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Regenerative medicine visionary Harshad V Sathe and his team at VieCell Institute of Regenerative Medicine is busy building solutions that address the root cause of illness and lead to lasting wellness. 


Harshad V Sathe is the Co-Founder at VieCell Institute of Regenerative Medicine. 

Viecell focuses on the potential of cell therapy. It combines mind & body balancing with highly personalized therapy to not only treat patients symptomatically but also address the root cause, thus enabling life-changing interventions for people suffering from incurable diseases. 

Harshad V Sathe is a result-first, highly driven and creatively oriented professional with a vibrant background in strategy, planning, account management, marketing and consulting. Some of his strength zones are motivational leadership, performance optimization, customer growth and relationship nurturing. 


We are excited to get an opportunity to track Harshad’s journey, and trigger off proceedings by requesting the idea leader to capture his personal and professional identity in brief for the benefit our readers. 

Says Harshad, “I am the cofounder of Viecell Institute of Regenerative Medicine Pvt Ltd. Multi-domain exposure across various functions over the years have, I believe, help sharpen my natural knack for organizational functions like analysis, marketing and growth planning.” 

“I started out on a quest to offer a unique proposition that would be game changing for the society at large. This urge to do something disruptive led me to start a Biotech company along with Dr. Ankur Patel. Today Viecell, the startup where I am co-founder, offers a unique repertoire of solutions to the overall wellbeing of people hailing across age groups and disease backgrounds.”


We want to know in-depth about the central idea or core philosophy that has shaped and accelerated Harshad’s journey. The disruptive mind helpfully responds, 

“One Philosophy to go by would be – ‘Alleviating Suffering and Pain by offering solution design on multimodality approach that would be long lasting’. This is to ensure the treating patient should recover from his existing disease by at-least more than 50%-60%.” 


So how did his mission gradually evolve into life’s driving passion, a steely fixation that brooks no hurdles today?  Was there any person or life-altering experience that caused it or inspired it? We probe further, and Harshad quickly turns the clock back to shed more light… 

“Right from the childhood I have seen my mother - who is Doctor(BAMS) - treating patient from all the strata of society with the only objective of treating patient for their overall and long-term wellbeing. She never gave short term solutions. She designed the treatment protocol by addressing the immediate problem on hand along with suggestion on lifestyle and Diet. I guessed it sub-consciously shaped my fascination and passion for care solutions that are holistic, authentic and truly lasting.”


So what is the big goal or problem Harshad and his teams are training to solve, going forward? The multi-faceted changemaker gives us a sense of the unravelling horizon by going on record…

“The Big problem in today’s world is people attitude towards their Health. People think that health happens on its own. It is the other activities that are important like entertainment, work and socialising, health doesn’t become their priority till the time they are nailed to bed due to some ailment.”

“Preventive care should be the top priority for people in coming times as that will solve many problems on Individual, Social and Global level. Regenerative Medicine is the future of Modern Medical Science which should be practised across the Globe and Viecell aims to be on the forefront of it.”


Harshad’s vision is an inspiring one for sure, and we wish his endeavor the very best. As we strive to take leave, we request the Viecell custodian to share a word about Voice of Healthcare. What role do tribute profiles like Idea Leader play in taking the healthcare ecosystem forward? The amicable Harshad heartily shares…

“Tribute profiles such as idea leaders provide platform for sharing ideas, fostering collaboration and inspiring individuals to make a difference. I believe they act as a catalyst for positive change, inspiration and adding positive direction that helps in shaping a bright future of the healthcare community.”

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