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MedTel Healthcare’s Dr Soumyakant Das doesn’t just dream of building healthcare technology that can serve a billion souls. He is busy turning the vision into reality with equal passion. 


Dr. Soumyakant Das is the Co-Founder at MedTel Healthcare, an outfit that’s strengthening Connected Care & Remote Patient Monitoring Interoperability of IoMT Ecosystem and changing patients' healthcare experience through engagement, insights & predictions. MedTel brings compatibility of different medical devices with the IoT network, enhance the connectivity and fasten the entire process of data transfer, analysis and retrieval. An MBBS and MBA from IIM-Lucknow, Dr. Soumyakant Das is Co-Founder and Head of Business & Strategic Alliances sporting over a decade’s  experience across the healthcare terrain. He has previously been associated with  UnitedHealth Group & Medical Officer, Apollo Hospitals. “I believe in hard work, endurance and empathy. I want to make Healthcare in India accessible and affordable. And again give back to society”, says Dr. Soumyakant Das, underlining the essence of his approach.


We trigger off the session by capturing the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Dr. Das’s success mantra? The man responds,

“As a medical professional, my big goal is to create huge value using technology that makes healthcare more affordable and accessible for the people. Creating value and contributing back to society."


How did the journey of Dr. Das evolve? What were the forces propelling and shaping it? We turn the focus towards the evolution of his idea, and Dr. Soumyakant turns the clock back…“Since I come from a very humble family, I have witnessed people suffer throughout my journey of life because of a lack of healthcare services, resources, and technology. Those sufferings of people became the driving force for me to create a Healthcare company which can create an impact on billion people.” 


What is the next big target on Dr. Das’ crosshairs? What is the big challenge he wants to solve going forward? The idea champion’s answer is powerful and succinct: “Making Healthcare technology to serve 1 billion people.”


We are grateful for Dr. Das’s time – a window that afforded us precious insights into his inner world. We conclude the session by seeking his views on the role Voice of Healthcare in the healthcare ecosystem. How, for instance, can tribute profiles like Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The man signs off inspiringly…

“Voice of Healthcare is creating a great platform for all stakeholders in healthcare to come and share ideas, and execution plans and create an amalgamation of people and ideas to form synergies and symbiosis which can help to show directions of what to do and what not to do. Inspires the newest leaders to focus on value and giving back to society and the total cohesive positive energy will create a summation of energy that is far greater which will change healthcare in India and the world. All the best!”

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