Is ‘Deltacron’ a newly found Covid variant? Here’s what WHO thinks

By: FE Online - 14/01/2022

Is ‘Deltacron’ a newly found Covid variant? Here’s what WHO thinks

The never-ending list of Covid variants, including the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and of course, Omicron, have caused enough global damage during the on-going pandemic. The damage is not just at the physical level but at a psychological level as well. Everytime a new variant is detected, a sense of anxeity and fear can be felt in and around us. So when reports of another potential variant, ‘Deltacron’, started doing the rounds of internet, the world had gone into a frenzy. While some tried to lighten the mood with a hillarious meme fest, the majority were seen trying their best to gather more information about it. However, the World Health Organisation has announced that ‘Deltacron’ could most likely be the result of a lab contamination and not in fact, a new variant of Covid-19. The WHO added that ‘Deltacron’ is “not really a thing.”

WHO technical lead of Covid-19, Dr Maria Van Kerkhove said that ‘Deltacron’ could be a result of “contamination” that might have occurred during the sequencing process. Kerkhove also said that it is possible to get infected with different variants of SARS-CoV-2 as there have been examples of coinfection, in which people were infected with both influenza and Covid-19 “throughout this pandemic.”

‘Deltacron’ made headlines a few days back when a researcher, Leondios Kostrikis, in Cyprus claimed that this new strain of Coronavirus was named so because it is a combination of Delta and Omicron variants. Not long after, a Bloomberg report said that the statistical analysis by Kostrikis and his team had likely identified 25 cases of ‘Deltacron’.

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India stuck with COVID-19 vaccines it ca

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India's Serum plans to launch Novavax sh

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India's Gujarat state acknowledges more

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Over 81,000 health and wellness centres

By: PTI-14/12/2021

India plans to produce 5 billion doses o

By: PTI-14/12/2021

COVID-19: Omicron could cause up to 75,0

By: PTI-14/12/2021

IIT Delhi researchers develop RT-PCR bas

By: PTI-14/12/2021

Masks come off, rallies begin as India's

By: Reuters-13/12/2021

Gujarat records 56 new Covid-19 cases

By: PTI-13/12/2021

Five to eleven year old kids to receive

By: Associated Press-13/12/2021

Colleges directed to vaccinate eligible

By: PTI-13/12/2021

ICMR Dibrugarh develops Omicron test kit

By: FE online-13/12/2021

Mandatory COVID vaccinations finds low s

By: PTI-12/12/2021

Australia shortens wait time for COVID-1

By: Reuters-12/12/2021

Booster increases antibodies, improves p

By: PTI-12/12/2021

UK could face major Omicron wave from Ja

By: PTI-11/12/2021

Maintain strict vigil on Covid situation

By: PTI-11/12/2021

COVID-19: Booster dose effective against

By: PTI-11/12/2021

Covid-19: 25 Omicron cases detected, all

By: FE Bureau-11/12/2021

New York’s COVID surge is back and so is

By: Associated Press-11/12/2021

No shorter isolation for Omicron-hit hea

By: PTI-11/12/2021

India's Omicron cases mild, vaccine boos

By: Reuters-11/12/2021

COVID-19: US FDA expands Pfizer booster,

By: Associated Press-10/12/2021

COVID-19: 23 Omicron cases across India,

By: PTI-10/12/2021

COVID-19: All nine Omicron patients in R

By: PTI-10/12/2021

Singapore reports ‘preliminary pos

By: PTI-10/12/2021

Demand still strong for India-made Astra

By: Reuters-10/12/2021

UK PM Boris Johnson moves to Plan B COVI

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WHO: Omicron could spread faster but it&

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Malaria: 14 million more cases worldwide

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South African regulator approves Pfizer

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Indian vaccine makers bank on boosters a

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Over 128.66 crore Covid-19 vaccine doses

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Omicron: Tope asks people to follow norm

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Covid-19 vaccine: WHO to consider emerge

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Omicron v. delta: Battle of coronavirus

By: Associated Press-07/12/2021

India sees impact of Omicron blunted by

By: Reuters-04/12/2021

Study suggests past COVID infection may

By: Associated Press-04/12/2021

Omicron threat in India: Insacog recomme

By: FE Bureau-04/12/2021

Concern over COVID-19 infections in chil

By: PTI-04/12/2021

Singapore says Omicron not more severe t

By: PTI-04/12/2021

25 international passengers who arrived

By: PTI-03/12/2021

India reports 9,216 new COVID-19 infecti

By: Reuters-03/12/2021

WHO deploys team in South Africa to tack

By: PTI-03/12/2021

Omicron coronavirus variant found in mul

By: Associated Press-03/12/2021

Vigilance, genome sequencing, border sur

By: PTI-03/12/2021

Covid infection linked with increased co

By: PTI-02/12/2021

Serum Institute seeks DCGIs approval for

By: PTI-02/12/2021

Singapore says too early to say if more

By: PTI-02/12/2021

India to announce scheduled internationa

By: Reuters-02/12/2021

First Omicron case in U.S. adds to globa

By: Reuters-02/12/2021

India advises states to step up COVID te

By: Reuters-01/12/2021

96% doses administered since May 1 were

By: PTI-01/12/2021

SEC recommendations on Covaxin emergency

By: PTI-01/12/2021

Covid related restrictions extended in B

By: PTI-01/12/2021

No Omicron cases in India yet, says heal

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New US restrictions amid Omicron covid v

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Omicron India: Punjab govt strict monito

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Bharat Biotech begins Covaxin exports, s

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Testing kits can detect Omicron: Mylab

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Omicron: WHO warns that new virus varian

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WHO says it is not yet clear if Omicron

By: Reuters-29/11/2021

Covid-19: Tamil Nadu adds 736 new cases

By: PTI-29/11/2021

Nepal sends 750 samples to UK for gene s

By: PTI-29/11/2021

Centre should learn from its mistakes in

By: PTI-29/11/2021

Tamil Nadu govt issues advisories to dis

By: PTI-29/11/2021

India delivered 70.70 mln doses of Covid

By: PTI-27/11/2021

Over 120.96 crore Covid vaccine doses ad

By: PTI-27/11/2021

WHO designates new Covid strain as Varia

By: PTI-27/11/2021

World races to contain new COVID threat,

By: Associated Press-27/11/2021

Experts allay Covaxin concerns, say 50 p

By: PTI-26/11/2021

Centre issues fresh advisory to states,

By: PTI-26/11/2021

UK raises alarm over new COVID variant w

By: Reuters-26/11/2021

South African scientists detect new viru

By: Associated Press-26/11/2021

Bharat COVID-19 shot 50% effective at he

By: Reuters-25/11/2021

Fall in COVID-19 testing worries Indian

By: Reuters-25/11/2021

Italy targets unvaccinated with restrict

By: PTI-25/11/2021

Putin tests experimental nasal vaccine a

By: Associated Press-25/11/2021

Mild third wave of COVID-19 pandemic lik

By: PTI-25/11/2021

India logs slimmest rise in COVID-19 cas

By: Reuters-24/11/2021

Covid-19: Why is Europe witnessing a res

By: FE Online-24/11/2021

Third Covid wave of magnitude comparable

By: PTI-24/11/2021

Over 118 crore Covid vaccine doses admin

By: PTI-24/11/2021

Rajasthan avian flu: Chickens not yet in

By: PTI-24/11/2021

Covid-19: Karnataka reports 178 new case

By: PTI-23/11/2021

EU considers booster doses of J&J CO

By: Associated Press-23/11/2021

Covid-19: Tamil Nadu reports 750 new cas

By: PTI-23/11/2021

Resumption of Indias COVAX vaccine suppl

By: Reuters-23/11/2021

Covid-19: Vaccine hesitancy forces Benga

By: FE Online-22/11/2021

Covid-19: Mandaviya to review vaccinatio

By: PTI-22/11/2021

SII urges govt to fast-track movement of

By: PTI-22/11/2021

Lucky draw among strategies planned to i

By: PTI-22/11/2021

Kerala reports 5,754 new COVID-19 cases

By: PTI-20/11/2021

US expands COVID boosters to all adults,

By: Associated Press-20/11/2021

COVID-19: Delhi records zero death, 30 n

By: PTI-20/11/2021

India logs 10,302 fresh Covid infections

By: PTI-20/11/2021

India exported over 65 million doses of

By: PTI-19/11/2021

Continue mask use, physical distancing a

By: PTI-19/11/2021

Over 115 crore vaccine doses administere

By: PTI-19/11/2021

Natco Pharma launches novel fixed-dose c

By: PTI-19/11/2021

Misuse of antibiotics in pandemic buildi

By: Reuters-18/11/2021

Pvt Delhi hospital to write pollution-re

By: PTI-18/11/2021

Vaccine hesitancy greatest threat in ove

By: PTI-18/11/2021

S.Korea reports record new COVID-19 case

By: Reuters-18/11/2021

Indias Dr. Reddys open to making Pfizer

By: Reuters-16/10/2021

Covid antibodies found in breast milk of

By: PTI-16/11/2021

Dengue cases in Delhi this year surge to

By: PTI-16/11/2021

Govt allows SII to export 5 crore doses

By: PTI-16/11/2021

Inactivated virus vaccine Covaxin has ce

By: PTI-16/11/2021

Australia aims to vaccinate children und

By: Reuters-15/11/2021

Rare case of post-dengue mucormycosis re

By: PTI-15/11/2021

IMA pushes for Covid-19 vaccine for all

By: PTI-15/11/2021

COVID-19: Zydus Cadila vaccine to be adm

By: PTI-15/11/2021

Egypt announces clinical trials of its o

By: Associated Press-15/11/2021

Zika cases reported in Lucknow

By: PTI-13/11/2021

India makes progress in child vaccinatio

By: PTI-13/11/2021

Norovirus cases reported in Kerala

By: PTI-13/11/2021

J&J to spin off consumer product

By: Reuters-13/11/2021

U.S. FDA may approve COVID-19 booster wi

By: Reuters-13/11/2021

Biogen says Aduhelm lowers levels of sec

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Delta remains main Covid variant of conc

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Don’t want to rush, need to tread

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COVID-19: Delhi records zero deaths, 40

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Pfizer asks FDA to OK COVID-19 booster s

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COVID-19: Over 110.18 crore vaccine dose

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APEC affirms stand against vaccine natio

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COVID-19: Delhi records 33 fresh cases,

