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Cloudphysician is adding the touch of cloud-tech to augment care and amplify access. 


Cloudphysician is a healthcare company focused on bringing quality critical care within reach of patients irrespective of their location. The organization aims to partner with every healthcare provider who strives to deliver accessible specialized care through its clinically-led solutions and state-of-art technology. 


Great organizations are born from ideas that challenge the status-quo, and we begin our tribute by probing into the big idea, concept, or philosophy that captures the essence of Cloudphysician. At its heart, the philosophy is both simple and potent. The Cloudphysician think tank believes that every patient should have access to high-quality critical care regardless of location or time. Cloudphysician, with its Smart-ICU solutions, empowers hospitals anywhere to transform into centers of excellence for Critical Care and thereby address the needs of their communities.  


How exactly does Cloudphysician transform the status-quo. In several ways, like…

●    Lowering the barrier to adopting Smart-ICU technology and services

●    Delivering critical care in a diverse setting

●    Leveraging augmented intelligence – the team augments the bedside team instead of replacing them 

●    Reducing care staff burnout 


How exactly did the idea blossom? Was there any person or life-altering experience or turning point that caused or inspired it? Co-founders Dr. Dhruv Joshi and Dr. Dileep Raman enter flashback mode to relive the inception and journey for our readers As it turns out, the two met during their pulmonary and critical care fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. Both were convinced that the augmentation of healthcare delivery through technology was essential to make quality care more accessible. The opportunity to create impact at a far greater scale motivated their move back to India. 

While they continued treating critical care patients across the USA, remotely, they also traveled the length and breadth of India to understand the ground realities of critical care delivery in all the different resource settings. During this time, they used nearly every remote care device and platform available in the market both in India and USA and learned that while health-tech can potentially be an excellent enabler, it is rarely designed for a clinical audience. Through their travels, they also realized that the unmet need for care far exceeded what just a traditional technology platform could address. This was the point of origin for Cloudphysician.

Summarizes Co-Founder Dr. Dhruv Joshi: 

“And so began our journey of continuous innovation, to design an acute care model that was simple to use, easy to deploy, and accessible to everyone. It combines state of the art yet simple to use technology, best-in-class clinical expertise, systemic change management solutions, and upskilling programs, to radically reshape the way care is being delivered.”


Today, Cloudphysician offers patient-centric solutions that are tailor-made for medical teams. We urge the leadership team to articulate the big goals that lie ahead. What are the specific targets they want to achieve with their idea in the coming time? 

Says Co-Founder Dr. Dileep Raman: “Cloudphysician’s vision is to be the virtual hospital reimagining the healthcare experience. Access, quality, and cost-effective care are the trinity of healthcare delivery that every community, state, and country aspire towards. Technology-led solutions are the only way this trinity of care can be achieved. This will make solutions like Cloudphysician’s inevitably mainstream in the months and years.”


Cloudphysician’s vision is both a timely and powerful one, and we wish the team all success. As we sign off the brief but enriching session, we request the co-founders to share a word about our own initiative to amplify healthcare at Voice of Healthcare.  How, for instance, can profiles like BRAND-IN-FOCUS add inspiration, direction to the care ecosystem? Says Dr. Dhruv Joshi with a generous flourish…

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