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HealthySure’s Anuj Parekh is on a mission to bring down the cost of healthcare insurance. 


Anuj Parekh is the Co-founder & CEO at HealthySure, an employee welfare insurtech platform founded by IIM-ISB alumni that makes insurance and healthcare affordable and accessible to SMEs, Startups and Corporates in in India. The company is backed by IPV, WFC, LetsVenture, Campus Fund, Dexter Angels among others and has enrolled 150+ corporates, securing 50,000+ lives since its inception in April 2021. Anuj is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA Graduate from IIM Bangalore. He has over 8+ years of experience in program management consulting, sales and corporate finance. 


We are out to dig into the ‘secrets’ that go into the making of an idea champion, and want to begin at the, well, very beginning. So what is the one defining idea that shapes Anuj’s vision and sensibilities? His success mantra, as it were? The idea leader reflects and responds…

Resilience is something that I have always had to demonstrate. I feel that while passion is important, its also important to build a mindset of sticking to what you believe in even in the most testing times. I have always learnt something from my success and failures. But the most important one is just keep on moving forward despite the odds.”


Every creator is fired by a passion to build. What is Anuj’s fire? What is the big goal or problem – if any – that he wants to solve going forward? Anuj shares with bracing candor: 

I want to enable universal healthcare in India. I want to solve this by working with stakeholders in the industry to bring down the cost of healthcare and insurance. I also want to promote healthier lifestyles. We started Healthysure with the intention of doing that and we are somewhere along that path. Hopefully in a few years, our impact is widespread


How did his passion gradually evolve into his vocation? What were the driving forces moulding the journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience that caused or catalyzed it? We are curious, and Anuj slakes our thirst…

It was during, the pandemic that I observed a big problem faced by people even with a health insurance cover. For some of my close friends, COVID hospitalization costs for family members were going through the roof. Despite having an organization sponsored health insurance, they were struggling to pay off bills as their cover was inadequate or had certain restrictions such as room or disease capping leading to short claim settlements. As I dug deeper into this problem, this pattern of inadequate health cover was clearly visible across the board. It’s not that people don’t want to have a comprehensive cover, health insurance is also becoming an expensive proposition for many.”


We are grateful for the short but sharp insight into an eventful journey, and wish the ideator the very best for the future. Any parting thoughts for Voice of Healthcare, we enquire. How, according to Anuj, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The visionary who likes to let his ideas lead, shares generously…

“Voice of Healthcare helps promote people who are truly doing path breaking work. I believe it’s important to show stories of people making progress so that others are motivated and inspired to do something similar. Everyone needs their heroes and role models to look up to and I am happy that VOH is doing the same for the healthcare community.”

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