By: PTI-10/11/2021

Covid-19: 96 countries recognise Indias

By: FE Online-10/11/2021

India could ship vaccines to COVAX in a

By: Reuters-10/11/2021

France steps up virus booster campaign a

By: Associated Press-10/11/2021

Analysis: COVID-19 pills are coming, but

By: Reuters-09/11/2021

New protein-based Covid vaccine does not

By: PTI-09/11/2021

4 in 5 families in Delhi-NCR affected by

By: PTI-09/11/2021

UK to add Indias Covaxin to approved lis

By: PTI-09/11/2021

Dengue death toll in Delhi rises to nine

By: PTI-09/11/2021

Delhi records 47 COVID-19 cases; positiv

By: PTI-08/11/2021

Kerala clocks 7,124 new COVID cases, 201

By: PTI-08/11/2021

Biden vaccine mandates face first test w

By: Associated Press-08/11/2021

Mental health of person cannot be compre

By: PTI-08/11/2021

Japan has zero daily COVID-19 deaths for

By: Reuters-08/11/2021

Indonesian researchers breed good mosqui

By: Reuters-01/11/2021

U.S. gives 1.5 million more COVID-19 vac

By: Reuters-01/11/2021

India ready to produce over 5 billion Co

By: PTI-01/11/2021

Zydus Cadila agrees to reduce its Covid

By: PTI-01/11/2021

G-20 leaders agreed to strengthen WHO to

By: PTI-01/11/2021

India has potential to become internatio

By: PTI-30/10/2021

Nationwide expansion of pneumococcal vac

By: PTI-30/10/2021

Serum Institute seeks DCGI nod for Covid

By: PTI-30/10/2021

Stroke likely to become more severe in C

By: PTI-30/10/2021

Pfizer gets U.S. contract for 50 million

By: Reuters-29/10/2021

Sixth sero survey shows Delhi had seropo

By: PTI-29/10/2021

World faces shortage of syringes as COVI

By: Associated Press-29/10/2021

Despite challenges 68 pc healthcare work

By: PTI-29/10/2021

We trust Indian industry, Bharat Biotech

By: PTI-29/10/2021

Singapore looking into unusual surge aft

By: Reuters-28/10/2021

Cases of AY.4.2 variant of coronavirus r

By: PTI-28/10/2021

Merck agrees to let other drug makers ma

By: Associated Press-28/10/2021

Lilly kicks off application for Alzheime

By: Reuters-27/10/2021

U.S. FDA advisers back Pfizer/BioNTech C

By: Reuters-27/10/2021

Moderna to supply Africa with up to 110

By: Associated Press-27/10/2021

Study finds robust evidence that COVID-1

By: PTI-27/10/2021

EU regulator starts real-time review of

By: Reuters-26/10/2021

S.Africa Aspen aims to sharply increase

By: Reuters-26/10/2021

Dengue cases in Delhi cross 1,000-mark;

By: PTI-26/10/2021

India committed to supplying COVID-19 va

By: PTI-26/10/2021

Govt gave nod to 157 new medical college

By: PTI-25/10/2021

Red Cross urges action for Papua New Gui

By: Reuters-25/10/2021

Hong Kong zero-COVID policy undermining

By: Reuters-25/10/2021

Centre asks states/UTs to increase cover

By: PTI-25/10/2021

First Zika virus case reported in Uttar

By: PTI-25/10/2021

Big new Covid wave unlikely but too earl

By: PTI-23/10/2021

India, Australia working side by side to

By: PTI-23/10/2021

COVID vaccine EUL recommendation process

By: PTI-23/10/2021

COVID-19 vaccines not linked to pregnanc

By: Reuters-23/10/2021

Engineers Grow Pancreatic Organoids That

By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology-22/10/2021

Cancer Cells Unexpected Genetic Tricks f

By: Howard Hughes Medical Institute-22/10/2021

COVID-19: Delhi records 22 cases, zero d

By: PTI-22/10/2021

India needs to raise public health spend

By: PTI-22/10/2021

U.S. FDA clears Moderna, J&J COVID-19 bo

By: Reuters-21/10/2021

U.S. surgeons successfully test pig kidn

By: Reuters-21/10/2021

Poland facing COVID-19 explosion says he

By: Reuters-21/10/2021

Delhi sees 25 new COVID-19 cases, zero f

By: PTI-21/10/2021

Agreements signed with 11 countries for

By: PTI-21/10/2021

Delta subvariant will not change COVID p

By: Reuters-20/10/2021

COVID-19: India’s R-value below 1

By: PTI-20/10/2021

South African regulator rejects Russia&r

By: Associated Press-20/10/2021

WHO chief discusses Covaxin, resumption

By: PTI-20/10/2021

EXCLUSIVE WHO-led program aims to buy an

By: Reuters-19/10/2021

Sense of Smell Is Our Most Rapid Warning

By: Karolinska Institutet-19/10/2021

Vaccines less protective for multiple my

By: Reuters-19/10/2021

New Zealand reports record daily cases a

By: Reuters-19/10/2021

Mix-and-match vaccines highly effective

By: PTI-19/10/2021

Centre trashes Hunger Index, says survey

By: TNN-18/10/2021

India sees lowest weekly Covid cases in

By: TNN-18/10/2021

Merck COVID-19 pill sparks calls for acc

By: Reuters-18/10/2021

Govt will decide on COVID vaccination of

By: PTI-18/10/2021

No COVID-19 death in Mumbai for first ti

By: PTI-18/10/2021

More than 50% recovered patients experie

By: PTI-16/10/2021

From Covid to cancer: High hopes for ver

By: AFP-16/10/2021

Govt removes export curbs on all diagnos

By: PTI-16/10/2021

India slips 7 spots to 101st on hunger i

By: PTI-16/10/2021

Drug companies eye mRNA technology for f

By: IANS-16/10/2021

India resumes COVID-19 vaccine export

By: PTI-15/10/2021

Marginalised: Women trail men in some va

By: Associate Press-15/10/2021

WHO nod boosts voices for a third Covid

By: 15/10/2021-TNN

Covaxin Junior: Bharat Biotech’s k

By: TNN & Agencies-15/10/2021

WHO says it may be last chance to find C

By: Reuters-14/10/2021

U.S. FDA staff says Moderna did not meet

By: Reuters-14/10.2021

New antiviral compound blocks Covid viru

By: PTI-14/10/2021

Isolated populations in India are vulner

By: PTI-14/10/2021

Mindful Breathing for Pain Control: Like

By: University of Michigan-13/10/2021

WHO advises additional COVID shot for im

By: Reuters-13/10/2021

COVID-19 vaccines effective against most

By: PTI-13/10/2021

Covid: Expert panel recommends emergency

By: PTI-13/10/2021

Biological E seeks DCGI nod for Phase-3

By: PTI-13/10/2021

Stem Cell Population Identified That Is

By: University of Tsukuba-12/10/2021

25 lakh ZyCoV-D doses every month for pr

By: TNN-12/10/2021

Merck asks US FDA to authorize promising

By: AP-12/10/2021

Dengue: 480 cases in Delhi; 139 in Octob

By: PTI-12/10/2021

Drugs for treating diabetes, obesity &am

By: PTI-12/10/2021

Brain cell differences could be key to l

By: Imperial College London-11/10/2021

Govt allows export of Russian COVID vacc

By: PTI-11/10/2021

Cumulative COVID-19 vaccine doses given

By: PTI-11/10/2021

Pandemic triggered 35% rise in anxiety,

By: TNN-11/10/2021

Active COVID-19 cases in country lowest

By: PTI-11/10/2021

WHO says 'near' to solving issues on Rus

By: Reuters-09/10/2021

Government may soon lift export curbs on

By: TNN-09/10/2021

Alzheimer’s and COVID-19 share a g

By: PTI-09/10/2021

High COVID-19 rate in 0-19 age group in

By: PTI-09/10/2021

Aurobindo Pharma to stop molnupiravir tr

By: Reuters-09/10/2021

Scientists discover 14 genes that cause

By: University of Virginia Health System-08/10/2021

Prepared to tackle a surge of up to 5 la

By: PTI-08/10/2021

Piramal Enterprises board approves schem

By: PTI-08/10/2021

Bharat Biotech submits clinical trial da

By: PTI-08/10/2021

One in seven patients globally missed ca

By: PTI-08/10/2021

Plasma therapy ‘futile’ as t

By: PTI-06/10/2021

WHO still reviewing Sputnik V vaccine, a

By: PTI-06/10/2021

WHO to take final decision next week on

By: PTI-06/10/2021

Duo win Nobel for unravelling science of

By: NYT-06/10/2021

Cadila Healthcare gets DCGI nod to condu

By: PTI-06/10/2021

Seventy per cent of India’s adult

By: PTI-05/10/2021

341 dengue cases in Delhi; 217 in Septem

By: PTI-05/10/2021

Blood thinners significantly reduce COVI

By: PTI-05/102021

EU regulator OKs Pfizer vaccine booster

By: Associated Press-05/10/2021

Active COVID-19 cases in country lowest

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Russia sees no hurdles for WHO approval

By: Reuters-04/10/2021

Zydus Cadila proposes Rs 1,900 for three

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu urges pr

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Amid COVID-19 booster data dilemma, EU n

By: Reuters-04/10/2021

New tool predicts changes that may make

By: PTI-01/10/2021

69 pc of India’s adult population

By: PTI-01/10/2021

ZyCoV-D to be introduced in Covid vaccin

By: PTI-01/10/2021

India, US need to work jointly in reform

By: PTI-30/09/2021

MSD rolls out India’s first gender

By: TNN-30/09/2021

EU extends vaccine export control mechan

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows 74% e

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

Mirum's oral drug becomes first U.S. app

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

COVID-19 pill developers aim to top Merc

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

U.S. FDA approves AbbVie's migraine prev

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

New Zealand COVID cases jump as its batt

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

Smoking may increase risk of COVID-19 se

By: PTI-29/09/2021

Pfizer vaccine for kids may not be avail

By: Associated Press-29/09/2021

SC puts government on notice, says &lsqu

By: TNN-28/09/2021

AIIMS to have Satellite Brain Bank to bo

By: TNN-28/09/2021

Japan to end COVID-19 state of emergency

By: Reuters-28/09/2021

Over 84.50 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-28/09/2021

India first to develop DNA vaccine, can

By: PTI-27/09/2021

AstraZeneca Pharma India gets DCGI nod t

By: PTI-27/09/2021

At 2L, India logs lowest weekly cases in

By: TNN-27/09/2021

Childhood cancers 7.9% of all cancers in

By: IANS-27/09/2021

WHO seeks to revive stalled inquiry into

By: Reuters-27/09/2021

India tells Quad will allow export of 8

By: Reuters-25/09/2021

Scientists call for global targets to be

By: PTI-25/09/2021

India’s COVID-19 vaccination figur

By: PTI-25/09/2021

Children less severely impacted by COVID

By: PTI-25/09/2021

U.S. CDC advisers back COVID-19 booster

By: Reuters-24/09/2021

No evidence of any new variant of SARS-C

By: PTI-24/09/2021

Novavax, SII apply to WHO for emergency

By: PTI-24/09/2021

Talks on to make Zydus Cadila’s CO

By: PTI-24/09/2021

Centre health services will be taken to

By: TNN-23/09/2021

Tiny antibodies from llamas can potentia

By: PTI-23/09/2021

WHO reports global decline in new COVID-

By: Associated Press-23/09/2021

With domestic manufacturing picking up p

By: PTI-23/09/2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Centre files plea agai

