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Even Healthcare’s Co-Founder Mayank Banerjee is creating an integrated managed care system where Indians never have to worry about a hospital bill again.


Mayank Banerjee is the Co-Founder of Even Healthcare. “We’re building India’s best healthcare subscription service that puts doctors and patients first. The goal is ambitious and not an easy one, to say the least. We will be affecting millions of lives and we don’t take that lightly. Last but certainly not least, we’re looking for incredible people to have a fair shot at pulling this off”, says the visionary who’s set his sights on redefining the healthcare sector.


We want to get a glimpse of the idea champion’s ‘persona framework’. How does one capture his persona essence in a few words? Mayank articulates…

I believe that I am a person striving to have a positive impact on people I come across. It is important for me to create solutions that can bring a positive change in the world.


What is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Mayank’s approach to life? What are his driving passions? What makes him wake up every morning? The man responds reflectively…

I am a very positive person. My success mantra in life is to try and ensure that bad luck does not ruin my life.


All idea leaders tend to have a defining, ‘A-Ha!’ moment somewhere in their journey. One that has moulded and catalyzed their mission in some way or the other. Does Mayank have a similar tipping, or inflection, point? Turns out he does. The champion reveals the backstory…

When I was 14 years old, my uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I grew up witnessing first-hand how hospital bills caused by an unfortunate event can change the lives of an entire family for the worse. We laid the foundation of Even with an aim to create an integrated managed care system where Indians never have to worry about a hospital bill again.


So what lies ahead for Mayank and his teams? What is the big goal or challenge that he wants to take on going forward? The idea leader divulges…

An individual’s health will have an impact not just on themselves but also have a long-lasting impact on their family. We are working on a solution to ensure that everyone in India gets the best possible healthcare services without compromising on their financial security.


We wish Mayank Banerjee the best for his gallant quest, and proceed to sign off by urging him to share a few words about Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The future-first idea champion shares without hesitation…

It is organizations like VOH that reiterate the importance of storytelling in the healthcare community. Each success story underlines a struggle that not a lot of people would know about. The stories of people overcoming their struggles can inspire millions and give them a hope that they can achieve success too, despite being let down by various odds in life.

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