Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal | BrainSightAI


Rimjhim Agrawal and her ‘AI-first team’ is advancing clinical decisions by attempting to decode one of the universe’s biggest riddles: The human brain 


Dr. Rimjhim Agrawal is entrepreneur, and co-founder of BrainSightAI, a Data Science leader with expertise in the application of Machine learning and Statistical modeling in healthcare and medical sciences. She did her Ph.D. from NIMHANS extending machine learning applications in neuroscience medical setup and also has background of Bioinformatics and Simulations. Rimjhim currently leads BrainSightAI, an organization that provides AI based connectomics for functional brain mapping for clinical advancements and is backed by Stanford Angels, Entrepreneur First and Redstart Labs.


VoiceofHealthcare is privileged to have this window of acquaintance with a leading mind in contemporary and future-first care, and we begin the session by urging Rimjhim to capture the essence of her personality for the benefit of our readers. In her words, “I am Rimjhim Agrawal, obsessed about the brain. Currently, I am co-founder and CTO of BrainSightAI, a company analyzing brains and improving information for clinical advancement.”


Rimjhim continues, “I am passionate to know more about how the brain functions and how this information can be used to improve medicine.”


We are curious about the big idea or philosophy that defines Rimjhim and her journey. What would she say her success or life mantra is?
“I do believe that the “Devil lies in the details”, and scrutinizing more with attention to the details can lead to a solution. The mantra I do believe and at some point want to achieve is that: Passion, persistence, politeness, and patience can take us a long way.”


How did her current work evolve into a mission? What were the forces that influenced it? As it turns out, it all stems from an addiction for translating data into valuable insight. In Rimjhim’s words, 

“Complex systems usually have hidden details, these details when scrutinized well emerge out as revelations. Like reading a sentence with lot of information, and going over it multiple times may help to interpret different meanings or details. This can only happen if someone has the passion, persistence, and patience to do it over and over. I have an addiction to that revelation.”


So what is the big goal she and her team is pursuing these days? What are the big challenges she wants to crack going forward? We are eager to know which way the crew is headed, and Rimjhim reveals candidly,

“Psychiatric disorders are not as simple as it looks on the surface. To draw a simplistic parallel, it is a very complex mobile network leading to malfunctioning. That could be because of towers affected by earthquakes, or a signal jam in certain areas. It is just that humans don’t understand the brain so well to troubleshoot as we understand mobile networks. So I want to contribute a little more to that comprehension, so that we can treat psychiatric disorders a little better.”


We wish Rimjhim Agrawal the best in her gallant efforts to ‘read the mind’, so to speak. As the session draws to a conclusion, we are keen to know Rimjhim’s views about industry connect platforms like Voice of Healthcare. Does she think tribute profiles - such as Idea Leaders – can make a difference by adding direction, inspiration, and positive energy to the healthcare community? The ‘mind maestro’ generously signs off, 

“To deal with any situation or problem, it is very important to be aware of it first. Specifically in healthcare where one needs to be in control of their own health. By showcasing the views of early adopters and evangelists of new trend and practices, VOH is helping build awareness and facilitate the adoption of new innovations. For example, if early adopters did not talk about GPT, few people would be using it. It’s the same for healthcare.”  

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