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CEO & MD of Biodesign Innovation Labs Gautham Pasupuleti is examining Indian healthcare’s complex landscape minutely to build solutions that are both relevant and accessible for millions.


Gautham Pasupuleti is the CEO & MD at Biodesign Innovation Labs - a medical device and healthcare company based in Bangalore and supported by Department of Biotechnology BIRAC (Government of India), Government of Karnataka, Qualcomm, CAMTech Global Health - Mass General Hospital, CCAMP, IKP, IIT Bombay and Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India. Gautham is also part of Forbes India’s Ultimate 120 Pioneers of Change, and the winner of CISCO Global Problem Solver Challenge - Pandemic Response Prize. At Biodesign Innovation Labs, Gautham leads a team of Engineers, Researchers, Doctors, Designers, Domain experts and public health professionals as part of development of innovative and affordable intensive care/critical care medical devices that can save lives for patients with respiratory illnesses. Biodesign Innovation Labs has received "Best Campus Startup" from IIT Bombay in Feb 2020 in addition QDIC Top ten startups in India award.


We are delighted with an opportunity to profile a dynamic and visionary idea leader like Gautham Pasupuleti, and we begin by urging him to capture the essence and outline of his persona for our readers. Gautham shares…

“I run a medical device company. I’m the CEO, Managing director, founder and Chairman it’s a medical device company that manufactures we develop lifesaving Critical Care respiratory care emergency care medical devices which can save lives and improve quality of care and we work on developing innovative solutions which can change the way Health Care is delivered and we believe everybody should get accessible and affordable available Health Care.”


Leaders who change the game are often champions of new thoughts and trends. So what is the big philosophy that drives Gautham’s own journey and passion? Does he have a success mantra or formula, we enquire. The man shares spontaneously…

“I have always been excited by new innovations and technologies. This curiosity and drive has been in-built over the years. I have been spending a consideration portion of my calendar understanding the problems that patients face in hospital space and the overall health care system in India and other developing countries. Examining and understanding these challenges and problems first-hand has driven me to pursue innovative solutions in healthcare with the help of technology. I like to believe that my endeavours have made a ripple or two on the patient journey and experience, especially during covid and the post covid phase. Affordability is a big idea that constantly inspires me to push the envelope, and turning healthcare truly affordable for all is one of the prime mission and vision for me and my team.


It’s one thing to have an idea, and quite another to convert it into an actionable formula of advancement. How exactly did Gautham manage to convert his big vision and philosophy into a tangible enterprise that is delivering measurable value on-the-ground? What were the forces that influenced and shaped his evolution? We want to know, and the idea champion happily slakes our curiosity…

“Whatever I have achieved – and want to accomplish – is the result of teamwork. I would like to thank all the ecosystem partners like The government of India, Department Science and Technology department of biotechnology, the Karnataka Government Qualcomm Cisco, Northeastern University all the ecosystem partners who helped us with funding and awards in Grand C-camp. They have provided the positivity, inspiration and tools for us to incubate and accelerate our endeavours. Not just organizations, but several individuals have been instrumental in the blossoming of our journey as well. One of them is my own brother and of course my parents who supported me. So yes, overall, the support we have received from the ecosystem has been a highly motivating and fulfilling experience." 


Idea leaders are forever being pulled by the next challenge, and we wonder what the next big milestone Gautham has planned for his own team? Any big targets he wants to achieve? The champion who lets his drive and vision do the talking, happily divulges his future plans for our readers…

So the important thing about this particular problem is that the  population is very high in India, and doctors are very handful in number. We have a huge disparities in getting accessible affordable and quality Healthcare. For someone to disrupt a landscape that features over 1.3 billion people, the challenges are truly unique and diverse. Different scenarios and situations need to be connected, which requires a deep understanding of the nuances, layers and complexities of the care space of the country.  Decoding India’s healthcare jigsaw remains our ‘next milestone’. It is, obviously, a work that’s forever in-progress."  


An inspiring session is drawing to a close, and we wish Gautham the very best in his endeavours. We urge him to spare a word or two about the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, in his view, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The man who lets his ideas do the talking, speaks generously….

“I think it is very important to have people like you guys because you convey the message to the right people and also bring out the bring out the message in such a way that it is really important to convey especially during a cover times when sort of debate around not being getting the right message not being able to have the right content people developing new innovations they want some kind of a good visibility and thanks to you people. At the end of the day it is to do good work and people like you are helping as medium to get the message out and keep the visibility.”

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