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Elective surgery disruptor Glamyo Co-Founders Dr. Preet Pal and Archit are syncing tech and health in refreshingly new ways. And opening up more and more possibilities for both patient and provider.


Dr. Preet Pal Thakur and Archit Garg are the Co-Founders of Glamyo Health. Glamyo Health is a Series A ($ 6 Mn) funded Healthtech Platform focused on delivering a seamless experience for elective surgeries. It is an Asset Light chain of Co-Branded Hospitals / Clinics with a focus on segments like general surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental aligners, gynaecology, sports injuries, proctology and urology.


We are privileged to have both the Co-Founders of Glamyo with us for this Idea Leader session, and we begin with an enquiry into the essence of their persona. The duo is gracious enough to outline their personal and professional identity for us…

Archit Garg: “I completed my MBA from Said Business School, University of Oxford and started my career with Deutsche Bank in London and gained experience on the investment side by spending almost 12 years with top organizations, like Milestone Religare, Quadria Capital and Rabo Equity.” 

Dr. Preet Pal Thakur: “I have 13+ years of experience across PE funds, investment banks and clinical practice. I completed my MBBS degree from GMC Patiala and worked as a resident doctor with Fortis Healthcare. Further, I pursued MBA from IIM Indore and then worked with JP Morgan, followed by venture capital funds, including Milestone Religare PE Fund, Asian Healthcare Fund, and Alkemi Venture Partners.”


Achievers and disruptors are led by the power of big ideas, and we are curious about the grand concept that drives Archit and Dr. Preet’s journey. What is their propelling force or success mantra, as it were? Archit Garg takes the mike on this one… 

With Glamyo Health, Dr. Preet and I have worked on the pain points of the healthcare industry which is ultimately proving to be a success mantra for us. The pain points include non-transparency in pricing, delays in admission and discharge, patients being left unattended, delay in treatment, etc. Thus, Glamyo Health has set up its business focussed on providing best medical treatment, quality medications and hygienic food at reduced or even half cost along with offering a single point of contact from arranging consultation to post surgery follow-ups, thus ensuring seamless experience.”


So how did the journey evolve? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused or catalysed it? We probe further, and Archit gamely complies.

“Preet and I met while working at Milestone Religare Private Equity and we collectively thought of starting a new venture together. This is when COVID pandemic was spreading and the healthcare ecosystem was facing multiple challenges. Thus, we came up with the idea of creating a full-stack healthcare platform that is focused on providing a seamless experience to the patients. We created a one-stop solution that would offer a single point of contact from arranging consultations to post-surgery follow-ups so that the patient is not left unattended at any point of his treatment and can get cutting-edge healthcare as per requirement without any extra cost.


So what’s the goal ahead? What is the jigsaw Archit and Dr. Preet Pal are eyeing to crack moving forward? The Co-Founder and idea champion Dr. Preet replies without batting an eyelid…

“There is too much stress on the healthcare ecosystem in India. To cater to the 1.4 billion people, tech companies need to step-up their game to make sure that patient experience and quality healthcare remain at the core of all the innovations. Thus, integration of technology with healthcare industry is required to a great extent such that hassle-free experience is delivered effortlessly. Thus, with Glamyo Health, we would like to continue working to integrate technological advancements such that the patient experience is consistently improved and access to quality and affordable healthcare is increased.”


We are delighted with a short but vivid ‘insider insight’ into the minds and visions that are driving the Glamyo juggernaut forward, and wish both the Co-Founders the very best. As we prepare to conclude, we request the idea champions to spare a comment on Voice of Healthcare. Can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community (the vision and mission behind VOH) – according to Archit and Dr. Preet Pal? The duo are generous in their sign-off…

“Healthcare problems can only be solved through innovations and for such innovations to come at the ground level, idea leaders like Voice of Healthcare (VOH) share their best practices, learnings, insights and challenges to make sure ideas go into the execution format and reach billions of masses.”

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