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Park Hospital CEO Dr. P N Kakar – inspiring mind, agile entrepreneur and a cheerleader for his community - is a firm believer in putting in the hard work and letting the success follow.


Dr. PN Kakar is the CEO of Park Hospitals. Young-at heart at 70, Dr. Kakar is the immaculately dressed gentleman sporting white hair, sharp features and excellent communication skills you may have spotted at the last event you attended. Yes, the man is a familiar face in the conference circuit as a sought-after speaker. Emphatic in his lectures and endured by his disciples, Dr. Kakar is always at the forefront taking on professional challenges with characteristic elan and gung-ho. An excellent mentor and an expert in simulation teaching for practical purposes, the man is also widely travelled and remains a revered name in the professional circle.


We initiate the session by enquiring about the one transformation concept or philosophy that defines the man and captures his approach to life and work. What, in short, is his success mantra? Dr. Kakar’s response is short and sweet: “Live life and let people live. Work hard and party hard, money will always follow you.”


We are curious: Why or how did this idea evolve into the driving force of his journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning- point that caused it or inspired it? Dr Kakar is candid and quick to clarify…
“Yes! After working for ten years abroad as a specialist in Anaesthesia, I returned to India and started my practice in Delhi and NCR. When I wanted to file my tax return, my CA advised me that the tax amount was more than the amount I had earned by then. The reason, as it turned out, was that I have been earning interest on my NRE Fixed deposits which those days was 13%. I immediately decided to return to my assignment abroad and decided to resign from my job from different Hospitals.

However, my resignation was promptly rejected upon the advice that there was potential in me and that I will rise. A certain gentleman advised to focus on the work, and the money would follow. That had remained the motto of my life ever since, and continues to be my driving force in the current day. That gentleman was Dr. R.P. Gupta, whom I call my mentor. He not only built a hospital called Shanti Mukund Hospital in Delhi, but also inspired many of us in his lifetime.


Most idea leaders are driven by an all-consuming dream. Something that doesn’t let them sleep. So, what is that one big goal or problem – if any – that Dr. PN Kakar wants to solve in the future with the help of this idea and mantra? What is the transformative change he wants to see in healthcare?
The idea champion shares generously…

“The government needs to be a bit more liberal towards doctors, especially those in practice. You practice all your life in the Hospital which was a non- entity then and now becomes a famous one. Brand value goes up and the cost goes up. Doctor retires and gets nothing and yet was known as the most expensive Doctor as he had a name. The ecosystem model has lacunas that needs our urgent attention. The government may bring in legislation on sweat equity, besides exploring other solutions.”


A short but revealing session is drawing to its conclusion. As we thank Dr. PN Kakar for his time and wish his goals the best, we request the dynamic mind to share a word or two about Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The prescient persona signs off generously…

“VOH as a non-profit healthcare platform is a wonderful initiative badly required by this profession. There are several doctors who struggle for recognition despite having a spectacular professional background. Who does not want recognition? Everyone does and feels good about it. It raises the morale, boosts confidence and takes the big dream forward. People need platforms and have no hesitation in saying that the Indian Healthcare system is by far the best in the world. I am proud of my professional background and expertise. To pay tributes to Healthcare leaders will only generate more and better leaders. VOH's stature will rise and we shall have more common platforms.”

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