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Amrit Ravi is blending vision, insight and tech to simplify and unify India’s healthcare data ecosystem and catapult it to the cloud. 


Amrit Ravi is the Co-Founder of Brainpan Innovations (P) Ltd and also Head, Medical Directorate at Pristyn Care. Over an eventful journey, he has been an HealthTech / IT Consulting Entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in crafting high impact solutions for India and beyond. He has also built India's pioneering and successful Healthcare Start-Up (now acquired by NASDAQ listed US firm).


We are elated for the opportunity to chronicle Mr Ravi, and begin the session with a deep dive into the core persona. So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Amrit? Does he have a signature approach to life… or a success mantra? The idea leader introspects…

Patience and Resilience are the two typical virtues of an entrepreneur. Most of my success are dedicated to these two traits we three co-founders thrived upon while building Brainpan Innovations.


We endeavour to trace the trajectory Amrit Ravi has followed. How and why did his passion gradually morph into his vocation? What were the moulding influences? Shares Mr Ravi…

I came from a very strong healthcare background. Being born in a family of Surgeons patient care, patient journey and pain points of both doctors and patients were naturally clear to me. After my sting outside India, we decided to solve the health data capture problem in India and aimed to build the complete healthcare ecosystem over cloud. We started from 0 and today we are generating over 45 Crore of Revenue without raising external funds.


So where is Amrit’s journey headed? What are the big targets and milestones planned for the future? Amrit indulges in some crystal-ball gazing with us, visualizing the next phase of his odyssey…

One patient One record. That’s what we aim. This helps in getting better access for millions of Indians to Health Insurance, Preventive Care and much more. We want every Indian to have his own UHID and Health Card. This is the only thing they need to have, and not files, scans and paper records that we had to maintain.

Plus we want to integrate all available solutions in a manner that there is interoperability between them. This democratises healthcare essentially.”


We wish Amrit Ravi the best in his grand quest to ‘unify’ healthcare’s still-largely-scattered ecosystem, and request him to share a word or two about the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, in his opinion, do tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The champion of transformation shares a slice of his mind…

Many a times early-stage founders and young entrepreneurs get confused. Specially while building products, when many fail to realise when to stop while building MVP and testing in the market. Idea leaders help them understand where to take a pause and test your innovation

By strategically connecting stakeholders, leveraging shared strengths and innovating growth roadmaps, this platform acts as a catalyst of transformation in the healthcare domain.”

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