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Neeraj Gupta and his team at Genes2Me is evolving path breaking, cost effective and accurate diagnostics and IVD solutions for the masses by reimagining the genetics infrastructure for cancer testing. 


Neeraj Gupta is the Founder and CEO of Genes2Me Pvt Ltd. A veteran in his chosen domain, Neeraj has been in the Genomics Research and Molecular Diagnostics business for over 20 years – a journey arc that bolstered his understanding and mastery over translational approaches for the application of Genomics into Molecular diagnostics. 


Over the years, Genes2Me – the company founded by Neeraj - has established itself to be a leading IVD solutions manufacturer with revolutionary and innovative Genetic based product offerings comprising of NGS clinical assays, molecular POC rapid PCR testing solution, RT-PCR Kits, Rapid Antigen/ Antibody Testing Kits and Molecular Biology reagents. 

Alongside, the company is also one of the renowned genetic testing service provider with wide menu of test range targeting infectious and non-infectious diseases, oncology rare diseases and prenatal/postnatal genetic diseases.


We initiate the session by deep-diving into the essence of the man. What is the one big idea or philosophy that captures Neeraj’s approach to life and defines his success mantra? The idea leader articulates…

“Our success mantra has been "Genomics for Billions".  Since the time of company’s inception, we have been working onto development of path breaking, cost effective and accurate IVD solutions for masses in order to combat complex conditions like Beta Thalassemia, Cystic Fibrosis, Oncology, Infectious diseases like COVID-19, TB, HPV, 3H, etc.”


All great journeys have their inflexion points – ‘A-HA!’ moments that leave their mark on their life and work forever. Does Neeraj have a similar experience to share? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning point that has shaped his mission? The man ponders before sharing….

“Cancer has been one of the complex conditions which have touched most of the families till now. During this disease, it’s very important to get early diagnosis and also to get insights of its genotype so that targeted therapy can be started at the earliest. One of the early challenges has been limited genetic diagnostic solutions and infrastructure available for cancer testing in our Country.

So, we decided to launch Genes2Me to bridge this gap and "transform genetics for billions" cost-effectively. Till now, we have been able to develop different oncology tests for monitoring the drug response and checking the disease progression. We have also got Liquid Biopsy tests for same which can avoid repeated Tissue biopsies.  


What are the big plans going forward for Neeraj and his team? Is there a big goal he wants to solve? The champion who likes to lead with ideas shares candidly,  

“Currently, there are numerous companies which are providing Preventive Health Check-up packages. However, they can only help for existing problems, but cannot forecast future risk. Testing for genetic predisposition bridges this gap, empowering individuals with information about chances of contacting illness in the future. This is done basis the individual’s genetic makeup. Your genetic susceptibilities can be identified via your family history and/or genetic alterations. 

Genes2Me is working onto bring revolutionary genetic testing solution for common health conditions like- diabetes, hypertension, cancer, neurological conditions and more wherein the test shall analyse genes and predicts risk for these conditions along with different allergies.”


We wish Neeraj’s visionary initiatives in genetics – which carry the power to catalyse the future of healthcare in this country and beyond – the very best. Before the wrap, we seek his opinion on Voice of Healthcare. How, according to Neeraj, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration, and positive energy to the healthcare community?

The evangelist of affordability signs off with characteristic confidence, sharing generously… “Perhaps never before has the healthcare sector been so firmly in the public eye. Organizations like VOH are contributing to this sector by bringing in the voices and opinions of all the stakeholders. Their exemplary work contributes to shaping health policy and planning.”

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