By: PTI-23/09/2021

India set to get first J&J Covid

By: Reuters-22/09/2021

Antibodies from original Covid virus str

By: PTI-22/09/2021

Nurse to doctor ratio in India estimated

By: PTI-22/09/2021

UK begins trial of multivariant COVID-19

By: PTI-22/09/2021

Covid origins probe: The Lancet does U-t

By: IANS-21/09/2021

India to resume export of surplus COVID-

By: PTI-21/09/2021

Pfizer, BioNTech say trials find COVID v

By: PTI-21/09/2021

India’s cumulative Covid-19 vaccin

By: PTI-21/09/2021

No need for Covid booster doses in India

By: PTI-20/09/2021

Rice with zinc, wheat with protein to fi

By: TNN-20/09/2021

95 children, adolescents among 623 new C

By: PTI-20/09/2021

WHO Experts’ Group to take a call

By: PTI-20/09/2021

Covid-19: Five recovered patients at Gan

By: FE Online-18/09/2021

Biocon Biologics-SILS alliance to help i

By: PTI-18/09/2021

Delhi hospitals see rise in number of se

By: PTI-18/09/2021

While urging vaccination, WHO declines j

By: PTI-18/09/2021

ICMR study highlights issues faced by he

By: PTI-17/09/2021

Novel coronavirus may infect a higher pr

By: PTI-17/09/2021

US OKs new use for Eli Lilly’s COV

By: Associated Press-17/09/2021

No Delta plus variant of COVID-19 found

By: PTI-17/09/2021

Indonesia in talks with WHO to become gl

By: Reuters-16/09/2021

Glenmark concludes study on COVID drug F

By: PTI-16/09/2021

Mu, C.1.2 variants of SARS-CoV2 not foun

By: PTI-16/09/2021

Russia’s COVID-19 single dose vacc

By: PTI-16/09/2021

UK expert panel recommends COVID booster

By: PTI-15/09/2021

Genome sequencing lab to be set up in An

By: TNN-15/09/2021

Big drop in COVID antibodies within four

By: Reuters-15/09/2021

India world’s biggest Covid misinf

By: TNN-15/09/2021

Nipah suspected in patient in Mangaluru,

By: PTI-15/09/2021

Novavax expects to make available at lea

By: Reuters-13/09/2021

Experts highlight benefits of natural an

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Health ministry, ICMR have issued guidel

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Over 74 crore Covid-19 vaccine jabs admi

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Reusable cloth masks may be effective up

By: PTI-11/09/2021

CoWIN launches new API: KYC-VS — K

By: PTI-11/09/2021

Nearly 73 crore vaccine doses administer

By: PTI-11/09/2021

COVID-19 vaccines hold strong against De

By: Reuters-11/09/2021

Novavax expects to make available at lea

By: Reuters-11/09/2021

G20 health ministers agree on vaccine co

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Percentage of Delta variant found in Del

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Centre places purchase order with SII fo

By: PTI-10/09/2021

47 medical oxygen plants with 57 MT capa

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Govt develops COVID-19 vaccine tracker t

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Molbio Diagnostics gets DCGI nod for Nip

By: PTI-09/09/2021

Cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine do

By: PTI-09/09/2021

WHO chief urges halt to booster shots fo

By: PTI-09/09/2021

AIIMS to conduct study to ascertain pres

By: PTI-08/09/22021

India’s strong, decisive decisions

By: PTI-08/09/22021

30 test negative for Nipah so far: Keral

By: PTI-08/09/22021

Dr Reddy’s starts supply of Sputni

By: PTI-08/09/22021

Will focus on dealing with pandemic here

By: PTI-07/09/2021

Hetero’s Tocilizumab biosimilar ge

By: PTI-07/09/2021

The spike in the cases has left the Brih

By: PTI-07/09/2021

In just 6 days of Sept, Mumbai logs over

By: PTI-07/09/2021

For 3rd time in 11 days, India’s d

By: PTI-07/09/2021

Over 66.07 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-06/09/2021

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu calls fo

By: PTI-06/09/2021

COVID-19: 30 new cases, zero death in De

By: PTI-06/09/2021

Israel to present COVID-19 booster shot

By: Reuters-06/09/2021

Guj HC: Depression can be classified as

By: PTI-04/09/2021

Moderna seeks EU authorization for COVID

By: Reuters Staff-04/09/2021

After dropping below one, Covid R-value

By: PTI-04/09/2021

DCGI nod to phase-I clinical trial of CO

By: PTI-04/09/2021

India reports 45,352 new COVID-19 infect

By: Reuters-03/09/2021

Granules India gets licence from DRDO to

By: PTI-03/09/2021

Moderna, Japan partner recall 1.6 millio

By: Associated Press-03/09/2021

Over half of India’s adult populat

By: PTI-03/09/2021

India will start exporting Covid vaccine

By: PTI-03/09/2021

Intranasal Covid vaccine phase II trial

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines wouldn’t

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-02/09/2021

WHO leader opposes ‘widespread&rsq

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Over 64.36 cr Covid vaccine doses provid

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Monoclonal antibody treatment combo cuts

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Himachal Pradesh achieves distinction of

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Out of 65 crore Covid vaccine doses give

By: PTI-01/09/2021

WHO European head backs 3rd vaccine dose

By: Associated Press-31 Aug, 2021

Covid third wave could peak between Oct-

By: PTI-31 Aug, 2021

New Covid variant, C.1.2, may be more in

By: PTI-31 Aug, 2021

Japan's Moderna vaccine contamination wo

By: Rocky Swift-31 Aug, 2021

U.S. vaccine advisers unanimously favor

By: Manas Mishra, Julie Steenhuysen-31 Aug, 2021

Singapore fully vaccinates 80% of popula

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2021

Foxconn founder asks BioNTech to reserve

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2021

First commercial batch of Covaxin releas

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Maharashtra health survey: Prime focus o

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Rise in COVID-19 cases: Plan on tests re

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Uneven COVID-19 vaccine distribution may


Half of hospitalised Covid patients have

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

Over 4.05 cr Covid vaccine doses still a

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

43% of ICUs & 75% of ventilators in

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

India gifts medical oxygen plant to Nepa

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

SII informs Centre it will supply around

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

Increase in viral infection cases in Del

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

Kerala records over 30k COVID cases for

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

NTAGI to soon chalk out roadmap to intro

By: PTI-26 Aug, 2021

Moderna withholds 1.63 million COVID-19

By: Reuters-26 Aug, 2021

Taiwan to get BioNTech shots early as Ch

By: Reuters-26 Aug, 2021

Study says COVID riskier for heart than

By: Associated Press-26 Aug, 2021

Over 60 crore Covid vaccine doses admini

By: PTI-26 Aug, 2021

Kerala sees 10,402 new COVID-19 cases, T

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Covid antibody that protects against bro

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Over 57 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Covid third wave: Paediatric beds to be

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Using artificial intelligence for early

By: Technische Universität Dresden-23 Aug, 2021

UK to begin offering COVID antibody test

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2021

Taiwan's president leads way in first do

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2021

721 children in child care institutions

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2021

Delhi reports 24 COVID-19 cases, positiv

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2021

U.S. FDA aims to give full approval to P

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2021

Covid vaccination for kids may start onl

By: TNN-21 Aug, 2021

Johnson & Johnson files applicat

By: PTI-21 Aug, 2021

Delhi govts medical Oxygen production pr

By: PTI-21 Aug, 2021

Zydus Cadila Covid-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D ge

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2021

Pregnant women donot experience more sev

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Andhra Pradesh moves closer to two milli

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Covid ebbing as R-value drops to below 1

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Over 50-cr samples tested for COVID-19 i

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

First Made in India 3-D printed heart va

By: IANS-19 Aug, 2021

Northeast cancer capital of India with h

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

COVID R-value drops to below 1 in countr

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Ayushman Bharat ensures both poor, well-

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Vaccine nationalism could lead to increa

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Pfizer submits data for third dose appro

By: AFP-18 Aug, 2021

Nasal Covaxin phase II & III tri

By: TNN-18 Aug, 2021

Blood clotting may be root cause of long

By: PTI-18 Aug, 2021

Benefits of Covid vaccines far outweigh

By: PTI-18 Aug, 2021

Higher risk of Bell's Palsy after Sinova

By: Reuters Staff-17 Aug, 2021

India to recalibrate air quality standar

By: Vishwa Mohan | TNN-17 Aug, 2021

Govt puts curbs on export of Covid-19 ra

By: PTI-17 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: Three strains of Delta-plus no

By: Sumitra Debroy | TNN-17 Aug, 2021

Japan to extend COVID-19 state of emerge

By: Reuters-16 Aug, 2021

New biomarkers may detect early eye chan

By: ANI-16 Aug, 2021

COVID-19 third wave unpredictable: AIIMS

By: PTI-16 Aug, 2021

India has done better than any country a

By: PTI-16 Aug, 2021

Bharat Biotech Covid nasal vaccine gets

By: PTI-14 Aug, 2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses cross 53

By: PTI-14 Aug, 2021

E-health card for all Delhiites: Cloud-b

By: TNN-14 Aug, 2021

Delta plus not as transmissible as Delta

By: TNN-14 Aug, 2021

COVID-19: Pfizer, Moderna seen reaping b

By: Reuters-14 Aug, 2021

Clotting linked with COVID-19 vaccine ve

By: PTI-13 Aug, 2021

U.S. shipping more than 560,000 COVID va

By: Reuters-13 Aug, 2021

Over 54.04 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-13 Aug, 2021

Extra COVID vaccine OK for those with we

By: FE Online-13 Aug, 2021

Potential role of junk DNA sequence in a

By: Washington State University-11 Aug, 2021

Eating more plant foods may lower heart

By: American Heart Association-11 Aug, 2021

Antibody levels predictive of Moderna's

By: Reuters Staff-11 Aug, 2021

COVID-19: Delta Plus variant detected in

By: PTI-11 Aug, 2021

Cumulative COVID-19 vaccine doses nearly

By: PTI-11 Aug, 2021

Inovio focused on launching global COVID

By: Reuters-10 Aug, 2021

Zydus Cadila likely to get emergency use

By: ANI-10 Aug, 2021

India posts 26k Covid-19 cases, lowest s

By: TNN-10 Aug, 2021

Doctors to visit every house to screen p

By: PTI-10 Aug, 2021

Vaccination of pregnant, lactating women

By: FE Online-10 Aug, 2021

Israeli survey finds 3rd Pfizer vaccine

By: Reuters-09 Aug, 2021

45 PSA oxygen plants commissioned in gov

By: PTI-09 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: Beyond Delta, scientists are w

By: Reuters-09 Aug, 2021

India sees 4% dip in weekly cases as tal

By: TNN-09 Aug, 2021

Fuelled by Delta variant, US COVID-19 ca

By: ANI-09 Aug, 2021

India’s Covid R-naught tops 1 agai

By: TNN-07 Aug, 2021

COVID SCIENCE: Heart attack, stroke risk

By: Reuters-07 Aug, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 antibodies remain stable or i

By: PTI-07 Aug, 2021

Hopeful of launching Covovax for adults

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: India’s cumulative vacci

By: PTI-07 Aug, 2021

Preparing for worst-case scenario, setti

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: India in talks with various co

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Novavax seeks OK for COVID vaccine in ne

