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Marengo Asia Healthcare’s Dr Raajiv Singhal is building a new era of healthcare on the pillars of awareness, accessibility, affordability and above all, accountability with transparency and trust. 


Dr. Raajiv Singhal, Founding Member, Managing Director & CEO of Marengo Asia Healthcare is a seasoned global professional with a deep and diverse experience in healthcare spanning over two decades business management in India, Asia and Africa. His portfolio features a kaleidoscopic repertoire of experiences and achievements include acquisition, post-acquisition integration, and financial turnaround of several healthcare companies around the world with a hands-on knowledge and experience of the M&A spectrum. Dr. Raajiv Singhal is recognised for the phenomenal growth orchestrated across organisations that he has spearheaded across his corporate, strategic and operational roles. 

Academically, Dr Singhal holds an MBBS and MS (Gen Surgery) degree from the prestigious Armed forces Medical College, and additionally, Healthcare Management program from IIM Ahmedabad. 

Dr Singhal’s interests span over reading books on diverse topics by different genre of authors, music and travelling.


We initiate Dr. Singhal’s chronicle by focussing on the one big mantra or idea that defines his persona and drives his success story. Dr. Raajiv Singhal shares…

Most healthcare providers speak about 3A’s - Awareness, Accessibility, and Affordability. Marengo Asia Healthcare practices the fourth A and that is Accountability – accountability to the ‘Patients First’, accountability to employees, accountability to the society in which we live and finally, accountability to all the stakeholders. 

The idea of ‘Patient First’ has translated into a vision for Marengo Asia Healthcare to extend quality healthcare to all in an equitable healthcare ecosystem, where all medical decisions are taken for the benefits of the patient first. 

IN A NUTSHELL: Whatever I can administer or prescribe to my family is what I shall do for patients. 


How did his defining mantra gradually evolve into the driving force behind his journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? We enquire keenly, and the conviction-first leader obliges… 

“Every human being has a right to quality healthcare and should be treated for the diseases they suffer from. There should be no criteria that impedes any human being from getting accessible healthcare or be denied treatment. That is my belief. I also believe that every person should be given equitable medical treatment.  

During my tenure with the Indian Army, I treated hundreds of soldiers surgically for bullet wounds, grenade and mine blasts, which taught me several lessons while facing circumstances in the difficult terrains of Siachen and jungles of the North-East. These lessons have strengthened my belief in optimised quality when it comes to healthcare that is affordable, accessible and accountability.


So what lies ahead in the scheme of things for Dr. Raajiv Singhal? It’s time to peer into the crystal ball, and the idea champion divulges his future vision candidly for our readers…

“Marengo Asia Healthcare believes in the equitable healthcare ecosystem which is driven by the quality of accountability to its patients, to its employees, to the society which it serves and its stakeholders to drive a sustained transparency, and clarity in all that we bring to healthcare service deliveries.”


We have created clinical corridors to make quality healthcare affordable to all. We have also established Centres of Excellence to make quality healthcare accessible to all. Through our Foundation, we remain committed to spreading increased awareness in the society on health challenges and remain focused on directing patients towards appropriate and accurate treatment solutions.


As a short but incisive and inspiring session, we wish Dr. Singhal great success in all his endeavours, and sign off by requesting for a word or two about Voice of Healthcare. For instance, how can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The result-first visionary is quick to share…

“Leaders inspire trust and loyalty in their employees. And through this, increase productivity in their workforce, motivate them to achieve better outcomes and keep their energy levels and happiness at work sustained. These qualities can sustain a happy atmosphere that contributes to the health and wellbeing in patients.” 

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