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Swetabh Pathak is the Co-Founder of Elucidata Corporation, an outfit that’s passionate about a world where scientists fighting diseases have seamless access to cellular models of diseases. Their biological big-data platform is being used to find drugs faster and better.


Driven leaders carry a personality that’s both intriguing and inspiring. We begin the session by requesting Swetabh Pathak to capture his for the benefit of our readers. How would he define his personal and professional identity briefly?

Swetabh shares…

I started out working in business consulting, then moved to a social enterprise before starting my entrepreneurial journey. Elucidata is the 3rd start-up that I have been part of since day 1. I see myself as an organizational builder using technology to drive change in core areas like drug discovery where I work now

Over time, I have transitioned from being a product manager to also looking at technology and marketing. My interest areas are diverse and I keep picking up new areas to broaden my horizons.”


Leaders chase a dream that’s larger than life. So what’s the big idea that’s pulling Swetabh Pathak forward? One that defines him or his success mantra? The idea leader responds with what can only be described as a spectacularly refreshing departure from the ‘standard template’….

I guess it is the lack of a big idea that defines me more than the presence of one. Any change is an incremental process done by putting together blocks one by one and executing on them repeatedly. I don't believe in running after a big idea that would suddenly transform a space or a company. It is the painful process of adding one mile, then another while staying true to one's values that leads to a big impact. 

Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was it built by one brick or one design. It takes an entire village to build what seems like one monolithic idea.”


How did he build momentum for the movement? We are curious about the evolutionary curve of Swetabh’s odyssey. Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Swetabh responds…

For me, life isn't a popular movie where one big incident or conversation alters trajectory. It is built by putting together one day after another one. The results compound if we are consistent and continue to work towards allied goals. They don't if our efforts are disparate

So I don't have one day or person to identify. That said, since the start I have been driven by the impact that seemingly simple technology can have. What seems simple can be transformative if applied correctly. Especially in the real world, rather than papers, solutions are complex and don't look glorious. I guess I learnt that building organizations from college to now. No one day, or one idea defines us but the cumulative of our body of work is what we are known for.


What is the big target in Swetabh’s crosshairs? What is the big goal or challenge – if any – that he wants to solve going forward? The idea champion peeks forward for a preview..

“One problem that I am solving for is the appropriate use of data in traditional industries like biopharma. While everyone has woken up to the power of AI/ML, there isn't enough conversation about how none of this is possible without high quality data in the first place. This is as true for pharma as it is for many other non-internet businesses.

My hope is that I would keep looking out for and finding similar opportunities in other areas. There is a lot of positive impact to be made by combining hard work with technology in the right areas.


We wish Swetabh Pathak the best going forward, and prepare to sign off the session with his views on the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders are important to add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The champion who has made it a habit of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible responds generously…

We all want to look around for inspiration. I hope my small journey helps others take up their own. It is a long path to any kind of success. No one is an overnight success in a night.

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