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Click2Clinic CEO Vivek Khanna is well on his way to building an ecosystem of convenience, quality and affordability. We trace the journey milestones in brief. 

Vivek Khanna is the CEO of Click2Clinic Healthcare India Pvt Ltd. India's Premium HealthTech aggregator for Home Healthcare. With its current presence in 8 metros namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon & Noida- Click2Clinic specializes in offering customized Home Healthcare options to people in need. The vision is to provide easy & affordable access to healthcare at the doorstep of clients. Click2Clinic is also working towards creating a robust & vibrant eco-system for quality vocational education & skill development in Home Healthcare space in the country.

Vivek carries 14+ years of high intensity BIG4 experience in Building Start-ups, Managing Profit Centers while aligning around customer outcomes with hands-on experience in overall Business & Operations spanning across diverse healthcare domains like Hospital, Home Healthcare, Diagnostics, Health-Tech, Medical Tourism & Medical Devices.

Academically a Post-Graduate from IIMC & Gold Medalist BJMC, Vivek rose to ranks undergoing intrinsic challenges from idealization to roll-out for several Healthcare verticals of multiple size & scale. 

Vivek carries an entrepreneurial bent of mind capable of running nimble-footed organizations & delivering holistic results under a variety of conditions and circumstances. In particular, Vivek relishes the opportunity of mentoring high achieving teams from the ground up by blending tested practices with  out-of-the-box strategies. 


We are privileged for the opportunity to decode Vivek’s kaleidoscopic journey today, and begin the session with a deep-dive into his multi-faceted persona. How would Vivek like to capture his personal and professional identity for our readers briefly? The idea champion responds…

It is not always possible or practical to divorce your professional identity from your personal identity. Sometimes they are one in the same, or they are too intertwined to distinguish between. But, on rare occasions, it is completely conceivable for an individual to maintain identities that exist separately in workplace and recreational contexts.

I make it a point to follow 3 simple tips and apply them in all situations:

1. Listen to hear; versus to respond or react
2. Learn how to read body language as its’ communicating to you
3. Learn how to adopt mannerisms that impress you. Then, make them your own


Larger-than-life minds find inspiration everywhere, but internalize only those that carry the greatest meaning for them. What have been the big ideas and philosophies influencing Vivek’s life trajectory? How does he approach life… does he have a ‘signature success mantra’? The man reflects before sharing…

“This isn’t the time for “the more, the merrier.” Instead, “quality over quantity,” is my mantra. I guess the essence of who I am may be captured in these pointers…

Right Attitude:  About approaching people. I am driven to succeed and encourage people around me to have strong work ethics.

Principles: It refers to my personal beliefs and value I consider when leading others.

Behaviour: It refers to the way to conduct myself to ultimately reach a favourable outcome.

Change is good; don't be afraid of it- I am open to reinvent myself and in everything I do

Lead a company, don't over-manage it

Be focused, be consistent and follow up on every detail

Finding Solutions- move into short term and long-term problem solving than sitting on an issue

Being passionate about whatever I do


So how did his passion gradually take the shape of his life’s big purpose? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Vivek dives into his memory vault… 

When I was a younger aged professional—just getting into the workforce, I was always intrigued by, and somewhat star-struck when I say saw departmental Executives, Senior VPs, and company CEOs walking around the office of where I was employed at the time. When seeing them, I used to ask myself questions like: “Man, I wonder how it feels to be in a leadership role like that?” or “How and what did they do to be in such an influential seat in the company?” or “Was it their schooling or did they know someone, that knew someone?” 

Boldly, I approached the Senior VP that was over my division at that period in time, and asked him “Sir, how did you become who you are and what did you do to do it?” He looked at me, smiled and said “No one ever asked me that. Most people that I meet for the first time just say hello and shake my hand in fear, as if I’m this esoteric being that isn’t human.” digesting his response, and reading his demeanour—I was shocked by how casual and laid back he was. He told me to have a seat, as we were standing by my cubicle. He pulled up a chair beside me and said “It’s not about how I became who I am, or what did. Early in my career, I knew who I was, but who I was—by my lonesome, wasn’t the man that was going to get me to where I wanted to be.”

After around 15-minutes of great dialogue with the Senior VP, we concluded our conversation by him making the statement “As I excelled in status and climbed the corporate ladder, I was pretty much elected into every role that I’ve ever been in. Not because I was the most skilled, but because I always cared for people, and people always felt that from me—even if we’d just met. I was constant student of others—no matter who they are.” I proceeded to ask him what he meant, and he said “When I learn from people, I take a piece of who they are with me, and I add the experience and information that they shared with me, to my repertoire of skills and wisdom. This has always helped me grow as an individual.”


So what is the big goal for Vivek and his team going forward? What are the challenges and targets in his crosshairs? The evangelist of change mulls for a moment before divulging…

It is to make sure each objective is clear, actionable, and attainable. Identify and track your goals in a visible place on day to day basis.

They’re more likely to stay top of mind (i.e. people will remember what the goals are!) Shows that leadership has clear direction (which builds trust).

Helps employees understand the importance and impact of their work (what they do matter!)”
Amen to that, we say.


A compact and edifying encounter is inching towards its conclusion – one that gave us a rare peek into the inner workings of one of the sharpest achievers of our time. As we wish Vivek the very best, we urge him to share a line or two about the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, in his opinion, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The man who lets his visions and actions do the talking – and one who is laying down an inspirational template for the next generation of leaders to follow – shares with refreshing generosity…

Marketing a healthcare organization can be challenging- even painful if you don’t approach it with the right knowledge, tools and guidance. Focus on the big picture, avoid distractions and develop team under you with strategic thinking, innovation and actions.”

*This story is published by VOH team.*

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