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Dr Nilesh Jain’s unique recipe of humanity, innovation and technology is helping doctors, nurses and hospitals achieve the Holy Grail of all healthcare - Better outcomes at lower costs – to transform the lives of millions around the globe.


Dr. Nilesh Jain - Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clinivantage - has spent nearly 2 decades in the Silicon Valley as a technopreneur. He has led and founded a  diverse suite of companies, and played an eminent role as active angel investor and advisor to the next generation of entrepreneurs. 


Dr Nilesh Jain has served on the committee for Health & Nutrition, NITI Ayog, and was a part ‘Champions of Change’ formed by PM - Shri. Narendra Modi, to establish the next generation of entrepreneurs to help accelerate innovation for the people of India. Nilesh also works with a large philanthropic foundation to create research & innovation capacity in India for a smoke-free world and public health - harm reduction. 


Dr Jain is a regular at keynote podiums and speaker panels. He speaks at, and is a part of, the World Economic Forum Global Working Committee team - solving key challenges & values within the space of digital platforms ecosystems, helping formulate the impact of new technologies & platforms on healthcare, and decoding the future roadmaps for digital public health and wellness. 

Nilesh has spoken at various events about the role of technology and its implications on personalized care, patient centric wellness and the impact of innovative technology in revolutionizing public health (affordable & accessible). 

Nilesh has addressed multiple gatherings of repute, such as the Carlyle Group (Carlyle Global Partners Summit, philanthropic summit) in Washington DC, gathering of Carlyle family offices; Concluded at the US Supreme Court with Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, spoken at the USA FDA (FDLI) Meet in Washington DC, delivered speech at Carnegie Mellon University and very recently at the World Economic Forum, as the New Champions – Healthcare. 

Recently, Nilesh was awarded CMU’s Innovators Award and Return On Education, and delivered a Commencement Ceremony Speech to the Computer Software Management Class of 2020.


Like all leaders, Dr Nilesh Jain is driven by a set of strong principles and ideas that define him and his approach to life. His success mantra is to “Treat everyone well with a strong sense of humility”. It has acted as his compass, guiding him across all my personal, professional and charitable ventures. The human-first framework has also helped him stick to the ‘straight and narrow’, so to speak, and kept him honest, rooted and connected with the people he works with and for. In Nilesh’ own words, “A little humility along with lot of respect goes a long way…!”


What is the backstory of his success mantra?  Was there a person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? The champion of change douses our curiosity by elucidating… 

“Life is too short to not do what my philosophy guides me to. I have had some personal life altering experience that relates to the health of very near and dear family members – which helped me prioritize my life goals and reimagine my mode of functioning. These experiences were a turning point for me, radically transforming the way I look at life, work and the people who make up my personal universe.”


What is the big disruption Nilesh and his team are eyeing currently? What, in short, lie ahead? Nilesh shares with charm and candour….

“Our next aim is to introduce that same philosophy in the domain of healthcare. With Clinivantage, that is precisely what we are building. Specifically, we are improving patient care by making it more patient centric from all aspects – be it care, humility, respect and above all clinical outcomes. I believe our transformative technology helps doctors, nurses and hospitals achieve the Holy Grail of all healthcare - Better outcomes at lower costs – thus impacting millions of lives across India and the globe.” 


A brief but greatly inspiring session is approaching its conclusion. We have a feeling Dr Nilesh Jain and his teams will scale their peaks way sooner than we perhaps realize, given their indomitable will and unrelenting conviction. As we wish them the best for the road ahead, we seek a word from the idea evangelist on Voice of Healthcare. How, according to Nilesh, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The visionary and dynamic mind generously shares…

“VoH is an amazing platform for thought leaders to come together and talk about how meaningful impact can be created, innovated, instilled and distributed amongst thousands of providers in healthcare.”

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