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Swasth’s Sirish Singaram is bringing healthcare access to the pocket of every Indian.


Sirish Singaram is the Founder at Swasth, an organization dedicated to bringing Bringing affordable and accessible healthcare into every home via exceptional products.


We begin our session by beginning at the, well, beginning. Sirish has been entrepreneurial since the age of 6, finding his passion for startups at a young age. He started his first business, a pet care venture, while at school at the age of 16 – the first of many. Rejecting several scholarship offers from top institutions, Sirish decided to pursue his passion for making health care more accessible to everybody and founded Swasth right after he passed out of his 12th grade four years ago. Sirish is also a beatbox and Ghatam student of the Legendary Maestro Grammy award winner Padma Bhushan Vikku Vinayakram. Sirish is passionate about making India a healthier nation through access to quality healthcare and encouraging people to take up sports. 


Sirish is the founder of Swasth - an interdisciplinary team of the best doctors, healthcare experts and technologists with the vision of bringing affordable and accessible healthcare into every home. Explains Sirish, “In order to democratize healthcare and change the health dialogue between patients and doctors, we released Swasth Circle. Using our one-of-a-kind  Swasth Circle App, patients can subscribe to their very own trusted Pocket Hospitals called  Swasth Circles. Every Swasth Circle includes one dedicated family physician whom patients can contact for anything, anytime and anywhere. Their family physician is basically like their friend in need. Within the circle, there are also 17 of the best most empathetic doctors across all specialties who can be contacted with a single click. At Swasth Circle we focus on building interpersonal relationships between patients and their circle of trusted doctors.


So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Sirish and his approach to life? His success mantra, as it were? Explains the idea champion, “A concept I strongly believe in is: Leadership is a team game and nothing can be achieved without a Superstar team. Being open to learning from anybody and keep learning has always been my approach to life. While at the same time being persistent, passionate and the most hard-working person in the room. When it comes to Swasth our patients and healthcare professionals are Number 1, and we put  them at the forefront of everything we do.”


So how or why did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of Sirish’s journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Explains the passionate soul… 

“When I finished my 12th grade 4 years ago I was planning to go abroad for my education when all of a sudden I came across an article that showed how inaccessible healthcare was in India. As soon as I saw that article I knew that was something I wanted to solve and I immediately got an internship at a leading local hospital just to learn about the current healthcare system. Once I finished my internship I knew this was something I wanted to solve and decided to start Swasth leaving my higher education. Accessibility to healthcare is something both my co-founder, Dr Prakash Ayyadruai and I are very passionate about and that has been the driving force of our journey. 

When My Co-founder, Dr Prakash Ayyadurai and I started Swasth Circle, we knew we wanted to provide patients with the best doctors possible as we wanted our quality of care to be second to none. Dr Prakash is not only one of the best Arthroscopic (Sports) Surgeons in the country but a visionary when it comes to digital health and has created a superstar team of doctors that are empathetic and emotionally intelligent. I am proud to say we have the best of the best doctors from all over the country as a part of the Swasth Circle Network which is evident from the testimonials we have received and at the speed of recoveries. Our team of 250+ doctors have served 1000s and 1000s of patients all across the world and has provided care to those who needed them the most.”


Champions who lead by ideas are forever figuring out their next big milestone. So what lies next for Sirish and his team? What is the big goal or problem – if any - that he wants to solve in the future with the help of this idea / mantra? Sirish gazes into the crystal ball before divulging his future plan candidly… 

“Using Swasth Circle we have already built an incredible network of 250+ doctors and day by day we are providing more and more patients with access to their very own pocket hospitals. Many patients find going to a hospital or clinic daunting and as a result, start googling for health information which leads to unnecessary stress and anxiety. At Swasth we want to destigmatize the health dialogue between patients and doctors. We want patients to regularly engage with their dedicated family physician to build a bond of trust and confidence whilst at the same time for them to always be healthy. Our big vision is not only to put a Pocket Hospital into every home but also to make India an overall healthier nation.”


As we wish Sirish the best for the future, we seek his views on the Voice of Healthcare movement. How, according to him, do tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders help add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The man -  who balances passion and purpose with action seamlessly – responds generously…

It is very important to have forums such as VOH to share the great work the healthcare community is doing. At the end of the day the community as a whole has one goal and that is to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and convenient. The events organized by VOH are crucial to bringing our diverse healthcare community together to achieve our goal. Tribute Profiles like Idea Leaders will play a major role in inspiring the next set of healthcare ideas.

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