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Jivika Healthcare is relentlessly championing the transformative power of compassionate care via innovative solutions. 


Jivika Healthcare is a social enterprise aimed at taking healthcare services from hospitals to homes and communities with a motto of “Serving the Underserved”. The big goal is to envision building an affordable, equitable, quality healthcare ecosystem for rural, tribal, and urban communities. 


The Jivika Journey began in 2019 with VaccineOnWheels, a first people-centric service innovation. Throughout 4 years of operations, the team has served more than 2.7 million people, across 7 States and 40+ Districts. Having started with one single innovation, today Jivika Healthcare has expanded to 3 service innovations – Cancer Care At Home/Chemo At Home and Healthcare On Wheels, serving communities from all socioeconomic strata, regardless of their backgrounds or geographical location.


Vaccine On Wheels: For the bottom-of-the pyramid children of India, availing the additional 6 vaccines not covered under the Govt. Universal Immunization Program is economically difficult. With an innovative & affordable vaccination model that offers subsidized interest-free EMI vaccination service, Jivika provides additional six vaccines to the underprivileged children. This service also strengthens the Government’s Immunisation penetration as one of the eligibility criteria is that the children must first complete the vaccinations from the Government. 
Cancer Care At Home: CancerCareAtHome is first of its kind service innovation by Jivika Healthcare, serving the cancer patients in Tier III towns and beyond by taking cancer care services to the patients doorsteps. With its social-impact driven care, Jivika delivers Chemotherapy At Home along with other allied services to solve problems of accessibility, affordability and ensure high-quality care continuum for patients residing in Tier III and beyond, where currently there is a huge blank space. 

HealthcareOnWheels:  Jivika Healthcare has started on a unique path of providing Mobile Medical Care with a special focus on the most Hard-to-reach & rural Indian areas. Fully equipped with a Doctor, Nursing staff, Healthcare Assistant and experienced healthcare support staff, the organization’s Mobile Medical Unit (known as Swasthya Sawari) is functional in various states – such as Jharkhand and Assam for example. Under the support of CSR, this program is executed in collaboration with Government partnerships, and provides screening, diagnosis, referral & treatment for over 20+ disease conditions. Along with this, Community Mobilizers also travel to villages which are hard-to-reach and motivate community members to take benefit of the services. 


Jivika Healthcare as a parent company with its three service innovations - VaccineOnWheels, ChemoAtHome, and Health & Wellness Center (HWC) On Wheels - is solving three different problems targeting three different population segments. The issues each division is solving are:

VaccineOnWheels(VOW): Every year, 25 million children take birth in India. Out of the fully vaccinated children, 94.5%(NFHS5) take vaccines from the Government. These children are protected against 11 Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPDs) provided by Government but are left exposed to 6 super-critical diseases not covered under the Government’s UIP. 

CancercareAtHome: Cancer patients often experience physical discomfort and fatigue due to their illness and treatment. Receiving care at home allows them to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment, surrounded by their loved ones. It eliminates the need for frequent hospital visits, reducing the physical and emotional burden on patients and their families. Cancer care at home ensures that patients receive timely and personalized care from healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and caregivers, without the need for hospital admission. It improves access to quality care, especially for those living in remote areas with limited healthcare facilities.

HealthcareOnWheels: The majority of diseases in rural people go undetected due to a lack of screening. 60% of the rural population has to travel more than 5 km to travel to a nearby healthcare facility. Rural areas in India often face geographical challenges such as difficult terrains, inadequate road connectivity, and long distances. This can make it challenging for people to travel to distant healthcare facilities, especially in emergencies. Mobile medical units equipped with necessary medical equipment and staff can navigate these challenges and reach remote areas to provide timely medical assistance.


1.    Scaling and expansion: In a short span, the organization has scaled geographically along with increased service portfolios. Served 7 States, across 40+ Districts.

2.    Domain Experience: The team carries signature expertise when it comes to serving specific niches and specialized sectors of the society – across silos like geography, age, occupation and other multiple stakeholders.

3.    Operational excellence: The organization is deeply adept at carrying out on-ground, last-mile service delivery with quality of care – and has served more than 2.7 million people so far.


Vision: “To take care services closer to every community, family and home by building an affordable, equitable, portable (mobile), connected and high-quality healthcare ecosystem for the underserved within urban and rural India.”

Mission: “To serve 25 Million by 2025.”


A list of honours and accolades garnered by Jivika Healthcare over the years.

-    Dissemination Workshop at IIT Delhi, Department of Management Studies on topic “Quality, Equity and Inclusiveness in Healthcare Delivery Service” 

-    NATHEALTH - Healthcare Federation of India CSR Award 2023 in the COVID-19 Preparedness & Resilience category, at the much-awaited NATHEALTH Annual Summit 2023.

-    CSR Times Award 2022' - Gold Category in the area of 'Healthcare' at the 9th National CSR Times Summit and Awards 2022, New Delhi.

-    IHW Council Golden Award for Excellent work during COVID at the #IHWAwards.

-    #RIDEStartupoftheYearAward2022 by MIT World Peace University, Pune for achieving exceptional success in the area of Research, Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship (RIDE).

-    Winner of the YourStory Media #TechSparks Top 30 Most Influential Startups for year 2022. The recognition is for our healthcare innovation and exemplary execution in delivering affordable healthcare service to underserved population.

-    The CSR Universe Social Impact Awards 2022 in the Health & Sanitation category.


A Brief Profile

Mr. Jignesh Patel: Founder & CEO Mr. Krunal Mehta: Co-Founder & COO

-    VaccineOnWheels: Ankit Singh (Sales & Operations Head), Dr Pramila Mohite (Sr. Operations Manager)
-    CancercareAtHome: Bonnie Mendonca (Sales & Operations Head) & Dr Jyoti Shinde (Onco Expert)
-    HealthcareOnWheels: Sangita More (Program Manager) & Shrinath Bedarkar (Head : M & E Department)
-    Aruna Shirse (CA - Finance Head)
-    Darshit Patel (Chief Digital Officer) 


Jivika Healthcare believes in the transformative power of compassionate care and innovative solutions. We strive to be the beacon of hope for the underserved, bringing affordable and accessible healthcare to those most need it. Our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities drives us every day. Together, we can build a healthier, equitable and more inclusive future for all." - Jignesh Patel, Founder & CEO of Jivika Healthcare.

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