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Vishaka Goyal’s Q&A-led tech platform Clinicspots is determined to answer some of healthcare’s most stubborn questions - like information, transparency and access. 


Vishaka Goyal is the Co-Founder of Clinicspots, a medical Q & A platform that helps patients around the world with actionable answers and timely guidance on affordable yet quality medical and health information and a gamut of allied services. The organization leverages consistent, innovative and hands-on improvisations to add a much-needed touch of clarity, transparency and convenience in the care landscape.

Her community knows Vishaka Goyal as an experienced growth leader with a demonstrated history of impact in sales, operations and marketing. She wears multiple hats, being adept in Channel Sales Development, Business Development, B2B Marketing, and Key Account Handling. 

We are delighted with the opportunity to understand her journey, challenges and visions at close range on this leader tribute session, and we trigger-off the interaction by urging Vishaka to capture the essence of her persona in her own words. The idea champion obliges…

“I am a highly committed sales and business development professionals. Perfectly aligned with my role, I am confident and capable of realizing and achieving business opportunities. Right from corporate pitches, offering customized business solutions, and acting as the perfect liaison between the clients and I perform my duties with great zeal and dedication.”


So what is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines Vishaka and her approach to life? Does she have a success mantra, for instance? The idea leader shares candidly…

“The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered, there is an opportunity for growth. Work is work, and it has to be done and delivered in the best possible manner for desired outcomes. I love business challenges and risks. The thrill of resolving a business challenge while overcoming the associated business risks is very satisfying for me and I strive to overcome every challenge that crosses my path.”


So how did her philosophy morph into her life’s driving mission? Was there an experience or turning-point that caused it or inspired it? Vishaka looks back, picking out the big moments of her eventful journey... 

My job at ClinicSpots marked my foray into the world of the medical segment. And I was keen to bridge the gap between the potential medical tourists who wished to visit India for treatment. I wanted to relieve their turmoil and misguided efforts in seeking the most suitable doctor, surgeon, or hospital and arrange their travel permits/visas for a smooth and hopeful medical treatment experience in India.

My journey at ClinicSpots has been a transforming one. The point of transformation was the COVID-19 pandemic, which allowed me to steer ClinicSpots from survival to growth. Amidst upheavals and changing healthcare market ecosystems, ClinicSpots has not only stayed afloat but also expanded its services and offerings.”


Driven leaders are forever chasing the next dream, and we are curious about what Vishaka’s next target is. What is the big challenge she wants to crack going forward? The idea champion shares candidly…

“Soon, I am confident that ClinicSpots will evolve as the Quora of healthcare through its Q and Ans platform, which has witnessed steady growth despite all challenges. Like any other startup, I wish to seek angel investment for ClinicSpots and establish it as a premier medical tourism agency globally, which will definitely happen in the near future.

Also, with our intensified efforts, we can foresee gaining a firm foothold amongst the tech-enabled healthcare platforms. We have plans to fortify the user experience by infusing AI, NLP and other emerging technologies. It is a matter of time; ClinicSpots will evolve as a viable SaaS platform that connects the globe with the most qualified and expert doctors and healthcare professionals.


We wish Vishaka the best in her grand quest. As we conclude, we are curious about what she thinks about the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add value to the healthcare ecosystem, in her view? The idea champion signs off with a generous quip…

“Voice of Healthcare (VOH) is a well-integrated platform infused with likeminded organizations and key professionals who have acquired experience and expertise in various facets of healthcare. By offering tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders, VOH demonstrates its dedication toward positive transformation in the healthcare space while inspiring the future set of healthcare professionals for exemplary deliverance.”

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