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myUpchar’s Rajat Garg is playing a pioneering role in bridging the care gap by democratizing information and amplifying affordability.


Rajat Garg is the founder of myUpchar.com – India’s biggest and the single largest portal providing credible information and creating health awareness in Hindi and 5 other languages. A serial entrepreneur, he founded companies like Shimply.com and SocialAppsHQ prior to starting myUpchar.com. After graduating from Stanford University, Rajat worked at Amazon, leading efforts to deliver new initiatives to enable Amazon’s entry into new markets to drive incremental traffic to its website.


We are delighted to have a trailblazing entrepreneur like Rajat Garg amongst us, and we begin the tribute session by probing into the one big idea that informs Rajat’s life, work philosophy and the many endeavours. 
Shares the leader…

The one big idea that defines me and my approach to life is the belief that healthcare should be accessible and affordable for every individual. This idea is at the core of my philosophy and drives my actions and decisions. We started with focusing on creating high quality health content that allows everyone access to same medical information. Our patients coming from remote locations have access to the best doctors from India.


Why and how did this philosophy become the propelling force of Rajat’s journey? Was there any person or life-altering experience that acted as a turning-point and inspired this current outlook on life? 

Rajat launches into recap mode…

“Thirty years later, while running another startup, we converted our website into Hindi and suddenly, demand for ayurveda products increased on the website. I realized that healthcare access is still a huge problem. 
Indians still don’t have access to the right healthcare information, right doctor and medications. At myUpchar, we have made it our mission to make healthcare easily accessible.

This idea became the driving force of my journey when I witnessed the challenges faced by people in accessing quality healthcare, especially in rural and remote areas of India. Born to parents whose job took us to remote parts of India, I was acutely aware of lack of healthcare facilities in Tier 2/3 cities. As a child, I once felt seriously sick and had to be airlifted from Kashmir to Delhi due to lack of treatment facilities locally. 

I was deeply inspired to make a difference and bridge the healthcare gap. This motivation led me to establish myUpchar, an online healthcare platform, with the aim of providing reliable medical information and affordable healthcare solutions to all.”


What is the problem Rajat and his team is most passionate about solving today? Rajat helpfully shares a preview of his future initiatives…

The big goal I aspire to achieve with the help of my idea and mantra is to revolutionize the healthcare system in India and ensure that no individual is deprived of essential medical care due to financial constraints or lack of access. I envision a future where healthcare is truly inclusive, and myUpchar is at the forefront of making this a reality.


We wish Rajat’s noble goals the very best going forward. Indeed, we are confident that the dynamic, can-do persona will leave no stone unturned to engineer significant breakthroughs in his chosen direction – sooner rather than later. We conclude the session by requesting Rajat to share his views about the Voice of Healthcare initiative. How, according to him, do tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders add direction, inspiration and positive energy to the healthcare community? 

Rajat signs off expansively…

“Voice of Healthcare (VOH) is an incredible platform that brings the community together. Tribute profiles such as Idea Leaders provide a platform for innovative ideas and transformative thinking, which can shape the future of healthcare. These profiles serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding us towards breakthrough solutions and creating a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.” 

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