By: FE Online-06 Aug, 2021

English study finds 50-60% reduced risk

By: Reuters-04 Aug, 2021

No vaccination at civic, govt centres in

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

Ministry of S&T allocated over R

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

4 more Indian pharma firms expected to s

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

Coronavirus did leak from China’s

By: Reuters-03 Aug, 2021

Abbott Labs to pay 160 million USD over

By: Reuters-03 Aug, 2021

Bharat Biotech's Covaxin effective again

By: PTI-03 Aug, 2021

13 states see weekly Covid cases rise

By: TNN-03 Aug, 2021

Pfizer and Moderna raise prices for COVI

By: Reuters-02 Aug, 2021

India’s 7-day avg of Covid cases c

By: TNN-02 Aug, 2021

Sputnik V vaccine production in India to

By: ANI-02 Aug, 2021

5 Percent of Covaxin royalty to ICMR rai

By: TNN-02 Aug, 2021

For every single COVID-19 case reported

By: PTI-02 Aug, 2021

Hard-won gains at risk as Delta variant

By: Reuters-31 July, 2021

New COVID-19 infections rise in Tamil Na

By: PTI-31 July, 2021

Trajectory of Covid cases registering su

By: PTI-31 July, 2021

Baseless, misleading: AYUSH Ministry on

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

Japan to widen virus emergency after rec

By: Associated Press-30 July, 2021

India received help from 52 countries du

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

COVID-19: Active cases register increase

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

97,79,440 Covid vaccine doses administer

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

Emergent to resume J&J COVID-19

By: Reuters-29 July, 2021

China reports 49 new COVID-19 cases amid

By: Reuters-29 July, 2021

Over 2.18 cr balance, unutilised COVID-1

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

Govt asks states/UTs to conduct state-sp

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

There are cases of people who have been

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

India adds 43,645 COVID-19 cases, 640 de

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

Made in India Sputnik V to be available

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

INSACOG sequenced over 57,000 SARS-CoV-2

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

Early antiviral response in nose may det

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

India generated 56K tonnes of Covid bio-

By: TNN-27 July, 2021

Sun Pharma, Cassiopea SpA ink license &a

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

DRDO COVID-19 drug: BDR Pharma inks lice

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

Brazil scraps Covaxin emergency-use appl

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

Longer gap in Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vacc

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

67.6 Percent population above 6 yrs fou

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

India logs 39,742 new Covid-19 cases

By: ETHealthWorld-26 July, 2021

Covid-19: Cases of Kappa variant of coro

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

Over 3.29 crore unutilised vaccine doses

By: PTI-25 July, 2021

Approval given to use Coronil as support

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Medical oxygen demand peaked to nearly 9

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Bharat Biotech terminates MoU with Brazi

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Feel good brain messenger can be willful

By: University of California - San Diego-24 July, 2021

Serum Institute writes to Union Health M

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

EU begins real-time review of Sanofi-GSK

By: Reuters-22 July, 2021

European Medicines Agency grants Orphan

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination: Over 41.76 crore v

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

No sign of Pfizer, Moderna Covid vaccine

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

State to step up TB screening amid Cov p

By: TNN-21 July, 2021

No shortage of Covid vaccines, no delay

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

67.6 pc people have COVID antibodies but

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

4 Covid vaccine candidates in human tria

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

Bharat Biotech dossier under review for

By: ANI-20 July, 2021

Azithromycin no more effective against C

By: PTI-20 July, 2021

Hospitals have become large industries,

By: ANI-20 July, 2021

Costs of raw material for drugs rise by

By: TNN-20 July, 2021

UCL finds over 200 symptoms of long COVI

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Delta variant infected even vaccinated p

By: IANS-19 July, 2021

Neuroprosthesis restores words to man wi

By: University of California San Francisco-19 July, 2021

Joint pain, backache common among many p

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Over 41.99 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Centre buying Covishield at 215, Covaxin

By: TNN-17 July, 2021

Mucormycosis recurrence in frontal sinus

By: TNN-17 July, 2021

47 districts reported over 10 pc COVID-1

By: PTI-17 July, 2021

2 vaccine doses given to police personne

By: PTI-17 July, 2021

Alcohol drinking linked to over 62,000 n

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

Insurers to offer add-on cover for at-ho

By: TNN-16 July, 2021

Centre asks states to analyse infrastruc

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

India has highest number of unvaccinated

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

WHO chief says it was premature to rule

By: Associated Press-16 July, 2021

Delhi HC warns for wilful non-compliance

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Single Dose of the Sputnik V vaccine may

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Covid-19 Variants AY.1 nor AY.2 is likel

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Dispiriting setback: COVID deaths, cases

By: Associated Press-15 July, 2021

Unable to send Covid vaccines as India n

By: PTI-14 July, 2021

Covid-19: Serum to start making Sputnik

By: FE Bureau-14 July, 2021

Fortis Healthcare aims to focus on reven

By: PTI-14 July, 2021

Mansukh Mandaviya inaugurates two PSA ox

By: ETHealthWorld-14 July, 2021

Decision on emergency use listing of Cov

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

ICMR to conduct clinical trial for evalu

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

Delta Plus found in 90 Percent of Tripur

By: TNN-12 July, 2021

Over 1.44 crore unutilised COVID-19 vacc

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

COVID-19: Northeast, Kerala regions of c

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

Central team of experts dispatched to Ke

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

Working actively with Moderna to see how

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

ICMR to conduct clinical trial for evalu

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

MBBS interns will have to take Ayush tra

By: TNN-10 July, 2021

Mankind Pharma gets DRDO nod to manufact

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

Over 1.58 lakh vaccine doses administere

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

In 1st meet, revamped Cabinet approves R

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

Cases of Lambda COVID-19 variant found i

By: Associated Press-09 July, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines cut Covid-19 ri

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Starch sold as MM medicine

By: TNN-08 July, 2021

Delta dominant variant in US, makes up m

By: PTI-08 July, 2021

India expects first foreign-made Covid-1

By: Reuters-08 July, 2021

Global COVID-19 deaths hit 4 million ami

By: PTI-08 July, 2021

Covid-19: Now, steroids-linked bone tiss

By: TNN-07 July, 2021

Sputnik will soon be offered at govt vac

By: TNN-07 July, 2021

India - COVID death rate hit record in J

By: Reuters-07 July, 2021

Morepen Labs starts production of test b

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Recent evidence points to natural origin

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to p

By: Stanford Medicine-06 July 2021

ICMR-NICED proposes research on oral COV

By: PTI-06 July 2021

India-Covid vax coverage crosses 35 Cr-m

By: IANS-06 July 2021

Indian scientists working on developing

By: PTI-06 July 2021

India offering CoWIN to world as tech to

By: PTI-06 July 2021

Cadila Healthcare arm recalls 21,240 bot

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Centre sanctions funds from PMCares for

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Air pollution during pregnancy may affec

By: University of the Basque Country-05 July 2021

Covid recovered with one/two doses of va

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Both doses of vaccine provide around 98

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Pregnant women in India now eligible for

By: PTI-03 July 2021

NPPA approves price rise of 50 per cent

By: PTI-03 July 2021

Covid-19: Wrong injection technique coul

By: TNN-03 July 2021

India plans 12 crore COVID vaccine alloc

By: IANS-03 July 2021

WHO chief calls for vaccinating at least

By: PTI-03 July 2021

Novel microscopy method provides look in

By: UT Southwestern Medical Center-02 July 2021

Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to p

By: Stanford Medicine-02 July 2021

Africa COVID-19 envoy blasts EU, COVAX o

By: AP-02 July 2021

Zydus seeks nod for world-first plasmid

By: TNN-02 July 2021

Drug regulator DCGI refuses to grant eme

By: PTI-02 July 2021

Lupin gets USFDA nod for HIV drug under

By: PTI-01 July 2021

India believes there is urgent need for

By: PTI-01 July 2021

COVID-19: US-based diaspora organisation

By: PTI-01 July 2021

Infections seen among HIV patients hit C

By: TNN-29 June, 2021

Govt plans nat l stockpile of life-savin

By: TNN-29 June, 2021

New device can accurately distinguish SA

By: PTI-29 June, 2021

Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine prod

By: Reuters-29 June, 2021

Govt allocates additional 2,12,540 vials

By: PTI-29 June, 2021

Indonesia examines use of Sinovac, Pfize

By: IANS-28 June, 2021

CSIR-developed BGR-34 effective in post-

By: IANS-28 June, 2021

Zydus vaccine for kids above 12 years co

By: TNN-28 June, 2021

Serum Institute of India produces over 1

By: PTI-28 June, 2021

Singapore will continue to give mRNA vac

By: PTI-28 June, 2021

US to add heart inflammation warning for

By: AFP-25 June, 2021

Sputnik V is safest among all Covid-19 v

By: ANI-25 June, 2021

Unraveling the origin of Alzheimer disea

By: Case Western Reserve University-25 June, 2021

Novel method to accurately, quickly dete

By: PTI-25 June, 2021

Mankind Pharma inks distribution pact wi

By: PTI-25 June, 2021

Delta variant now reported in 85 countri

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Delta variant of coronavirus more transm

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Signs of brain inflammation found in peo

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Pfizer in final stages of getting approv

By: ANI-24 June, 2021

India likely to have Covid vaccine for c

By: ANI-24 June, 2021

Pfizer in final stages of agreement to s

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

India’s Covid tally tops 3cr, last

By: Amit Bhattacharya, TNN-23 June, 2021

Delta variant ‘greatest threat&rsq

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

US announces to allocate 5.5 cr doses of

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

Authentication technology to prevent cou

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

JV partnership extended for 3 years by C

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

In Uttarakhand: Ayurvedic medical doctor

By: TNN-22 June, 2021

Record 69 lakh COVID vaccine doses admin

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

No scientific evidence of Covid vaccinat

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

Scale up health infra, speed up vaccinat

By: PTI-21 June, 2021

Delta variant ability to evade antibodie

By: Parth Shastri - TNN-21 June, 2021

As crowds swell, AIIMS chief warns of ea

By: Durgesh Nandan Jha - TNN-21 June, 2021

Study evaluates reason behind increased

By: ANI-21 June, 2021

Salt loading can help doctors use cheape

By: Umesh Isalkar - TNN-21 June, 2021

Blocking IL-11 signaling can promote liv

By: Duke-NUS Medical School-19 June, 2021

India should brace for third Covid-19 wa

By: Reuters-18 June, 2021

Delta variant on its way to becoming dom

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila likely to seek emergency us

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Top government officials, leaders from i

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V to be

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Bharat Biotech, WHO pre-submission meeti

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Novavax Covid-19 vaccine Covavax to laun

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna preferred 2nd dose after

By: Associated Press-18 June, 2021

Delta Plus variant of coronavirus found

By: PTI-18 June, 2021

UK trial finds Regeneron anti-viral ther

By: PTI-17 June, 2021

New discovery shows human cells can writ

By: Thomas Jefferson University-17 June, 2021

Sputnik V pilot in final leg: Scaled up

By: PTI-17 June, 2021

Antibody test post-vax not recommended:

