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Aarca Research’s Gayathri Choda is building an intelligent response to the diabetes challenge with a first-of-its-kind non-invasive method for early detection of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia. 


Gayathri Choda is the founder & CEO of Aarca Research, a healthcare research and technology company providing non-invasive pre-diagnosis solutions for chronic diseases. 

Prior to Aarca Research, she had successfully built a data analytics company. Over a diverse professional arc, she has been associated with stellar global names such as Time Inc, Wunderman (WPP Group in Singapore), CSC & JP Morgan. Gayathri also worked as a digital strategist for a national political party in India that won the 2014 general elections. Following the same, joined the Government of AP as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to the CM to promote govt programs on digital platforms. 

Gayathri is an MBA graduate from Stuart School of Business, Chicago, USA with an engineering degree in Electrical and Electronics from JNTU. She is also an author of five healthcare patents. 


We are delighted to have Gayathri as a guest on our platform, and we initiate the session by trying to capture the ONE big idea, concept or philosophy that defines her and her approach to life. Her success mantra, so to speak. Her response is profound and brief: “All statistics have outliers and often it is the starting point of making history.”


We move on. So why or how did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of her journey. Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Gayathri casts her attention to the past...

“It is more of a learning from history and the fact that it repeats itself. Since childhood I have been a curious person and spent a lot of time reading books across genres. If one reads history, they would know that often it is made by someone who comes from the most unexpected corner. It is because of the burning desire to do better for themselves, for the people around them and to the world at large. This desire to do something better has made me to push myself out of my comfort zone multiple times and take the challenges that felt needed to be solved.”


What keeps Gayathri going? What is the big challenge that she wants to take on? Gayathri quenches our curiosity promptly…

“At, Aarca Research, we are addressing the next epidemic.  An urgent need if we are being honest about it.  We have built IHRA (Intelligent Health Risk Assessment), a first-of-its-kind non-invasive method for early detection of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and Dyslipidemia. By getting our screening, an individual can make lifestyle and dietary changes before it’s too late. An opportunity to live a long healthy life, rather than suffering from chronic conditions. A unique information only our solution can provide across the globe.”


We wish Gayathri and her team the very best for a future that will doubtless witness several more milestones, and sign off a brief but edifying session by requesting the idea champion for a short quip or two about Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? Gayathri shares generously… 

“VOH is doing the important work of building the healthcare ecosystem in India by bringing all stakeholders onto a single platform. Profiling Idea Leaders is one important part of it. By recognising innovative companies and people behind it, VOH is making sure that, a multifaceted healthcare community is built faster.”

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