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Elwinder Singh is connecting the critical dots of accessibility, convenience and care to bring order and efficiency to a fragmented and obsolete system. 


Elwinder Singh is the Co-Founder at Connect and Heal. He launched Connect and Heal (CNH Care) in 2016 along with 2 Co-Founders: Sanjay Vinayak (Former MD, Deutsche Bank SEA) and Galveender Kaur (Former Director, Deutsche Bank SEA).  All three minds hail from professional backgrounds in investment banking and consulting and carry an innate passion to make a difference within healthcare delivery. 


Elwinder Singh is a Former Strategy Consultant with Roland Berger SEA. We begin the tribute session with a deep-dive into the persona that defines the person. What is one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Elwinder and his approach to life and your success? The dynamic idea champion shares…

“The desire to fix a fragmented healthcare system led us to co-found Connect and Heal (CNH Care) to provide accessible, convenient and cost- effective care. At CNH Care, we join all the dots in a patient’s journey to provide a coordinated and convenient solution combining both virtual and in-person care backed by a strong health delivery ecosystem and care concierge.”


We are curious about the details and request Elwinder to capture the nitty gritties that inform his big idea. He offers helpfully…

“We deliver end-to-end healthcare across occupational health, preventive screening, telemedicine, emergency response, e-pharmacy, OPD care, hospitalization assistance and claims navigation. This omnipresent solution cuts across work-sites, virtual telemedicine, via neighbourhood clinics and across tertiary care hospitals. 

Such a coordinated approach across multiple touchpoints helps patients manage their care without the need of running from pillar to post when dealing with any acute, chronic or emergency condition either for themselves or for their family members. Today, we run a subscription-based model covering 1.5 million people across Fortune 500 organizations where we look after all aspects of their employee and dependents health.”


So how did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of Elwinder’s journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it, we wonder. Elwinder is quick to quench our curiosity…

“Connect and Heal is inspired by personal experiences. It was agonizing for both Galveen and myself to move from one hospital to another, chasing after doctors and being left on our own caring for our father who was plagued by myriad of lifestyle diseases. Sanjay was also dealing with a similar situation with his father in India.
Understanding that others were also having trouble navigating the healthcare system we decided to quit our jobs and pursue starting CNH Care. The idea was to become an end-to-end care manager for patients. 


Truly great ideas touch and transform the lives of not only, but many. So how is Elwinder’s concept influencing & impacting own professional journey, the life and work of his teams, and, indeed, the ecosystem in general? The man discloses…

“As they say, leave the world a better place than you found it. As an organization, we are committed to being a single point symbolizing ‘everything in healthcare’ for our cohorts, patrons and patients. To this end, we are acting as an end-to-end ‘care coordinator’, a mantra which epitomizes the very DNA of CNH Care. Our idea is gradually and steadily creating ripples. We are not just disrupting age-old practices, but also engineering a fresh new approach and mindset. We are raising the bar of both efficiency and expectation. 


So where does the road ahead look like for Elwinder? What is the big goal or jigsaw he wants to crack, moving forward? The dynamic ‘connector of dots’ readily shares his future blueprint with us…

“Our goal is to improve health outcomes of our patients and provide an integrated care solution to help them navigate the fragmented nature of healthcare.”


Those who lead by the force of conviction inevitably leave behind a mark – especially on the next generation. So what are the learnings emerging achievers can take away from his journey? What advice would Elwinder leave for the upcoming league of healthcare leaders?

“My advice is to remain consistent and persevere – entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint. Hence, being able to focus on the end goal without being unperturbed by the highs and lows will allow you to incrementally add value over time.”


It’s been an honour and pleasure to mine a load of precious insights from a man who is letting his work speak for itself. As we gratefully begin to take his kind leave, we request Elwinder Singh to share a few words about Voice of Healthcare. He generously obliges…

“Such articles and features help provide exposure to the amazing work being done by other leaders and entrepreneurs who are adding value to the healthcare ecosystem within India. These initiatives ultimately inspire the next generation of change makers across the industry.”

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