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An Engineer Transforming Radiology Diagnostics

The Founder and MD of a South India-based Imaging and Pathology chain is adding the touch of technology to turn diagnostics more accessible. 


Mr Govindarajan is the Founder and MD of Aarthi Scans & Labs, that’s based out of Chennai. He is a Mechanical engineer by profession, graduating  from  Thiagarajar College of Engineering in Madurai before going on to complete his post graduation from Delhi. His wife Dr Gomathi is a family medicine practitioner and their children Dr Arunkumar and Dr Aarthi are both Radiologists. 


We are honoured to have the dynamic mastermind behind Aarthi Scans & Labs amongst us, and start the session by enquiring into the big idea or concept that defines his approach to life. Mr Govindarajan captures it succinctly: According to him, Accessibility (easy to reach), Availability (of technology and human resources) and above all Affordability should be the three pillars of healthcare. 


When and how did this idea or philosophy evolve into the driving force of his journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience that caused it or inspired it? 

Mr Govindarajan quenches our curiosity promptly. Turns out that the driving reason compelling this idea-first-persona to starting his diagnostic business were patients from southern districts of Tamil Nadu who needed CT or MRI scans but had to travel long distances – often all the way to Chennai or Coimbatore – which caused delay in treatment and adversely affected outcomes. Often, their travel and accommodation cost would be higher than the cost of the diagnostics service. 

With an aim to bring high end diagnostics to rural Tamilnadu, Mr Govindarajan threw his hat into the entrepreneurial ring, starting his first diagnostic center in Tirunelveli. This was the year 2000. That centre – the first of many - was equipped with all modern modalities like MRI, CT scan, and Ultrasound scan under a single roof. In one decisive move, Dr. Govindarajan had made advanced scanning facilities accessible to the people from 5 southern Tamilnadu districts. 


Fuelled with steady and focussed growth, Aarthi Scans and Labs is today India's Largest Integrated Diagnostic center, servicing both radiology and lab tests with 47 MRI Scanners and 50 CT Scanners. The brand has branches in Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Pondicherry, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Kolkata. 


So what exactly is the big goal or jigsaw that Mr Govindarajan and his team are solving? We dig deeper, and the dynamic idea-veteran confides : 

“With only 10000-12000 Radiologists across India, Radiologist shortage has been a perennial problem for all Imaging diagnostics providers in India. With the advent of AI, I believe Radiology AI will become complementary to a Radiologist reducing their workload and helping them report studies with ease and with greater confidence. We have been using AI engines in Chest Xray, CT brain and MRI spine reporting workflows for the last year or so and have found the benefits to be great. With this added confidence, We can focus more on the accessibility and affordability parts of our vision and reach more people in need of quality diagnostics.”


We wish Mr Govindarajan the best in his forward plans, and conclude the session by soliciting the leader’s views on Voice of Healthcare. How can tribute profiles of Idea Leaders – such as himself - add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The man generously shares…

“As the present generation of founders and entrepreneurs have less and less time to mentor the upcoming new talents in their field, VOH and its initiatives like Idea Leaders are needed to add a sense of direction, positive energy and vision to the future budding leaders.”

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