By: Umesh Isalkar - TNN-17 June, 2021

India plans USD 6.8 billion program to b

By: Bloomberg-17 June, 2021

Centre to provide over 96,490 Covid vacc

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila gets USFDA tentative nod fo

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

Novavax: Large study finds COVID-19 shot

By: Associated Press-15 June, 2021

Single dose of COVID-19 vaccine sufficie

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

AstraZeneca shots should be halted for o

By: Reuters-14 June, 2021

India holds vaccination drive for people

By: Reuters-14 June, 2021

Astronomy meets pathology to identify pr

By: Johns Hopkins Medicine-14 June, 2021

Direct link between malnutrition and dis

By: PTI-14 June, 2021

G7 leaders discuss Wuhan lab leak theory

By: PTI-14 June, 2021

US denying emergency approval to Covaxin

By: PTI-12 June, 2021

No need to panic on need for immediate c

By: PTI-12 June, 2021

Suven Pharma inks non-exclusive licencin

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-12 June, 2021

Thailand books 20 million doses of Pfize

By: Reuters-12 June, 2021

Meril receives nod from ICMR for its ind

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Unplanned vaccination can promote mutant

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Mankind Pharma launches drug to treat bl

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Tatas to buy 51percent in 1MG for USD 2

By: Reeba Zachariah, TNN-11 June, 2021

Covid-19: Moderna seeks US authorization

By: AFP-11 June, 2021

Monoclonal antibody therapy improved par

By: PTI-10 June, 2021

Delta coronavirus variant believed to ha

By: Reuters-10 June, 2021

Govt issues guidelines on COVID in child

By: PTI-10 June, 2021

WTO members to discuss patent waiver for

By: TNN-10 June, 2021

Ocugen pays USD 15 mn upfront to Bharat

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines cut infection r

By: IANS-09 June, 2021

DRDO drug to cost 990/sachet

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-09 June, 2021

New Covid variant with more severity det

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

India strategic ally, needs US help in f

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

Centre to facilitate vaccine supply to s

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

40 lakh per year: US approves first new

By: Deena Beasley,Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters-08 June, 2021

40 lakh per year: US approves first new

By: Deena Beasley,Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters-08 June, 2021

High vaccination rates can help reduce r

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

Vaccination drive: Centre to provide fre

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

China authorises CoronaVac Covid-19 vacc

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

EMA highlights guidance not to use hepar

By: Reuters-08 June, 2021

US to donate 750K Covid vax doses to Tai

By: IANS-07 June, 2021

New study may help explain low oxygen le

By: University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry-07 June, 2021

Dr Reddys recalls 2,980 bottles of chole

By: PTI-07 June, 2021

AIIMS Delhi to start screening children

By: ANI-07 June, 2021

Serum Institute to make 3 types of Covid

By: FE Online-07 June, 2021

B.1.617 variant of SARS-CoV2 drove surge

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

US eager to involve Indian investigators

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

US removes DPA ratings on AstraZeneca, N

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

UK approves Pfizer/BioNTech Covid shot f

By: Reuters-05 June, 2021

Reliance submits proposal for potential

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

Anti-inflammatory drugs may cause weaker

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

India signs deal with domestic vaccine m

By: Reuters-04 June, 2021

Sputnik Light coronavirus vaccine shows

By: ANI-04 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila gets tentative USFDA nod to

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

H10N3 bird flu: So far, low risk of huma

By: Dominique Patton, Reuters-03 June, 2021

IIT MegaLab to manufacture, deliver indi

By: IANS-03 June, 2021

Sun Pharma, Ferring Pharmaceuticals ink

By: PTI-03 June, 2021

Eli Lilly India gets nod for emergency u

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

WHO approves 2nd Chinese vaccine for eme

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Israel claims likely link between Pfizer

By: Reuters-02 June, 2021

Government approves four firms under PLI

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Glenmark Pharma launches anti-epileptic

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Versatile coronavirus antibody may be st

By: Scripps Research Institute-01 June, 2021

AIIMS RDA urge Harsh Vardhan to implemen

By: PTI-01 June, 2021

Price capping waiver to exemption from b

By: PTI-01 June, 2021

Wait six weeks for surgery after Covid,

By: TNN-01 June, 2021

Indore-based Modern Laboratories to manu

By: ANI-01 June, 2021

Monoclonal antibody cocktail unlikely to

By: ANI-31 May, 2021

New tool activates deep brain neurons by

By: Washington University in St. Louis-31 May, 2021

Indian Immunologiclas to start drug subs

By: PTI-31 May, 2021

IIT Hyderabad develops oral amphotericin

By: Hemali Chhapia - TNN-31 May, 2021

Gujarat: Zydus Cadila now plans to test

By: Kalpesh Damor - TNN-31 May, 2021

Singapore has been supporting India in s

By: PTI-29 May, 2021

New twist in coronavirus origin saga: No

By: Associated Press-29 May, 2021

RT-PCR test: NEERI develops simple, fast

By: PTI-29 May, 2021

AstraZeneca drug Tagrisso gets EU nod fo

By: Reuters-29 May, 2021

DRDO anti-Covid drug priced at Rs 990 pe

By: ANI-29 May, 2021

Seeking a pill to cure Covid: drugmakers

By: AFP-28 May, 2021

No adverse effect if second dose of diff

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

Next covid wave may come in November, co

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

Govt, Pfizer working together for earlie

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

BDR Pharma launches the first generic RU

By: ETHealthWorld-28 May, 2021

Countries urge deeper probe of Covid ori

By: AFP-27 May, 2021

UK study finds long-term lung damage aft

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Our vaccine highly effective on COVID-19

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Govt looking into securing part of J&

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Moderna says its Covid-19 vaccine 100 pe

By: ANI-26 May, 2021

Process on to fix formula for MRP of oxy

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech expects EUA from WHO for

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Total Covid vaccine doses administered i

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Trials for 3rd booster dose of Covaxin a

By: TNN-26 May, 2021

Post COVID complication among children a

By: PTI-25 May, 2021

Black fungus: Experts to study possible

By: PTI-25 April 2021

Glenmark Pharma gets USFDA nod for Icati

By: PTI-25 May, 2021

India - Cadila to produce up to 30 milli

By: Reuters-25 May, 2021

India - Panacea Biotec begins producing

By: Reuters-25 May, 2021

Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine 80 per cent e

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

DDMA asks pharmacies to display availabl

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - developing new treatment opti

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

Covid-19: WHO provides over 340 MT of es

By: ANI-24 May, 2021

DRDO develops Covid-19 antibody detectio

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Record 20.61 lakh COVID tests done in a

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Ayurvedic medicine touted as miracle cur

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Pfizer-BioNTech pledge 2 billion doses o

By: Associated Press-22 May, 2021

Natco initiates phase-3 clinical trials

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

US civil rights leader to urge Joe Biden

By: PTI-21 May, 2021

New research optimizes body own immune s

By: University of Minnesota-21 May, 2021

Govt makes RAT key tool to track Covid i

By: Sushmi Dey - TNN-21 May, 2021

Gujarat declares mucormycosis an epidemi

By: TNN-21 May, 2021

Aerosols from Covid-19 infected person c

By: PTI-21 May, 2021

Booster effect even at six months, do no

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

BDR Pharma inks licensing pact with Eli

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

5.86 cr Covid vaccine doses to be provid

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

Black fungus cases rising in Delhi, doct

By: Saloni Bhatia,Gaurav Saini, PTI-20 May, 2021

Scientists slam WHO report, calls for fu

By: ANI-20 May, 2021

States given 6.1 lakh Remdesivir vials,

By: PTI-19 May, 2021

Rare COVID-19 response in children expla

By: Yale University-17 May, 2021

Will examine data of 2-DG drug for addin

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

WHO reminds Serum Institute of its COVAX

By: PTI-19 May, 2021

India - Biological E. to produce Johnson

By: Reuters-19 May, 2021

Miniscule bleeding, clotting events post

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

Very little of 25 percent vax quota for

By: Shankar Raghuraman - TNN-18 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech Karnataka facility will h

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

Proteins that predict future dementia, A

By: Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health-18 May, 2021

China says it will support India, SA pro

By: K J M Varma, PTI-18 May, 2021

Second batch of Russian COVID-19 vaccine

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Covaxin effectively neutralises all key

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-17 May, 2021

India COVID-19 active caseload decreases

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Hester in talks with Bharat Biotech for

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

First batch of DRDO anti-Covid drug to b

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Insufficient data to recommend widesprea

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

DRDO developed 2-DG drug could be game-c

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

Will antibody cocktail help, HC asks Cen

By: Abhinav Garg - TNN-15 May, 2021

Genetek Lifesciences to manufacture Amph

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

Variant first detected in India is forci

By: New York Times-15 May, 2021

Plateauing in daily new Covid cases, sli

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Megalab gets Rs 300-cr seed fund to deve

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Sputnik V could be available in India fr

By: ANI-14 May, 2021

216 cr vaccine doses to be available in

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Covid-19: Peak will come, virus can agai

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Uttarakhand to import

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Covid-19: India fastest nation globally

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Pharmaceutical market reports strong gro

By: ANI-13 May, 2021

Covaxin gets approval for phase II/III t

By: TNN-13 May, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Serum says will raise

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - inks licensing pact with Eli

By: PTI-12 May, 2021

BioNTech to build mRNA manufacturing sit

By: Reuters-12 May, 2021

WHO classifies triple-mutant Covid varia

By: Berkeley Lovelace Jr.-12 May, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR liberalises import of tes

By: FE Bureau-12 May, 2021

WHO warns of drug India recommends to fi

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-12 May, 2021

IP waiver will not lead to increased pro

By: PTI-11 May, 2021

Govt relaxes procurement norms for healt

By: PTI-11 May, 2021

WHO says virus strain in India a variant

By: AFP-11 May, 2021

Pfizer Covid shot expanded to US childre

By: AP-11 May, 2021

Novavax combined influenza/COVID-19 vacc

By: Reuters-11 May, 2021

Centre issues advisory on management of

By: PTI-10 May, 2021

Process for eliminating unneeded cells m

By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology-10 May, 2021

Tech transfers, supply of materials must

By: PTI-10 May, 2021

At Rs 700-Rs 1,500, price of Covid vacci

By: Rema Nagarajan - TNN-10 May, 2021

Foreign aid of 6,738 O2 concentrators, 1

By: TNN-10 May, 2021

WHO says rush to hospitals worsens India

By: Elizabeth Melimopoulos and Usaid Siddiqui-08 May, 2021

US govt doing everything it can to help

By: PTI-08 May, 2021

Covid-19: WHO approves emergency use of

By: ANI-08 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - may distribute Sputnik Light

