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PsychOnline is deploying a mix of technology and customer centricity to help mental health practitioners and patients connect seamlessly and achieve breakthroughs quicker. 


PsychOnline is an innovative online platform that increases Practitioner Productivity and improves Patient Engagement. The organization’s goal is to ensure a provider-friendly platform while helping increase access to affordable mental health services for patients everywhere. The brand focusses on the lack of quality mental health access globally, and aims to solve this by making it easier for practitioners and mental health facilities to offer their services online on one robust platform while enabling patients to be fully engaged with their treatment plans and track their treatment outcomes. The goal is to turn the online patient experience into one that is comfortable and easy. 

“The platform offers all the tools mental health providers need to run their practice – virtual or in-house: From paperless intakes to scheduling & billing, video conferencing, prescriptions and so much more. Our team is committed to constant innovation and aims to continue refining the platform to meet new challenges within the mental health arena”, says Nirav Dalal – CEO, capturing the DNA of the brand. 


Here is a visionary and courageous team that is committed to leverage technology to help improve provider efficiency and patient experience. Every effort goes into helping treat chronic diseases that have an initial focus on mental health in the best possible way. This is achieved by empowering providers with the tools and technologies to deliver services more efficiently. 


The Founders of PsychOnline are healthcare industry veterans who have studied the field up close for over 15+ years and arrived at the conclusion that the system was ailing from archaic technologies and in-efficiencies, which was leading to significant provider burnouts. By engaging with providers within their network, they understood that a consumer-first technology solution had to be the answer. Long story short, the PsychOnline platform idea followed. The idea took off rather quickly,  and is currently recording a healthy growth clip. Indeed, providers  are witnessing g a 30-40% decrease in the time it takes to treat by using the platform. 


PsychOnline is fulfilling the gaping lacuna of an easy to use consumer focused platform that helps reduce the administrative burden on providers and while sustaining workflows and solutions that go beyond the traditional treatments and enable mindset and lifestyle changes that greatly elevate mental health treatment outcomes. 


A brief recap of proud initiatives completed, and a quick glance at the hurrahs lined up. 


•    Commercialization of mental health platform within the US which is HIPAA compliant, and fully-integrated.
•     including prescriptions, insurance billing, video conferencing, payment processing and automation of notes and intakes.

•    Successful roll-out of mobile apps for platform – iOS and Android.


•    Begin India operations starting Mar 2022.

•    Begin roll-out of direct-to-consumer offerings for Anxiety and Depression that focus on lifestyle changes to treat these diseases.

•    Begin coaching and certification programs for people looking to treat anxiety and depression.

•    Continued expansion into corporate accounts.

BRAND LEADERSHIP : A brief bio. 

Nirav Dalal – CEO

Mr. Dalal has over 10 years of telemedicine industry experience. Mr. Dalal has experience as a management consultant with both Deloitte and as an independent consultant. In addition to his healthcare and consulting experience, Mr. Dalal has over 10 years of experience in the technology space. Mr. Dalal holds an MBA from MIT Sloan and a B.S in Computer Science from Denison University.  

Alpita Shah – COO

Ms. Shah is a serial healthcare services entrepreneur. Before founding PsychOnline LLC with Mr. Dalal she co-founded a radiology services firm with Mr. Dalal. In addition to her entrepreneurial experience, Ms. Shah has worked for KCI, a biomedical devices company, and Frost and Sullivan as a healthcare analyst. Ms. Shah holds an MBA from University of West Florida and a Bachelor of Life Sciences from India.
Dr. Caroline L Cribari, MD – Chief Medical Officer

Dr Cribari is a Stanford trained board-certified psychiatrist specialized in reproductive psychiatry. She has been an associate medical director, vice chief and chief of the Department of Behavioral Health Services, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, CA. She provides Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), medication management, cognitive behavioral therapy, consultations, and professional trainings. She is a speaker for Postpartum Support International (PSI) on Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders and for AssureX on Pharmacogenomics Testing to deliver caring, effective, personalized medical treatment. Her TMS practice is now part of Mindful Health Solutions.


“We are at an early stage of a bubbling mental health crisis that is going to impact a significant portion of the global population. A novel approach that improves provider efficiencies and helps improve access to care is the need of the hour. This is where PsychOnline can help” -Nirav Dalal, Co-founder & CEO, PsychOnline.

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