this journey with their trust and confidence.


So how does ‘tomorrow’ look like on Sunil’s calendar? What are the big goals he is chasing - and the big problems he wants to solve? The idea leader says…

The Indian Healthcare industry has grown significantly over the last decade and is on a high growth trajectory. However, challenges such as poor access to a quality and affordable healthcare still persists in large parts of the country. In addition, some limitations have led to a high dependence on imports for addressing domestic demand. 

With the Government’s “Make in India” initiative representing a platform to explore possibilities and growth in the Med-Tech space, we will soon see innovation in the healthcare services and solutions. At BPL Medical Technologies, we have always been focused on developing products with Indian customers and ecosystem in mind. Going forward, we will continue to put in efforts along this roadmap to develop innovative products to better suit the requirements of our customers. 

The focus of Indian Government coupled with growing demand for affordable healthcare in India will pave way for unchartered territories for many companies. Hopefully, India would be evolving in the Medical Devices sector to make it truly ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ in years to come.


We are grateful to Mr. Sunil Khurana for taking time out from his busy schedule to share an inspiring slice of his journey with our readers and community. As the session draws to a conclusion, we request the idea crusader to share a line or two about Voice of Healthcare - an industry think tank, knowledge exchange forum  and synergy mobilizer that connects the various spokes of healthcare for mutual advancement. 
Mr. Khurana generously obliges… 

The world around us has changed beyond recognition ever since the coronavirus pandemic. From finding unique ways of connecting with one another under lockdown, to the heart-warming triumphs of medical professionals, the crisis has also brought out the best in individuals who have been inspired to find their own path to positivity during this time of crisis.

And as the members of our healthcare community on the frontline continue to fight the virus with incredible bravery, we as a community are not only managing the demands of the present but looking to build a more optimistic post-pandemic future. The key is not simply to solve problems in the here and now, but to inspire hope and importance of health in the months and years ahead. 

I would like to show my gratitude to the VOH team that collaborate with leaders and professionals with an aim to do just that.”

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