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-08 May, 2021

India to buy medical oxygen from Gulf co

By: Sanjay Dutta - TNN-08 May, 2021

Covid third wave inevitable in India, sa

By: Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Delhi-07 May, 2021

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increas

By: Washington University School of Medicine-07 May, 2021

Coronavirus: Russia authorises single-do

By: Reuters-07 May, 2021

Department of Space has gone beyond its

By: PTI-07 May, 2021

Covid-19: Canada authorizes Pfizer vacci

By: Associated Press-06 May, 2021

Rational use of steroids for Covid must

By: TNN-06 May, 2021

Health Body Chief On Status Of Covid Var

By: PTI-06 May, 2021

SII to invest Rs 2,400 crore in Britain

By: NAOMI CANTON - TNN-04 May, 2021

India - biggest Serum Vaccine order cove

By: Bloomberg-04 May, 2021

UNICEF sent 3,000 oxygen concentrators t

By: PTI-04 May, 2021

Merck Pharma to sign licensing pacts wit

By: PTI-03 May, 2021

Covid-19: India gets first batch of 1.5

By: FE Bureau-03 May, 2021

Could not predict exact nature of corona

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Tech Mahindra, Reagene to file patent fo

By: PTI-03 May, 2021

ICMR: Covaxin found to be effective agai

By: TNN-03 May, 2021

India records over 66 lakh COVID cases i

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Antiviral drug Clevira repurposed for tr

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

UK finds 2 further strands of Indian var

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Anti-Covid drug Remdesivir to be strictl

By: Staff Writer-01 May, 2021

Novel smell test may help diagnose COVID

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech Covaxin found to neutrali

By: DNA WEB TEAM-30 April 2021

BioNTech expects Covid vaccine trial res

By: Reuters-30 April 2021

AYUSH-64 drug useful in treating mild to

By: PTI-30 April 2021

Global community rushes medical supplies

By: PTI-30 April 2021

Centre to direct states to utilise Rs 24

By: Surya Sarathi Ray-30 April 2021

One in four people experience mild syste

By: ANI-29 April 2021

Pfizer - at-home pill to cure Covid in t

By: NAOMI CANTON - TNN-29 April 2021

Covid testing is down by nearly 27 perce

By: TNN-29 April 2021

Serum Institute cuts vaccine price for s

By: PTI-29 April 2021

Covid-19: First consignments of medical

By: PTI-29 April 2021

Sanofi to produce Moderna coronavirus va

By: PTI-28 April 2021

India to receive first batch of Russia C

By: Reuters-28 April 2021

WHO to provide 4,000 oxygen concentrator

By: ANI-28 April 2021

Vital medical supplies reach India as CO

By: Reuters, Rupam Jain, Shilpa Jamkhandikar, Sanjeev Miglani-28 April 2021

Covishield, Covaxin effective against In

By: PTI-28 April 2021

Delayed RT-PCR reports triggering Covid

By: Vivek Singh Chauhan-27 April 2021

From Remdesivir to use of oxygen to vacc

By: SANCHITA DASH-27 April 2021

Oxycon: Amid Covid-19 second wave, IISER

By: FE Online-26 April 2021

Modi Govt asks Serum Institute, Bharat B

By: PTI-27 April 2021

Molnupiravir approval sought to target e

By: E Kumar Sharma-27 April 2021

Throat spray, oral drug for malaria-arth

By: Gurdip Singh, PTI-26 April 2021

Bharat Biotech seeks DCGI nod to extend

By: PTI-26 April 2021

COVID-19: Saudi Arabia to ship 80 metric

By: PTI-26 April 2021

UK to fly out ventilators, oxygen concen

By: PTI-25 April 2021

India must reduce mobility and mixing to

By: Reuters-24 April 2021

Centre installs DRDO-Tata Sons oxygen ge

By: PTI-24 April 2021

Zydus Cadila - Virafin gets emergency us

By: FE Online-24 April 2021

Double and triple mutants of coronavirus

By: PTI-24 April 2021

SARS-CoV genome sequencing to be ramped

By: FE Bureau-24 April 2021

Taking oxygen intermittently does not he

By: PTI-23 April 2021

Undruggable cancer protein becomes drugg

By: Purdue University-23 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Centre has not contrac

By: FE Bureau-23 April 2021

COVID-19: CSIR lab develops technology t

By: PTI-23 April 2021

Expert panel to review Meril price exemp

By: Teena Thacker-22 April 2021

Biological E may launch vaccine by Augus

By: Leroy Leo-22 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Covaxin shows 78 perce

By: FE Bureau-22 April 2021

As hospitals gasp for Oxygen amid Covid

By: PTI-22 April 2021

Multivitamins, omega-3, probiotics may c

By: PTI-21 April 2021

Sleeping six hours or less linked to hig

By: SARAH TOY, The Wall Street Journal-21 April 2021

COVID: Govt waives import duty on Remdes

By: PTI-21 April 2021

Vaccine ramp-up: Advance of Rs 4,500 cro

By: FE Bureau-21 April 2021

Govt aid will help vaccine production, s

By: FE Bureau-21 April 2021

IOC, BPCL supply oxygen to hospitals

By: Staff Writer-20 April 2021

New CRISPR technology offers unrivaled c

By: University of California - San Francisco-20 April 2021

COVID-19: White House refuses to comment

By: PTI-20 April 2021

Second wave sees rise in oxygen usage, R

By: FE Bureau-20 April 2021

Everyone above 18 can get Covid vaccine

By: FE Bureau-20 April 2021

COVID-19: Scientists identify human gene

By: Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute-19 April 2021

COVID-19: Recommendation of 3rd booster

By: Uzmi Athar, PTI-19 April 2021

Drugmakers slash prices of covid-19 drug

By: Leroy Leo-19 April 2021

Private sector to play vital role in COV

By: PTI-19 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Covaxin production to

By: PTI-19 April 2021

1,189 samples have tested Covid positive

By: PTI-17 April 2021

COVID-19: EU has not initiated discussio

By: Staff Writer-17 April 2021

Coronavirus: Delhi govt orders linking o

By: PTI-17 April 2021

Haffkine Biopharma gets nod to produce B

By: FE Bureau-17 April 2021

Zydus Cadila to double remdesivir produc

By: FE Bureau-17 April 2021

Foreign produced COVID-19 vaccines: Deci

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Covid-19: Delhi CM Kejriwal asks officia

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Scientists identify severe asthma specie

By: Lehigh University-16 April 2021

Virus variants inciting India 2nd surge,

By: Neha Arora,Shilpa Jamkhandikar, Reuters-16 April 2021

With unprecedented COVID surge, Delhi su

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Most differences in DNA binding compound

By: NIH/Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development-15 April 2021

Coronavirus: Remdesivir no life-saving d

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Russia says Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine d

By: AFP-15 April 2021

Serum - new Covid-19 vaccines yet to ge

By: Geeta Nair-15 April 2021

Covid-19: Tika Utsav does not do the tri

By: FE Bureau-15 April 2021

COVID-19 pandemic a long way from over,

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Dr Reddy to start supply of imported Spu

By: Leroy Leo( with inputs from PTI )-14 April 2021

Pfizer to pursue bringing Covid vaccine

By: Agencies-14 April 2021

Co-Win portal can handle vaccination for

By: FE Bureau-14 April 2021

RDIF expects 50 Mn doses a month of Sput

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Companies set to double Remdesivir outpu

By: Rupali Mukherjee-13 April 2021

Vaccinated people better protected again

By: PTI-13 April 2021

DCGI authorises Sputnik V vaccine

By: Leroy Leo-13 April 2021

Tweaked COVID vaccines in testing aim to

By: Associated Press-13 April 2021

Coronavirus Live Updates: Get ready for

By: FE Online-13 April 2021

China considering mixing different COVID

By: Agence France-Presse-12 April 2021

COVID-19 surge: Mutant strains, sluggish

By: PTI-12 April 2021

Govt prohibits exports of remdesivir til

By: PTI-12 April 2021

No fresh COVID-19 case reported in 149 d

By: PTI-10 April 2021

More sunlight linked with lower COVID-19

By: PTI-10 April 2021

As Covid cases rise, Zydus to scale up R

By: FE Bureau-10 April 2021

Single-shot COVID-19 vaccine trial likel

By: Staff Writer-10 April 2021

Autism gene study finds widespread impac

By: PTI-9 April 2021

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: Philippines t

By: PTI-9 April 2021

European calculations suggest very small

By: PTI-9 April 2021

Serum Institute of India refunds South A

By: PTI-9 April 2021

Indonesia turns to China for more vaccin

By: Reuters-9 April 2021

Karnataka working to develop health infr

By: PTI-8 April 2021

How brain cells repair their DNA reveals

By: Salk Institute-8 April 2021

New method expands the world of small RN

By: University of California - Riverside-8 April 2021

Rare blood clot risk: UK agency says und

By: Associated Press-08 April 2021

Vaccination at workplace allowed from Ap

By: FE Bureau-08 April 2021

Zydus Cadila seeks DCGI nod for use of h

By: PTI-06 April 2021

Covid in Maharashtra: New strains might

By: FE Online-06 April 2021

Coronavirus India Live News: India repor

By: FE Online-06 April 2021

Sputnik V vaccine: Russia says Panacea B

By: Staff Writer-06 April 2021

Understanding itch: New insights at the

By: Brigham and Women Hospital-5 April 2021

Why some cancer drugs may be ineffective

By: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston-05 April 2021

L452R mutant of coronavirus causing conc

By: PTI-05 April 2021

Over 34,000 vaccine doses administered i

By: PTI-05 April 2021

COVID-19 second wave in India may peak b

By: PTI-03 April 2021

Dutch govt temporarily halt AstraZeneca

By: PTI-03 April 2021

3rd phase of Covid 19 vaccination: Over

By: PTI-03 April 2021

Covid-19 waves will recur, treatment opt

By: FE Bureau-03 April 2021

New lung cancer screening recommendation

By: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center-01 April 2021

220 ICU beds to be added in 33 private h

By: PTI-01 April 2021

Those discharged from hospital after Cov

By: ANI-01 April 2021

Vaccine Maitri: Fiji receives 100,000 do

By: Huma Siddiqui-01 April 2021

Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine protect

By: Associated Press-01 April 2021

COVID-19 situation under control in Indi

By: Staff Writer-31 March, 2021

Over 6.24 crore coronavirus vaccine dose

By: PTI-31 March, 2021

Healthcare sector expected to reach USD

By: PTI-31 March, 2021

Covid-19: Maharashtra reports countrys h

By: FE Bureau-31 March, 2021

Coronavirus in India Live Updates: India

By: FE Online-31 March, 2021

AI used in battle against asbestos-linke

By: University of Leicester-30 March, 2021

Coronavirus variants from Brazil, South

By: PTI-30 March, 2021

WHO report says animals likely source of

By: Associated Press-30 March, 2021

Bharat Biotech ropes in its related firm

By: FE Online-30 March, 2021

3D bio-printing technique to benefit dia

By: ANI-30 March, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine shows 76% efficacy

By: Leroy Leo-27 March, 2021

Combination of AI with X-rays offer fast

By: ANI-27 March, 2021

Govt planning to bring more population g

By: PTI-27 March, 2021

Is Covid-19 second wave in India due to

By: FE Online-27 March, 2021

Trial for second SII Covid vaccine begin

By: FE Bureau-27 March, 2021

Covid-19: Delhi reports 1,254 new cases,

By: PTI-25 March, 2021

India detects a new variant of Covid-19:

