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Health Basix Co-Founder Swathy Rohit is connecting children and families with quality and affordable care, bringing a longstanding oversight into the spotlight. 


Swathy Rohit is the Co-founder and CEO of Health Basix, an organization that is seamlessly connecting children and families to affordable healthcare services. The motto is simple, yet powerful: “Better Health For Every Family. Every Moment. Every Day.”

We are delighted to finally be able to catch up with this unique change champion, and we begin the session by requesting Swathy to introduce her persona to our readers. She readily obliges, setting the ball rolling…

“Hi I’m Swathy Rohit wellness warrior really passionate about preventive health. I’ve been privileged to work in healthcare running a 1000 bed charitable trust hospital before starting Health Basix with a mission to seamlessly connect children and families to healthcare needs.”


All idea evangelists are powered by the force of ideas, and Swathy is no exception. We want to dig deeper into the big philosophy that’s driving her change engine forward. What is her philosophy of success? Does she have a mantra?

Swathy Rohit responds… “I have been very fortunate to have been gifted with a great family and the ability to lead a healthy life and my success mantra that defines me would be to never give up and to find purpose in what you do.”


So how or why did her big idea or passion transform into her journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it, we wonder? Swathy turns the clock back for us..

“Growing up I had the opportunity to be around a lot of my older family members especially my paternal grand uncle R.Chinnaswamy Naidu . He was the single greatest influence in my life - a selfless man who lived only in service of others. I am also grateful to have grown up around really strong women who were great role models on breaking glass ceilings and taught me to surround myself with an ecosystem of other strong women to lean on.”


So what new horizons does the future hold for Swathy? What is the big goal or challenge she wants to solve going forward?

Swathy to time-travel again for us, this time in the forward direction:
“In India one of the key challenges in healthcare is the delivery of equitable and accessible healthcare. I founded Health Basix in 2021 on a fundamental belief that people - and particularly kids and families in rural and semi urban areas deserve more access to better healthcare. Everything we’ve built at Health Basix has centered on that principle. To enable access to basic healthcare is to enable a fundamental human right.”


Swathy Rohit and her team at Health Basix is clearly onto a very special, very noble, mission – and we wish her spectacular new milestones going forward. As we take her leave, we urge her to spare a few words on Voice of Healthcare. How, in her opinion, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The idea champion signs off in generous grace…

“VOH is playing an important role of featuring profiles of health transformers and really putting the focus on health moon shots that really motivate all of us to think different.”

*This story is published by VOH team.*

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