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Gynoveda’s Vishal Gupta is unlocking the timeless powers of Ayurveda to liberate women from an equally timeless nightmare of menstrual pain, stigma and trauma. 


Vishal Gupta, CEO of Gynoveda, is building the world's first healthcare outfit that combines Ayurveda, Technology, Content, Community to address the entire arc of women's health : from puberty to menopause. Gynoveda medicines provide solutions across women’s fertility, menstrual, general wellness & nutrition. 

Vishal Gupta carries over 20 years of multi-dimensional exposure with diverse industries like eCommerce, BPO, Travel, Fin-Tech, Telecom and now Ayurveda Healthcare. He has also led teams in Philippines & India and attain business excellence using COPC, PCMM, ISO & 6-Sigma practices.

In the past, this dynamic and versatile leader has built businesses for digital unicorns like Cleartrip, Jio, Acko, Sutherland. We request for a self-intro, and Vishal obliges: 

•    “At Acko, I was the Chief Operating Officer where I established the team, technology, operations to launch mobile-first InsurTech startup.

•    At Jio, as the Business Head, I was responsible for developing MyJio app to launch & acquire the first 20 mn customers.

•    I was the Chief Strategy Officer at ISS A/S, which is an international facility management & workplace experience company. I managed country-level strategy, acquisition, divestments, integration valued at $300 mn.”


We want to know about the one big idea, insight or trigger that keeps pushing Vishal to explore the boundaries of innovation. Vishal shares : 

I suffered from lifestyle disorders for over a decade until Ayurveda offered permanent cure. During this journey, I deeply studied Ayurveda and discovered Ayurveda has amazing remedies for PCOS, Irregular periods, Abnormal discharge, period pain and 20 such gyno issues.

“Where modern science offers temporary relief, Ayurveda promises safe, long-lasting solutions that treat the root cause of period disorders to experience healthy periods lifelong


So what is the big goal or problem that Vishal’s team is trying to solve? We are curious about the direction Vishal’s ship is headed, and the idea champion gives us a peek into his forward journey… 

“The big dream is to make Ayurveda the world’s #1 choice for menstrual healthcare & wellness. Women experience on an average 400 menstrual cycles and 2 pregnancies during her lifespan and they are born to have healthy periods, lifelong. But they’re told that period abnormalities like pain, irregular period cycles & flow are necessary evils in life. Universally, dominant advice is to grin and bear the pain".

Over 600 million women, globally silently suffer from menstrual disorders like PCOS, irregular periods, PMS, painful periods, abnormal white discharge yet they dread visiting a gynaecologist for 3 major reasons:
●    Fear of physical examination, surgery
●    Lack of access to the right gynaecologist
●    Social prejudices and anxiety of being judged

Gynoveda started in 2018 with a vision to combine Ayurveda, Content, Community & Technology as a safe selfcare solution that enables women to experience healthy periods, lifelong!”

This is a noble ideal whose time has truly come, and we wish Vishal, his team and his venture all success.

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