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HealthCube CEO Runam Mehta is pushing the boundaries of multiparametric point-of-care diagnostics while priming the healthcare leadership for the next challenge. 


Runam Mehta is the CEO of HealthCube, a healthtech company that designs and manufactures multiparametric point-of-care diagnostic devices to enhance the quality of primary care in diverse settings. Runam has spent over 14 years building businesses and new sales channels in the Indian healthcare industry. Prior to HealthCube, she was associated with Portea Medical for 7 years.

A physiotherapist by education, her first entrepreneurial stint was during her 20s. She led a successful company called Work Ergonomics with an aim to spread awareness about postural problems & repetitive stress injuries that increasingly plague the working population.


So what is the one big idea, concept, or philosophy that defines Runam’s approach to life? The success mantra, as it were? The idea leader shares…

Push Boundaries -My advice to budding entrepreneurs is to keep pushing boundaries. I have pushed the boundaries of healthcare innovation throughout my career. As a strong advocate of innovative thinking and problem solving, I am relentless and unorthodox when it comes to taking a bold approach to achieve objectives and I will encourage entrepreneurs to do the same. 

Apply ‘First Principle’ Thinking- Always keep asking ‘why’ until we reach the root cause of the problem. I always go back to the first principles – whether in my personal or professional life. It’s probably a result of my professional upbringing – which has been in the start-up ecosystem throughout.

Fail Fast - I have a strong bias for action, and I tend to make quick decisions with the information I have and then improvise as we go along. There are so many variables, most of which are out of our control – I don’t think it is possible to analyze and plan for every single contingency. To me, if the downside is something I can live with, that’s enough for decision-making. That being said, I am never afraid to course-correct as more information comes to light.


How did the journey evolve? We dive deep into the gradual blossoming of her mission into a full-fledged movement. Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning point that caused it or inspired it? Runam responds reflectively… 

“I believe my upbringing itself has helped me define and shape my philosophy. I was raised in a Marwari family with a traditional family business - a lot of business principles come naturally to me. Thinking in terms of PNL, the art of negotiation, considering opportunity costs are 101.

As a clinician, early in my career, I started a company to take the solution to my customers proactively instead of waiting for them to find me. Looking back, this was my first experience of pushing beyond the traditional path. I did it all as a solopreneur - content, pitch, cold calls, sales, delivery, and support.

When I entered the start-up ecosystem - while my peers were understanding and applying business principles, I had the opportunity to push boundaries and pick up roles that were lateral leading to more exposure and a more rounded approach. At Portea, I focused on building multiple products and successful businesses which cater to senior citizens. 

I joined HealthCube later as I felt the brand offered me ample potential to make a positive impact on society. I have been pushing the boundaries ever since and have led HealthCube into lucrative partnerships impacting the company’s financial wellness.


So what is the big goal or problem – if any – that Runam wants to solve in the future with the help of this idea/mantra? The champion with steely conviction divulges…

“I am aiming to lead the company into its next round of funding as well as a greater market expansion. I joined HealthCube to head growth and within 9 months the board unanimously voted to appoint me as CEO. Successfully rebuilding the sales function after the pandemic hit us hard while simultaneously opening new segments is something I am proud of. The hard work landed us with the biggest purchase order ever in the history of HealthCube. This milestone order will definitely result in referral sales and achieve the target of 10x growth. At HealthCube, I have phased out a non-performing product, introduced 2 new ones, and canceled loss-making partnerships directly impacting the financial health of the organization. This is possible because as a team, we are constantly pushing boundaries."

Beyond HealthCube - I hope to someday help other women become successful. I am really passionate about bringing more women into the workforce and I believe women need a framework or a toolkit of sorts to help them navigate systems effectively. Yet to decide the best way to create that impact.


We wish Runam Mehta glorious new milestones in her chosen journey and leave her with a request to share her mind about Voice of Healthcare. How, according to her, do tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration, and positive energy to the healthcare community? Runam signs off with a generous swish…

“I have been following VOH very closely and am truly honored to be featured here. There is a need for a credible platform that establishes a link between different organizations, institutions, corporates & businesses, leaders, and governments in the healthcare sector.  Tribute properties like Idea Leaders is playing a key role in driving the healthcare revolution forward by strengthening the current and future healthcare community with vital inspiration, insights and knowledge.”

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