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Connect2MyDoctor Co-Founder Pramod Kutty is unlocking the power of tech to help us manage health better. 


Pramod Kutty is the Co-Founder & CEO at Connect2MyDoctor, an organization enabling Healthcare Providers unleash the power of Digital Health and Medtech - and the winner of Micro Business of the Year 2022
We begin the session with a deep dive into the essence of the leader persona. We request Pramod Kutty to capture his personal and professional identity briefly for our readers.

He shares…“Even the most audacious of dreams start with a small, compact step. To me, it’s about the attempt, the initiative. My purpose is to build an online health platform that enables people to manage their health better. With Connect2MyDoctor, I am beginning to realise that dream. It’s all about the journey and not the destination.”


What is the one big idea or philosophy that defines Pramod and his approach to life? Like most driven leaders, does he, too, have a success mantra? Pramod reflects..

“Do what you need to do and forget about the results is something that I follow religiously in my life and work. There is no point of worrying about something which is not in my control.”


So how did his passion become his profession? We want to explore the forces and influences that shaped Pramod’s journey. The idea champion slakes our curiosity with a curt and cryptic: “It’s been a culmination of experiences at various points of life led to cementing this belief.” Amen to that.


So what is the big goal or challenge that Pramod and his army of changemakers wants to solve moving forward? What does the future look like, from where he is standing? The man who lets his ideas do the talking confides…

“Our vision is to Enable people to Manage their Health Better. People have many excuses on avoiding to stay fit. With this mantra, we continue to innovate and excel in bridging this vision everyday not worrying about the results. We believe that our efforts are genuine and the results will follow through as it’s just a matter of time.”


We wish Pramod and his big idea a thousand good wishes for success, and attempt to conclude by requesting his opinion about the community movement Voice of Healthcare is championing. How can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community, according to him? The man signs off heart-warmingly…

The world of today is one of ideas. The person with the most impactful idea is often the most powerful person in the room, provided of course, there is an ensuing plan of action. VOH’s Idea Leaders platform gives leaders a robust platform to express their views and engage with peers.” 

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