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Diagnostics veteran Pallavi Jain is lifting healthcare outcomes across the board – Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from big city to remote grassroots – with a passionate goal of ‘doing good for all’ through affordability and accessibility. 


Pallavi Jain is the MD of Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd, a Present in 14 States across India.

Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd. is the largest PPP player in diagnostics healthcare in India. The organization acts as a vanguard of patient care & technology excellence - with accuracy as its forte – to ensure precise patient diagnosis. It is the largest PAN India diagnostic (radiology & pathology) service provider operational from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, offering fast & affordable diagnostic services and solutions with the help of latest technologies, qualified and committed staff and an earnest focus on transformative care. The team’s motto is simple yet profound: LET’S DO GOOD!


We start the session with enquiring about Pallavi’s personal and professional identity in brief. The idea leader responds…

“I would like to believe that as a woman, I have an unbeatable zest for life and living it to the fullest. I strongly believe that life is a roller-coaster ride; but for some, this ride transforms and reinvents their personality to bring out a more focused and never-seen-before person.”


Pallavi Jain is a multi-dimensional leader, one who leads boldly across several fronts. She elaborates….
“I have done the hat of multiple roles, that of a mother, a daughter, a mentor, a guide, a friend, and many more with equal ease. I have always been a determined and headstrong woman, and decided to step out of my comfort zone to begin my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Professionally, I’m the Managing Director of Krsnaa Diagnostics Ltd., Asia's fastest-growing healthcare company. When I had joined the company, Krsnaa had only started its journey. I am grateful to be a part of its success story, and play a role in building the organization from 2 to 2000+ centers. 

Today, Krsnaa Diagnostics is one of the biggest PPP (Public-Private Partnership) providers, which has its presence in 14 states across the country, and I’m proud to say that this is due to the sleepless efforts put in by my team.”


True leaders chase a vision that is bigger than themselves. So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Pallavi? How would she define her unique approach to life and success mantra? The multi-faceted leader shares candidly…

“It is said that a career in the medical field is very difficult. It teaches you the most difficult life lessons. Even more, as you try to establish yourself in this field, without any prior education in the medical sciences. Hence, till date, setting up a world-class diagnostics center without any medical education has been my toughest feat. Which stems from my life’s philosophy that if you give your 100 percent to any job, you can conquer anything. I was able to live this journey only because of my love for books and agility to work with people from various backgrounds.”


How has her unique approach to life empowered and inspired her to impact the medical field - and magnify professional outcomes? Pallavi Jain recounts…

“Although the medical field was far different from my educational background, it always fascinated me. Like mentioned earlier, my love for books and agility to work with people of various kind, has guided me to be the woman and leader I am today. 

The tele-radiology service was a vision of Mr. Rajendra Mutha's, as he always wanted to do something different leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Today, this service allows experts to consult patients from any city, while sharing accurate diagnosis. Scanned images from all over India are collected in one location and are accurately diagnosed by expert doctors, which reduces the dependencies of in-person consultation that is becoming a challenge in today’s day-and-age. 

Many lives have been saved using it. Hence, I’m happy to say that Mr. Mutha’s vision and my determination led to the creation of something so unique, powerful and patient- centric, Krsnaa Diagnostics.


We request Pallavi to walk us through the success highway - one that has been crafted hands-on with equal measures of grit and gut - and to underscore the inflexion points that made it memorable along the way. She obliges…

“Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited - as the name implies - signifies a crystal clear vision in the emerging and rapidly evolving field of medical diagnostics. We aim to provide high customer satisfaction by providing tests at low prices and ensuring reliable reports in a reasonable time under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) domain. We are here to serve the nation and truly standby our vision of “Let’s Do Good”. 

The journey of Krsnaa Diagnostics started in mid-2011, with the intention to upgrade medical diagnostics in line with the world-class levels, and introduce a whole spectrum of services at affordable rates.

This idea gave birth to the philosophy of “Let’s do Good”, which is our promise to ensure that every person associated with Krsnaa will work towards the larger goal of nurturing and maintaining good health of the society. It wasn’t easy, venturing into an unknown territory. But with the support of my parents, and the inspiration of the social service legacy of my father, Shantilal Bhatewara, drove me to achieve my goal. 

While we were in the initial development phase, I had noticed that many patients and their relatives are not always able to undertake expensive diagnostics, leading to unfortunate results. Hence, we decided to make affordable and high-quality diagnostics available to every person who is in need of it, and stand true to our philosophy of “Let’s do Good”.


True changemakers – and Pallavi is certainly one – don’t just mould their own lives on the force of their unique ideas. They, equally, leave a lasting impression on their surroundings. We are curious how Pallavi’s own story has panned out in this regard. She recounts… 

“Being a woman entrepreneur, I believe in the power of empathy, which is a much needed quality in the field I serve. Being able to contribute to the society and country motivates me to keep going. 

When we started our journey, my Chairman gave me an equal opportunity to explore and execute my ideas. And I believe that whenever women get the much-needed support, they are able to move mountains and widen their vision. I am humbled by the support and respect, the Krsnaa team has extended to me over the years, and I will continue to deliver my best, as I believe that God sends every person to the earth with a purpose, and my purpose is to serve the common man.”


So what is the big goal for Pallavi and her team, going forward? What is the big challenge she wants to solve?
“The one true vision that I am still focused to drive, is to provide quality health care services at affordable prices to every person at the last mile. Krsnaa Diagnostics’ focus is on rural healthcare, as those areas need much support and strengthening, and we will achieve this goal of tapping into every untouched area one day”, says Pallavi.


How can Pallavi’s mantra act as a compass for the next generation of achievers and entrepreneurs? Any advice for future leaders? Pallavi shares generously… 

“If you give your 100% as an individual, if you know what you want to do in your life, and know what your goal is. With this clarity, nothing can stop you; no gender bias, societal pressures or operational challenges. My humble suggestion to every woman professional would be to prioritize actions in their lives. At the same time, find that balance to give equal attention to your personal goals, your family, and your work. Women are full of compassion, love and empathy, which should be harnessed as a strength.”


An insightful session into the journey of a true idea champion has reached its concluding session, and we couldn’t be more thankful to Pallavi for sharing her journey in patient detail for our readers. 

As we prepare to sign off, we have one last request for her: A brief word about Voice of Healthcare. How can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? Pallavi gracefully shares…

“I’m thankful to the VOH platform for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with fellow women professionals. Its goal of establishing relationships with credible organizations/enterprises in India and globally, including those in the healthcare sector, is a great initiative to promote innovative solutions powered by shared learning and collaboration with stakeholders across the board.”

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