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Immunify.me Co-Founder Dr Nadeera is taking on both roadblocks and mental blocks to disrupt the vaccination and immunization landscape for children when it comes to preventable diseases.


Dr Nadeera is the Co-Founder of immunify.me, an outfit that leverages tech to enhance early childhood care & reduce the immunization gap via #digitizationofimmunization. 


We are delighted to be able to profile a progressive idea leader like Nadeera on our community platform, and we begin the session with a quick capture of her persona, mission and life mantra, as it were. She shares…

I am an unconventional girl out of a conventional family who wanted to build my own universe is who I am . Wanted to serve humanity at its critical moments from the profession I chose.”


So how did it all pan out for Nadeera N.? We request the idea champion to chronicle her progress arc for our readers, and she is happy to share succinctly…

“I started my entrepreneurial journey and my first venture in 2012. I believe that fear limits you and your vision and serves as blinders to what may be just a few steps down the road for you. With my second venture ImmunifyMe I dedicated to bridge the immunization gap and help children to be healthy and safe from vaccine preventable diseases. #virologist #entrepreneur #startup #ImmunifyMe.


So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Nadeera and her approach? The woman who leads with the power of conviction and expertise puts it in words…

To excel in my personal & professional capabilities until the biggest dream of mine comes true. I believe in self evolving which could transform oneself to the greatest human potential… while celebrating every single achievement.


So how or why did this idea or philosophy become the driving force of her journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? The idea evangelist responds… 

I was born with a very modest amount of resources. I had to fight my way up in social, financial, educational spheres. Life was all but easy. For everything I lacked, I had to compensate with doing more to make a better person out of my own self. That is where the excelling comes in handy. My mother provided me with a great role model by being a woman that won life with a soul of steel. If she never gave up something , that would be the eternal habit of never giving up. I am a true believer in determination.


So what is the big goal or challenge Nadeera wants to solve going forward? The disruptor who leads with both her head and her heart divulges…

The day I could be leading the health sector that pioneered the technology of stopping the 3 million annual child deaths of the world due to vaccine-preventable diseases is my biggest dream as of now. It is no easy feat yet not an impossible one. I have dreamt of this day many times.


We wish Nadeera a glorious and rewarding journey, and prepare to sign-off with her views on Voice of Healthcare. The idea leader generously contributes….

Ideas are the driving force of a civilization. They could simply transform an ordinary society into a revolutionized, benevolent collective of visionary people. By providing a breeding ground for futuristic health tech ideas, VOH takes the lead in making a better tomorrow for humanity. In a complex world where problems multiply & solutions are lessened, smart technological advancements could only save future generations. VOH helps close the gulfs between decision-making centers & the wisdom they need in making a sustainable tomorrow. Much obliged for the platform provided for our voices.”

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