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AI (Artificial Intelligence) afficionado Layak Singh – and his future first team at Artivatic - is reimagining insurance and health solutions for millions of Indians. 


Mr. Layak Singh in an IIT Kharagpur graduate and serial entrepreneur. During his entrepreneur journey, he established Fullerene Solutions and Services (P) Ltd – a portfolio company for education, online dating, content, and lifestyle ventures. He has also built several communities in around Bangalore such as Bootstrap Bangalore, 2Weekends Hackathon and others. That apart, he has been a part of the advisory at multiple start-ups, a speaker at universities, active in incubation and in general, helping out folks.


We kick start the session by urging Mr Singh to synopsize his context, domain and purpose in brief, for our readers. 

Being a serial entrepreneur, I have been active in the AI space. I was working extensively to find AI-based solutions for the insurance and health sectors. I sensed the need for an end-to-end smart AI infrastructure for banks and financial firms, and keeping that in focus, I founded Artivatic in 2017. I decided to focus on and empower the healthcare and insurance segments with Artivatic’s proprietary technologies, after learning about the pressing sectoral needs from my previous ventures. My mission was to build an end-to-end, transparent InsurTech platforms that is understood, used, and appreciated by all.


All leaders are purpose and passion driven. What fuels Layak’s odyssey forward? Does he have a proprietary philosophy or success formula that acts like a GPS? Shares the idea champion..

There is no hack or short-cut to the top. Entrepreneurship is a responsibility and not a prerogative, it is about orchestrating vision into reality in a way that resonates with one’s inner values and visions. And that’s where my focus and energies go.


Entrepreneurship can be a tough and long journey. Some get lucky and succeed the very first time. For me, it has been a journey of ups and downs and I continue to learn and grow. As cliché as it may sound, one of my biggest learnings for all these years has been- every cloud has a silver lining. It is only a matter of constantly evaluating better options to ride through the tough times.   

Reading up on many successful entrepreneurs during my own journey as an entrepreneur and having the privilege of being in the august company of some smart fellow entrepreneurs, I have realized that meaning of success will continue to be recoded with time, space & people. So, while success continues to be subjective, the success determinants don’t necessarily change and continue to be relevant.”


So how did his idea morph into his life’s big mission? We are curious about the twists and turns that has characterised Layak’s eventful journey. The man turns the clock back to reminisce…

Artivatic was born in 2018, with the vision of urgently strengthening the position of insurance providers by re-imagining insurance and health solutions for the scores of users, who face hurdles at every step of the journey.

Building an organization is an emotional rollercoaster ride and you are bound to face numerous breakdowns along the way. At the same time, everything that you build, unavoidably becomes personal as it has grown from within you. This is where the DNA of an entrepreneur steps in - an entrepreneur must learn to detach from his emotions and keep his ego away from hampering the progress.  This might be challenging but you will soon realize that looking at problems objectively makes them relatively easier to solve

A journey that revolves around risk, fear, failure, satisfaction and success, entrepreneurship becomes a whirlpool of reactions. Artivatic’s journey was like one of a roller coaster ride with events full of memories both from people and journeys. We began our dream with two foundational decisions- Raising funds which helped us build a team with our innovative products- ALFRED, AUSIS, PRODX, ASPIRE, MIO and INFRD; and building positive impact on millions of people by helping them with insurance cover, technology being the core.


So what is the big goal or challenge that Layak wants to take on next? The dynamic go-getter fast forwards the clock this time, and shares with candor…

Artivatic is building new-age insurance products and solutions to automate processes, mitigate risk assessment, and make insurance available 24/7 via technology. And to do all this, one must start by replacing outdated legacy software with AI-led customer-centric digital platforms."


We are grateful for a session that has shed valuable insights into the mind of a truly progressive healthcare persona. As we brace to wind up the session, we request Layak to share a word or two about Voice of Healthcare. How, for instance, can tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The idea leader signs off endearingly and profoundly…

If you’re a leader in any form, you know that it’s a difficult job. And when you share the insights and strategies that have worked well for you, you lay down a tested roadmap for young aspirants who are just starting out. Voice of Healthcare provides that valuable bridge - connecting the success of some, with the potential of many.

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