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ABI Health’s Ajit Veerappan is going from digital to behavioural transformation by unlocking the power of data.


Ajit Veerappan is the Founder of ABI Health. His social profile describes him as someone who is busy ‘cracking the Healthcare SaaS Code and building India’s largest Payer Provider Ecosystem’, and it is a fair capture of this visionary disruptor’s essence. 

At ABI, Ajit has built a team of more than 150 focused professionals delivering quality health products to Asia & Americas. The team has built a unique digital health platform which enables niche products and accelerators to be built on the go and offered to clients globally. Ajit has led ABI to signing various large sized contracts, business partnerships and collaborations with various hospitals and other healthcare institutions. He has also led ABI to sign multiple funding rounds and acquire products and companies.

Ajit’s multi-layered expertise revolves around building product lines and teams, transformational leadership, growth, SaaS and scale, enterprise sales, acquisitions and investor relations. 


We begin the session with a deep-dive, requesting Ajit to capture his personal and professional identity briefly for our readers. The idea driven individual reflects before sharing..

“I started my career in semiconductor, completed my masters at Warwick in UK and have been working in healthcare ever since, more than a decade now and in different geographies. I have always felt that penetration of engineering in healthcare is fairly low when compared to other domains and that drove me to build my startup, ABI Health. Today, our platform is leveraged by over 750 providers.


All great minds are propelled by passion. What is Ajit’s big motivation? What is the one big idea or concept or philosophy that defines him… his success mantra, as it were? The idea champion responds…

“In healthcare, the need of connecting all key stakeholders in the healthcare spectrum is essential and I believe that in a massive market such as India, prevention of illnesses is something that is significantly going to grow. Data is definitely the new gold and there can be a lot of automation to drive better outcomes if used appropriately. I am philosophical by nature and I do understand that data doesn’t hold all the answers, at the end of the day. We can’t enforce lifestyle or behavioural changes, for example. If we can create a society with gentle awareness and people still continuing to find the balance by doing things they still want to do without hurting themselves, that in itself would be a big success. At ABI, we want to create a platform where we work along with providers to help people achieve this.”


We turn to the progress path that Ajit and his team have followed as they went about chasing their big idea. How did it evolve from a passion to a vocation, so to speak? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? The idea leader responds…

Digital transformation in healthcare is spoken about in nearly every hospital today and every hospital IT team would have a set of resources focusing on this. As we see that almost everyone is overworked in the healthcare ecosystem, there is no way other than going digital that would resolve TAT, overtime or additional stress/burden. Every opportunity where we see difficult elements in healthcare providers, we should try to resolve it in the transformation path.”


So what’s next for Ajit and his team? What is the big goal or problem they want to solve going forward? Ajit shares with refreshing candor…

The goal is pretty simple. Create enough transparency of data that can help outcomes become faster and meaningful which in turn would help save as many lives as possible. We strongly believe that even if software can’t solve it all, it will definitely play a big part to solve what is possible and be a tool to assist healthcare professionals when needed.


As we take Ajit’s leave, wishing him loads of success, we request him to leave us with a word or two about VOH, and how tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders can add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community. The idea champion generously signs off…

“There is so much innovation that is happening in healthcare and as we all know that healthcare is mission critical, every solution that solves real world challenges needs to be heard globally to save lives and prevent diseases. Policy Framing can happen at both private and public sectors and such initiatives that bring in folks with expertise in having solved problems in the past is only going to help fast-track the general wellbeing of all humans.”

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