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Trizone Healthcare Consultants has been transforming Healthcare Marketing with a Data-Driven Approach and Unmatched Expertise


Trizone Healthcare Consultants, the first-ever 360-degree branding and marketing full-service consultancy firm in India dedicated to the healthcare and wellness industry, is transforming the way healthcare businesses communicate and grow. With their innovative approach and unparalleled expertise, they are filling the need gap and creating a significant impact in the healthcare sector.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants offers an extensive range of capabilities to help healthcare organizations succeed in today's competitive market. Their unique approach combines strategy, creativity, and in-depth industry knowledge to create effective marketing solutions. Trizone's wide array of capabilities includes strategy consulting, marketing branding, advertising and communication design, content writing, website development, digital marketing, social media marketing, audio-video films, training and development, as well as event and conference management.


By offering a comprehensive suite of services, Trizone Healthcare Consultants provides a one-stop solution for healthcare organizations looking to enhance their brand reputation, attract and retain patients, and drive growth and profitability. Their commitment to listening and understanding clients' needs, combined with their expertise in research, strategy development, and execution, ensures that Trizone is a trusted partner for healthcare organizations seeking to navigate the ever-evolving world of healthcare marketing.


The inspiration behind Trizone Healthcare Consultants was the realization of a significant need gap in the healthcare marketing sector. Founders Akhil Dave and Niraj Upadhyay, with their vast experience in branding and marketing, recognized that healthcare providers required a dedicated consultancy firm that understood their unique challenges and requirements.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants is bridging the gap between healthcare providers and the effective marketing strategies. By providing tailored solutions to their clients, they are helping hospitals and clinics grow their revenues, enhance their reputation, and increase patient footfall. Their data-driven approach and extensive experience in the healthcare industry make them the go-to choice for healthcare marketing services.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants prides itself on being the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and passion for healthcare branding and marketing. They place a premium on action, combining it with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry's pain points. Their commitment to their clients is unwavering, and they ensure that their partners receive personalized and result-driven solutions.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants' vision is to revolutionize healthcare marketing by providing innovative and result-oriented solutions to their clients. Their mission is to help healthcare businesses grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. They believe in the power of knowledge and its application, ensuring that their clients receive the best possible outcomes.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants sets itself apart from the competition through its:

Comprehensive services: They offer a wide range of services, including strategy consulting, branding, advertising, content writing, website development, digital marketing, Social media marketing, Training & Development to Marketing team and more.

Data-driven approach: They rely on data and research to develop customized strategies for their clients, ensuring a high return on investment and long-term success.

Expertise in healthcare marketing: With years of experience working with leading healthcare organizations, they have a deep understanding of the industry and its unique challenges.

Personalized solutions: They recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for healthcare marketing and work closely with their clients to develop bespoke strategies that resonate with their target audience.

THE SIGNATURE APPROACH:  A tested method that delivers consistent impact 

What sets Trizone Healthcare Consultants apart from the competition is their unique approach to healthcare marketing, which combines strategy, creativity, and in-depth industry knowledge. This approach revolves around the following key traits :

Listen and Understand: The Trizone team takes the time to listen to their clients' needs, challenges, and goals, ensuring a deep understanding of their specific circumstances and requirements.

Analyze & Research: With a strong emphasis on data-driven insights, Trizone conducts comprehensive analyses and research on market trends, competition, and target audience behavior, providing clients with valuable information to make informed decisions.

Design & Develop: Trizone creates bespoke marketing strategies and communication plans tailored to each client's unique needs, leveraging their creative expertise and industry knowledge to deliver effective and engaging campaigns.

Aim & Shoot: With a clear focus on achieving measurable results, Trizone executes their strategies with precision and efficiency, ensuring that clients' objectives are met and exceeded.

Review Results: Trizone continually monitors and evaluates the performance of their campaigns, using data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement and optimize results.

Discover & Reinvent: Always staying ahead of the curve, Trizone embraces change and innovation, adapting their approach and strategies to remain at the forefront of healthcare marketing and ensure their clients continue to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

By following this unique approach, Trizone Healthcare Consultants has established itself as a trusted partner for healthcare organizations looking to enhance their brand reputation, attract and retain patients, and drive growth and profitability.