By: Staff Writer-25 March, 2021

Haryana to eradicate TB from state by 20

By: Staff Writer-25 March, 2021

Covid-19: Rate of increase in coronaviru

By: PTI-25 March, 2021

India wont expand export of corona vacci

By: PTI-25 March, 2021


By: THE NEW YORK TIMES-24 March, 2021

IISER, UNMC scientists explore Rapamycin

By: Press Trust Of India-24 March, 2021

China Sinovac claims its covid vaccine C

By: AP-24 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: SII seeks Govt

By: PTI-24 March, 2021

Covid-19 second wave - Delhi reports ove

By: PTI-24 March, 2021

Nasal spray to fight covid: Two countrie

By: Agencies-23 March, 2021

Over 4.72 crore coronavirus vaccine dose

By: PTI-23 March, 2021

Global coronavirus deaths rise for first

By: Associated Press-23 March, 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 Live Updates:

By: FE Online-23 March, 2021

Novel coronavirus circulated undetected

By: University of California - San Diego-22 March, 2021

Serum Institute to delay further vaccine

By: Krishna N. Das,Euan Rocha, Reuters-22 March, 2021

Faster spread of some Covid variants cou

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination timings for unregis

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

6 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses sent to 7

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

First known case of an infant with antib

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Ultrasound has potential to damage novel

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Less than 10 lakh children with Severe A

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Over 3.89 cr COVID-19 vaccine doses admi

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Plea on Covid vaccination: SC stays suo

By: FE Bureau-19 March, 2021

Non-DNA mechanism is involved in transmi

By: McGill University-18 March, 2021

Covid may become seasonal, UN says

By: AFP-18 March, 2021

WHO vaccine expert calls blood clots ver

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

Cumulative number of COVID vaccine doses

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

Centre says COVID vaccine wastage in Ind

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine: EU regulator firmly

By: Reuters-17 March, 2021

Certain HIV Meds May Trigger Weight Gain

By: Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter-17 March, 2021

Govt places new purchase order with SII

By: PTI-17 March, 2021

Maharashtra at beginning of second COVID

By: PTI-17 March, 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 Live News: Sec

By: FE Online-17 March, 2021

Belly fat resistant to every-other-day f

By: Associated Press-16 March, 2021

Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) &ndas

By: Dr Kapil Sharma-16 March, 2021

Better covid vaccines are coming, WHO&rs

By: Jason Gale, Bloomberg-16 March, 2021

PM Modi to interact with chief ministers

By: PTI-16 March, 2021

Major European nations suspend use of As

By: Associated Press-16 March, 2021

Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by g

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-15 March, 2021

New tool to dissect undruggable proteins

By: Harvard University-15 March, 2021

Covishield side-effects: India to review

By: Staff Writer-15 March, 2021

India treading on vaccine diplomacy 58 m

By: FE Online-15 March, 2021

Ireland suspends AstraZeneca vaccine ami

By: Associated Press-15 March, 2021

New discovery explains antihypertensive

By: University of California - Irvine-13 March, 2021

New lung cancer screening recommendation

By: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center-13 March, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines may greatly red

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

Current situation right time for Ayurved

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

US to provide financial assistance to In

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

Arthritis drug Tocilizumab may improve s

By: Tech2 News Staff-12 March, 2021

First AI system for contactless monitori

By: University of Washington-12 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine in India update: Covaxi

By: PTI-12 March, 2021

Acceleration in delivering COVID-19 vacc

By: PTI-12 March, 2021

UN chief Antonio Guterres blasts vaccine

By: Associated Press-12 March, 2021

Spike in Covid-19 cases may be related t

By: ANI-10 March, 2021

Britain approves worlds most expensive d

By: Staff Writer-10 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: Precisa Medicam

By: FE Online-10 March, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: 81.59 lakh healthca

By: PTI-10 March, 2021

India records 17,921 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-10 March, 2021

Delhi Budget could make provision for fr

By: FE Online-09 March, 2021

Study of coronavirus variants predicts v

By: Columbia University Irving Medical Center-09 March, 2021

New CAR T-Cell therapy extends remission

By: UT Southwestern Medical Center-09 March, 2021

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine neutral

By: Reuters-09 March, 2021

IMF’s Gita Gopinath praises India

By: PTI-09 March, 2021

COVID-19: India records 18,599 new cases

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

Coronavirus nearing endemic phase in Del

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine rollout India’s g

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

People who have undergone sinus surgery

By: ANI-08 March, 2021

Accelerating gains in abdominal fat duri

By: University of Pittsburgh-06 March, 2021

US export curbs can limit COVID-19 vacci

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

World no closer to answer on Covid origi

By: Reuters-06 March, 2021

HC asks Delhi govt to comply with order

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

Nearly 14 lakh inoculated against COVID-

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

IIT Guwahati researchers design AI-based

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Doses of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine pi

By: Stacy Meichtry,Bojan Pancevski, The Wall Street Journal-05 March, 2021

India grappling with shortage of ENT spe

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-05 March, 2021

COVID-19: India records 16,838 fresh cas

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Indian scientists reveal new mutations,

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Researchers identify cause and potential

By: ANI-04 March, 2021

Clinical trials underway to test jab eff

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-04 March, 2021

As second phase of vaccination gains mom

By: FE Online-04 March, 2021

Covid-19 inoculation drive India update:

By: PTI-04 March, 2021

1 in 4 people in the world will have som

By: PTI-04 March, 2021

Gut health and mood genetically entwined

By: University of Queensland-03 March, 2021

Mutant gene-targeted immunotherapy appro

By: Johns Hopkins Medicine-03 March, 2021

Indias manufacturing base is playing a c

By: Huma Siddiqui-03 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination drive India update:

By: FE Online-03 March, 2021

Covid-19: Vaccine manufacturers to meet

By: Prasanta Sahu-03 March, 2021

2nd phase of COVID vaccination drive beg

By: PTI-02 March 2021

Unrealistic and premature to think Covid

By: Associated Press-02 March, 2021

Over 10 lakh citizens registered themsel

By: PTI-02 March, 2021

Bharat Biotech hails PM for taking COVID

By: PTI-02 March, 2021

Chinese hackers target Indian vaccine ma

By: Krishna N. Das-02 March, 2021

Harnessing the power of proteins in our

By: University of Nevada, Las Vegas-01, March 2021

Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds May Help Fight

By: Steven Reinberg-01 March 2021

J & J COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Backing of F

By: Kerry Dooley Young-01 March, 2021

PM Modi takes Covaxin shot at AIIMS as p

By: FE Online-01 March, 2021

India COVID-19 cases surpass 1.11 crore,

By: PTI-01 March, 2021

Study finds vitamin B6 may help keep Cov

By: ANI-27 Feb, 2021

Scientists repair injured spinal cord us

By: Yale University-27 Feb, 2021

US advisers endorse single-shot COVID-19

By: Associated Press-27 Feb, 2021

Hope other countries follow your example

By: PTI-27 Feb, 2021

National Medical Commission will bring g

By: PTI-27 Feb, 2021

India dispatches first batch of six lakh

By: PTI-25 Feb, 2021

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine works well in bi

By: Associated Press-25 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 Variants: EU to launch an incub


Covid Zero A Fantasy, Acceptable Risk A

By: David Leonhardt, THE NEW YORK TIMES-25 Feb, 2021

India warns of worsening COVID-19 situat

By: Krishna N. Das, Neha Arora-25 Feb, 2021

Bharat Biotech to provide efficacy data

By: FE Online-24 Feb, 2021

MTaI urges govt. to include med device w

By: EH News Bureau-24 Feb, 2021

Scientists identify more than 140,000 vi

By: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute-24 Feb, 2021

COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 mutant strains &nda

By: PTI-24 Feb, 2021

Covid surge in Maharashtra and Kerala: R

By: FE Bureau-24 Feb, 2021

Government integrates non-alcoholic fatt

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-23 Feb, 2021

WHO inks pact with ESIS for no-fault com

By: Leroy Leo-23 Feb, 2021

Kochi firm PNB Vesper Life completes pha

By: PTI-23 Feb, 2021

Worlds Pharmacy India! Bolivia airlifts

By: Huma Siddiqui-13 Feb, 2021

India home to 7,000 coronavirus mutation

By: PTI-23 Feb, 2021

Breathing a new life: India should try b

By: Ashok Patel-22 Feb, 2021

Need to increase pace of COVID-19 vaccin

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Herd immunity difficult to achieve: AIIM

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Covishield: Asked to prioritise for Indi

By: FE Bureau-22 Feb, 2021

Upsurge in daily new COVID-19 cases in K

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine trial f

By: Tech2 News Staff-20 Feb, 2021

WHO asks countries to expedite genomic s

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-20 Feb, 2021

Novavax to provide 1.1 billion COVID-19

By: Staff Writer-20 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in Delhi: 158 new cases, one de

By: PTI-20 Feb, 2021

From February 5-18, COVID positivity rat

By: PTI-20 Feb, 2021

Mutation in spike protein makes coronavi

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

Two new COVID-19 mutations found in samp

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

India to gift 2,00,000 doses of coronavi

By: ANI-19 Feb, 2021

WHO says more than 11,000 Ebola vaccines

By: Associated Press-19 Feb, 2021

India stands on threshold of vaccinating

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

Prediabetes May Harm Your Brain

By: Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt-18 Feb, 2021

Autopsies May Explain Brain Fog From COV

By: Alan Mozes-18 Feb, 2021

Gene variant inherited from Neanderthals

By: PTI-18 Feb, 2021

90 lakh COVID-19 vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-18 Feb, 2021

When will Covid 19 vaccine become availa

By: Debjit Sinha-18 Feb, 2021

Only 0.0004% required hospitalisation ag

By: Staff Writer-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR testing efficacy of vacci

By: Livemint-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR testing efficacy of vacci

By: FE Bureau-17 Feb, 2021

Govt confirms presence of South African,

By: FE Online-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: SII to supply 20 milli

By: Geeta Nair-17 Feb, 2021

Prediabetes may be linked to worse brain

By: University College London-16 Feb, 2021

Commuters are inhaling unacceptably high

By: University of California - Riverside-16 Feb, 2021

Serum will fly out Covishield to Canada

By: PTI-16 Feb, 2021

WHO authorises AstraZeneca’s COVID

By: Associated Press-16 Feb, 2021

AYUSH Ministry, WHO SEARO ink agreement

By: PTI-16 Feb, 2021

Gamechanger drug for treating obesity cu

By: University College London-15 Feb, 2021

How a single gene alteration may have se

By: University of California - San Diego-15 Feb, 2021

Two suspected Ebola cases in Guinea capi

By: Staff Writer-15 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: Virus may never go away but co

By: Associated Press-15 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: India’s daily case count

By: Ishaan Gera-15 Feb, 2021

Indias Biological E aims to produce 60 c

By: Staff Writer-13 Feb, 2021

Panacea Biotec RDIF in advanced talks to

By: Leroy Leo-13 Feb, 2021

Covid virus could have come through froz

By: Agencies-13 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: Japan expected

By: Associated Press-13 Feb, 2021

Covishield vaccine being procured by gov

By: PTI-13 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Over 73.30 lakh health

