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Renal Path Labs’ Dr Pooja Maheshwari is bringing accuracy, standardization and recognition to the renal biopsy and diagnostic landscape. 


Dr. Pooja Maheshwari is the Owner and founder of Renal Path Labs. Renal Path Labs is the first non-corporate, one of its kind lab of India situated in Gurugram, exclusively dealing with Renal Biopsies. The team is the only Diagnostic lab providing urgent biopsy reporting within 8 Hrs and final reporting within 3 days. 

Dr. Maheshwari is a postgraduate in Pathology having done PDCC in Renal Pathology which is a highly demanding and challenging super-speciality branch of Pathology. She was awarded for 3 consecutive years in national and international conferences for her research work. For past 15 years, she has been working with top-notch diagnostics and big hospitals.

Dr. Maheshwari is the mother of two boys and enjoys cycling, swimming and gardening in her leisure time. She believes in sustainable energy development and goes the extra mile to be considerate and protective for the environment.

“It was very tough to come out from the comfort zone of an employee and become an entrepreneur, but now I am building my own Niche in form of a small start-up cum Super-speciality lab  in NCR which started functioning in April 2022 and which  is first one of its kind lab in India exclusively dealing with Renal Biopsies”, shares Dr. Pooja, capturing her current passion project. 


We are curious about the central idea or core philosophy that defines Dr Maheshwari and her approach to life. The idea leader shares…

“Firstly, I believe that nothing is impossible if someone is confident, willing to do it and approach a right path and secondly, there is always a solution to each and every professional adversity.”


We move on, tracing the next milestone in her journey. Why or how did her life’s big entrepreneurial mission materialize? What were the forces and influences that led to it? Dr. Pooja Maheshwari quenches our curiosity…
“I was working very hard for last 15 years in medical field. Being a Histopathologist is very tough and demanding, yet a desk job. The recognition is  low and pay scales are very bad in India and for females it is even worse. Kidney diseases are prevalent in India, yet the diagnostic sector is not organised due to narrow vision. A renal Pathologist’s job is crucial as right diagnosis is the backbone of management of kidney diseases in native and transplant cases and continuous connect with Nephrologist is also a must.”

Financial management of doctors is very poor and even after working fulltime for years, it was a very risky personal, professional and financial task for me and this reality actually motivated me to do something for my future  and open the doors for developing ecosystem of speciality diagnostics.”


True changemakers are not daunted by challenges. Indeed, the more uphill the task, the fiercer the determination. Things are no different for Dr. Maheshwari. Establishing a stand-alone self-funded lab for a super-speciality field is generally considered impossible and non-viable. “Almost everybody discouraged me, but in my mind and heart I knew that I can do it, it is unbelievable but not impossible and it will succeed”, recalls Dr. Maheshwari. She adds, “Right from the inception, solution to every problem was clear in my mind’s eye: In less than 4 months we became profitable and started receiving biopsies from every corner of India and even started getting queries from overseas”


So what is the big goal or problem this driven and dynamic leader wants to solve going forward? Dr. Pooja Maheshwari captures her big goal for VOH audiences…

“Histopathologist, Renal pathologist, histotechnologist and all skilled workers should get their dues. They should get adequate compensation and I have already started it with my lab. I am recognising their skills and providing them employment in my capacity. Many doctors and technicians are willing to work with me.  Standardised reporting of Renal biopsy is also a crucial aspect and I give my hundred percent to provide right diagnosis in fastest possible time period.”


We wish Dr. Pooja Maheshwari the very best for her brave quest, and sign off by requesting her to share a few words about Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The visionary idea champion generously shares…

“VOH is an innovative digital platform for young entrepreneurs like me which recognises our efforts, bring it to masses and encourages young generation to dream big, work for it and face the challenges. Medical and diagnostic sector still does not get required subsidies to erect the infrastructure and despite working hard day and night, Doctors and healthcare staff really feel discouraged and dejected when they don’t get a safe, financially and mentally secure environment for themselves. By bringing up the new talent who takes risks and get success, VOH is paying back to this sector.”

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