Akhil Dave, Founder & Principal Consultant of Trizone Healthcare Consultants, and Niraj Upadhyay, Co-Founder, are accomplished professionals with a wealth of experience in branding, marketing, and strategy. Their leadership has been instrumental in the success of Trizone Healthcare Consultants and the growth of their clients' businesses.


Challenges The Healthcare Industry Is Facing In Today’s World

In the current scenario patients have more options of healthcare providers/hospitals than ever before. With so much awareness and information available on finger tips and availability and accessibility of healthcare coverage from various Government & Insurance policies, the decision making process over healthcare provider`s selection has  changed a lot.

Patients are used to review, research and consider many factors before taking the final decisions over selection of Hospital/Healthcare provider.

That's why it is so important for healthcare providers to plan their marketing strategy at an advanced level where they can retain existing patients and grab new patient footfalls to achieve their Brand & financial goals. 

Here Are 10 More Reasons Why You Need To Invest In Healthcare Consultancy

1.    A dedicated manpower

An institution where saving lives and catering to the healthcare needs of the patient is of utmost priority, it is tough to focus on marketing needs. Here is when consultants come in to play with a dedicated team of professionals.

2.    To direct patient traffic towards you

A team of marketing professionals assist you with the guidance and communication to help you attract patient traffic.

3.    Put the right marketing strategy in place

Apart from knowing what to do, it is also very important to know when and how to do it. A consultancy brings with it, all the answers with strong research as its base.

4.    To build or rebuild your perfect image

Brand image is the first thought that flashes in your mind when you talk about a brand. That thought or visual should be incorporated rightly to create a positive impact. And a consultancy would know exactly how to do it!

5.    To assist you become stronger than your competitor

A consultancy doesn’t just have theoretical knowledge but also knows what works on ground and what doesn’t. It very well understands that one thing you need to do to stand out. 

6.    To help you get better understanding of patients’ behavior 

It is important to know the average patient’s/ their family’s behavior and pattern from the moment of consultation to recovery to retention. The knowledge helps to improve and grow. Here is where you need healthcare consultancy.

7.    To increase your patient engagement

A very key factor that leads to patient retention is patient engagement and a healthcare consultancy can assist you in doing the same. 

8.    Do the healthcare communication right way

Communication is essential in marketing, however it is important to do it right with sensitivity and in a way that it strikes a chord with your audience. 

9.    To benefit from their experience and expertise

A consultancy doesn’t just come with skilled professionals but also experienced experts who’ve worked with corporates and doctors and know exactly what they are doing. You surely can add value to your brand through this knowledge. 

10.    An economic alternative to marketing

A consultancy offers you a complete package of skills, experience, expertise and dedicated manpower at a fixed price that too with a commitment of growth. While building your own marketing team can take a lot more effort and money with an uncertainty of results.


Trizone Healthcare Consultants has been involved in numerous successful projects and endeavors, including helping healthcare businesses navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. They continue to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, with plans to expand their services and reach in the coming years. 


"At Trizone Healthcare Consultants, our passion for transforming the healthcare landscape is fueled by a firm belief in the power of effective marketing and branding. We pride ourselves on being catalysts for change, helping healthcare providers not only survive, but thrive in an increasingly competitive and patient-centric environment. Our commitment to understanding, innovation, and collaboration allows us to create tailored solutions that resonate with our clients' values and objectives, ultimately enabling them to build trust and loyalty among their patients. I strongly believe in the principle that 'Knowing is Knowing & Doing is Doing,' meaning that knowledge without application is the same as having no knowledge at all. This conviction guides our approach and ensures that we deliver tangible results for our clients."  - Akhil Dave, Founder & Principal Consultant of Trizone Healthcare Consultants LLP

It’s all about MINDSETⓇ, Let’s Change it!

This belief underscores the company's commitment to helping clients transform their approach to marketing and achieving success.

Mr. Niraj Upadhyay Co-founder, the driving force behind Trizone Healthcare Consultants, shares his philosophy on the importance of having the right mindset. He states, 

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