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Ambassador Mahendra Singh has been relentlessly decoding challenges and solving complex problems to transform quality, safety and accessibility for healthcare’s local and global ecosystem. 


Ambassador Mahendra Singh is a visionary deep tech entrepreneur regarded as amongst the Most Impactful and Multifaceted persona who is revolutionizing Next Generation innovation in healthcare. Some of his strength zones are impact innovation, digital health, AI health , telemedicine & advanced digital medical technologies. He carries robust multi-domain expertise and experience of 30 Years across roles and organizations globally. 


We are delighted and honored to catch up with Ambassador Singh in a bid to capture the highlights of his persona, his journey and his perspectives. We begin the session by inviting him to hand-hold us across the terrain. Mr Singh helpfully shares….

The last 30 years have been challenging and rewarding, and with a few sleepless nights too, as I pursued my quest to transform healthcare. I have been fortunate to be described variously – including Revolutionary, Most Impactful Journey with Excellence in Building Creating Digital Healthcare Technologies Market, and others, since 1993 – both in India and globally. Over this time, I serially built, founded & Invested in 17 DeepTech HealthTech Global Startups from Scratch to Multi-Million Dollar Global MNC. Benovymed Healthcare Group Global Company is a result of that journey.


“I launched on my own shoulders without a large team and without Investor Funding – innovating over 90 Digital Health Technologies, AI Health, Telemedicine & advanced Medical Technologies. I also worked in more than 20 Medical super specialties in last 30 Years in India & Globally which are today making a difference in the lives of billions of people around the world.”


“I am humbled to be regarded as the World’s Top 30 Most Impact Innovation Global Leader in Digital Health, AI Health, Telemedicine & MedTech, having been active across over 40 countries globally. This gave me the opportunity to solve complex problems in our Healthcare Ecosystem across Non-Communicable Diseases Management and COVID like Communicable Disease Management – both locally and globally.” 

“I was very recently a WHO Geneva Member for COVID-19 Pandemic Management and WHO Geneva Expert Member for Digital Health | AI Health Innovation (WHO Geneva) for a period of 3 years.”

“Parallel to my Healthcare Management Profession, i am also representing as Ambassador for Human Rights, Health to All and World Peace for Representing UN SDG.”

“I am the Global Voice of Impact Innovation Healthcare Technologies working with more than 40 Countries Globally Including India.”


We are curious: What is the one big idea, concept or philosophy that defines the ambassador? What is his approach to life and his success mantra? Mr Singh elaborates…

“My Key to success is that, I created, built in myself a Multifaceted Billion $ Domain Expertise & Business execution Capabilities from Concept to Commercialisation in Healthcare Technology Business in more than 100 varied Healthcare Technologies ( Digital Health , AI Health, Telemedicine & varied advanced Medical Technologies) with Impact Innovation in DeepTech HealthTech Startup building by Converting Impossible into Possible through Learning & delivering commitment with OUT of BOX Thinking to Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally Including India for Accessible | Affordable | Quality & Safe Health to All by solving 1000s of Complex Problem in Healthcare Ecosystem which is next to impossible for others to achieve.”


How did his journey evolve into the profusely decorated odyssey that it is today? What were the incidents that influenced and shaped his trajectory? 

“I have been converting the impossible into Possible through Learning, evolution and thinking out of the box. These are the forces responsible for shaping my journey. Thanks to this specific approach, I have been able to solve complex challenges across the healthcare ecosystem and deliver impact in the lives of countless individuals across walks of life, by amplifying quality, safety and accessibility of care.”


What does the road ahead look like for Ambassador Singh? What is the big goal or problem that he wants to solve in the future?

“Currently, India has 1000s of Complex Problem & Burdens in Healthcare Ecosystem which are not addressed by any Start-ups, by any Indian Company or by our stakeholders. Benovymed Healthcare Group is in a mission to fix such complex Problems to bring change in our Healthcare Ecosystem and Impact the Lives of Billions of People Globally. Our goal is to revolutionize quality, safety, affordability and accessibility for billions.”


We conclude a spirited and eye-opening session by requesting the Ambassador to share a line or two about VOH. How, according to him, can tribute features like Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? The Idea Leader generously shares…

“It is our own responsibility to bring change. No one else will do it for us. I have witnessed this personally over the last 30 years in India and globally. We have to Raise Voice in Healthcare. I haven’t seen anyone Raised the true Voice of in Healthcare to Bring change in our Healthcare Ecosystem to solve complex problems in our Healthcare system. Everything has to start with us. Gradually, the I will turn into WE as mindsets are transformed. One day, we can all be the Voice of Healthcare.”

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