By: PTI-12 Feb, 2021

Vaccine Maitri Diplomacy: India gives su

By: Huma Siddiqui-12 Feb, 2021

Britain’s Kent coronavirus variant

By: Reuters-12 Feb, 2021

Biden says there will not be enough COVI

By: Reuters Staff-12 Feb, 2021

Fully vaccinated people will no longer b

By: Reuters-12 Feb, 2021

Wockhardt COVID-19 vaccines supply deal

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Two masks, snug fit reduces COVID-19 spr

By: Manas Mishra-11 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in India: Less than 5,000 activ

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus treatment: Israeli scientist


Covid-19 vaccine India: 68.26 lakh healt

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Govt places orders for 1.45 cr doses of

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

Overall COVID-19 seropositivity among he

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

WHO wraps up politically-sensitive China

By: Agence France-Presse-10 Feb, 2021



Expert panel to submit report soon on pr

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

India achieves 60 lakh COVID-19 vaccinat

By: PTI-09 Feb, 2021

Why Oxford Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine

By: FE Online-09 Feb, 2021

Brain changed by caffeine in utero

By: University of Rochester Medical Center-09 Feb, 2021

India records 11,831 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-09 Feb, 2021

More than 58 lakh healthcare, frontline

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine being tweaked to fig

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

AI tools can predict mortality from Covi

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-08 Feb, 2021

Climate change may have driven the emerg

By: University of Cambridge-08 Feb, 2021

COVID-19: India now 3rd topmost country

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

Fungi in the gut prime immunity against

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-06 Feb, 2021

Scientists decode how coronavirus mutate

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in Delhi: 154 fresh cases, two

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

No permission given for use of vaccine a

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

Pfizer drops India vaccine application a

By: Krishna N. Das-06 Feb, 2021

Fecal microbiota transplants help patien

By: NIH/National Cancer Institute-05 Feb, 2021

Changing diets -- not less physical acti

By: Baylor University-05 Feb, 2021

India’s COVID positivity rate dips

By: PTI-05 Feb, 2021

India sent 56 lakh COVID-19 vaccine dose

By: PTI-05 Feb, 2021

Sero survey: A fifth of Indians infected

By: Ishaan Gera-05 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus vaccination drive: 7,365 peo

By: PTI-04 Feb, 2021

India fastest country to reach 4 million

By: PTI-04 Feb, 2021

WHO-led COVAX vaccine scheme agrees new

By: Stephanie Nebehay, Kate Kelland-04 Feb, 2021

Russia Sputnik V vaccine to seek India a

By: Krishna N. Das-04 Feb, 2021

New TB treatment to cut pill intake by t

By: AFP-04 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus vaccination India update: Ov

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine India update: PM-CARES

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

Fifth Sero Survey: More than 56% people

By: FE Online-03 Feb, 2021

Hematopoietic stem cell transplants may

By: American Academy of Neurology-03 Feb, 2021

No data generated with Covishield, Covax

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

CRISPR technology to cure sickle cell di

By: University of Illinois at Chicago-02 Feb, 2021

Gastrointestinal surgery can be a cure f

By: Kings College London-02 Feb, 2021

Obesity may exacerbate effects of Alzhei

By: PTI-02 Feb, 2021

UK Covid-19 variant present in 82 countr

By: ANI-02 Feb, 2021

Union Budget 2021: PM Atmanirbhar Swasth

By: FE Online-02 Feb, 2021

Here is how the novel coronavirus damage

By: PTI-01 Feb, 2021

New maintenance treatment for acute myel

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-01 Feb, 2021

China says 16 Chinese COVID-19 vaccines

By: K J M Varma-01 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: Serum Institute of India to la

By: Geeta Nair-01 Feb, 2021

India fought COVID-19 pandemic much bett

By: PTI-01 Feb, 2021

Messe Frankfurt India ties up with AMTZ

By: EH News Bureau-30 Jan, 2021

J&J vaccine adds to COVID-19 arm

By: Reuters-30 Jan, 2021

Vaccine Maitri Diplomacy: India fulfils

By: Huma Siddiqui-30 Jan, 2021

Dr Reddys eyes to launch Sputnik V vacci

By: PTI-30 Jan, 2021

Serum seeks regulatory nod for second Co

By: Geeta Nair-30 Jan, 2021

Bahrain takes delivery of AstraZeneca va

By: Reuters-29 Jan, 2021

Davos address: Many more Covid-19 vaccin

By: FE Bureau-29 Jan, 2021

Bharat Biotech, SII approach DCGI for us

By: PTI-29 Jan, 2021

Novavax vaccine seems effective against

By: Associated Press-29 Jan, 2021

Dr. Reddy - India ends study of COVID-19

By: Reuters-28 Jan, 2021

Research Story Tip: Obesity Weakens Hear

By: Newsroom-28 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccine update: Bharat Biotech

By: FE Online-28 Jan, 2021

GSK, PATH, Bharat Biotech sign pact for

By: PTI-28 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination in India: Over 23 l

By: PTI-28 Jan, 2021

World on verge of defeating Covid-19 pan

By: Staff Writer-27 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination in India: Over 20 l

By: PTI-27 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India active cases drop below

By: PTI-27 Jan, 2021

WHO issues new clinical advice on treati

By: Reuters-27 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia to get three mil

By: Reuters-27 Jan, 2021

Research Story Tip: Artificial Enzyme Ma

By: Newsroom-25 Jan, 2021

Tata in talks to launch Moderna COVID-19

By: Reuters-25 Jan, 2021

Immune system of recovered COVID-19 pati

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

Vaccinated people may still transmit COV

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination in India till now:

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

Immune system mounts a lasting defense a

By: Rockefeller University-23 Jan, 2021

Bird flu in India: Avian Influenza confi

By: Meghna Sen-23 Jan, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine: Bharat Biotech success

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

India undertaking contractual supplies

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

Over 12.7 lakh healthcare workers rece

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

South African coronavirus variant may es

By: PTI-22 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccine in India: Zydus Cadila

By: FE Online-22 Jan, 2021

Bird flu: FSSAI advises consumers not to

By: PTI-22 Jan, 2021

South Africa to pay $5.25 a dose for Ast

By: Reuters-22 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: India to begin commercial vac

By: Reuters-22 Jan, 2021

Ukraine in talks with India on COVID-19

By: Reuters-21 Jan, 2021

India Bharat Biotech seeks emergency use

By: Reuters-21 Jan, 2021

Nasal COVID-19 vaccine will be easy to g

By: PTI-21 Jan, 2021

Bird flue: Over 1,200 bird deaths report

By: PTI-21 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccination in India LIVE: 7.86

By: FE Online-21 Jan, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: Cambodia joins the

By: FE Online-20 Jan, 2021

‘Once COVID-19 vaccine vial opened

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

Bird flu in India update: Avian Influenz

By: FE Online-20 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: Of those vaccinated, 0.18 pc w

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 10,064 new cases

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

New evidence of health threat from chemi

By: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-19 Jan, 2021

India, China set to lead vaccine distrib

By: PTI-19 Jan, 2021

WHO hints at signs of "vaccine nationali

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-19 Jan, 2021

Total COVID-19 recoveries nearly 50 time

By: PTI-19 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccination in India LIVE: Worl

By: FE Online-19 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Update: Brazil health a

By: Associated Press-18 Jan, 2021

Study identifies exposure to common food

By: American Cancer Society-18 Jan, 2021

Bird Flu in India Latest Updates: Confir

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

Smokers, vegetarians at lesser risk of c

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

2,24,301 beneficiaries given COVID-19 va

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

Russian algorithm claims to detect signs

By: Huma Siddiqui-16 Jan, 2021

Nepal approves AstraZeneca COVID-19 vacc

By: Gopal Sharma, Alasdair Pal-16 Jan, 2021

PM launches India's vaccination drive ag

By: PTI-16 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 induced Pneumonia can cause mor

By: FE Online-15 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination in India: PMO revea

By: FE Online-15 Jan, 2021

Serum Institute expects WHO emergency ap

By: Reuters-15 Jan, 2021

National Polio immunisation programme re

By: PTI-15 Jan, 2021

Depression, stress can lower efficacy of

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-15 Jan, 2021

All states have got vaccines for the fir

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-14 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: India wants Pfizer to do loca

By: Reuters-14 Jan, 2021

Bolivia signs contract with India Serum

By: Reuters-14 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 16,946 new cas

By: PTI-14 Jan, 2021

Delays in Genetic Sequencing Slow COVID

By: Ralph Ellis-03 Jan, 2021

India delivers Covid-19 shots to prepare

By: Reuters-03 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 pneumonia causes more damage th

By: ANI-03 Jan, 2021

Covid-19: An FAQ factsheet for Covishiel

By: ANI-03 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 15,968 new cases

By: PTI-03 Jan, 2021

India's Serum to sell AstraZeneca vacc

By: Mint-12 Jan 2021

Enemy is down but not out, cautions CCMB

By: Financial Express-12 Jan 2021

Russia says 1.5 million vaccinated globa

By: Mint-12 Jan 2021

BeiGene, Novartis partner to develop can

By: Reuters-12 Jan 2021

India gears up for worlds biggest vaccin

By: Reuters-12 Jan 2021

Parliamentary panel on health likely t

By: Mint-11 Jan 2021

Protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2

By: Science Daily-09 Jan 2021

WHO tells rich countries: stop cutting

By: Reutes-09 Jan 2021

PM Modi stated India’s Covid-19

By: Financial Express-09 Jan 2021

China to provide COVID-19 vaccines fre

By: Financial Express-09 Jan 2021

Bird Flu scare in Delhi as unusual mor

By: Mint-09 Jan 2021

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel says vacci

By: Financial Express-08 Jan 2021

National Family Health Survey V: The N

By: Financial Express-08 Jan 2021

Brazilian study says Sinovac COVID-19

By: Mint-08 Jan 2021

South Africa to get 1.5 million vaccin

By: Mint-08 Jan 2021

Bird flu outbreak in four states, Centre

By: Express Web Desk-07 Jan 2021

Delhi COVID-19 vaccination: Vaccine expe

By: PTI-07 Jan 2021

Covid-19 in India: Big positive trends

By: PTI-07 Jan 2021

Russia says Bolivia has registered Sputn

By: Reuters-07 Jan 2021

CureVac strikes COVID-19 vaccine allianc

By: Reuters-07 Jan 2021

New class of antibiotics active against

By: The Wistar Institute-06 Jan, 2021

WHO recommends two doses of Pfizer COVID

By: Reuters-06 Jan, 2021

Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech call

By: Leroy Leo-06 Jan, 2021

Vaccine restricted use considered based

By: PTI-06 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records lowest daily cas

By: PTI-06 Jan 2021

Coronavirus vaccine to cost Rs 219-292 t

By: PTI-05 Jan, 2021

Inovio expects to begin late-stage COVID

By: Reuters-05 Jan, 2021

EU drugs agency still undecided on Moder

By: Reuters-05 Jan, 2021

Pediatric use of COVID-19 antibody drugs

By: Nancy Lapid-05 Jan, 2021

India records 16,504 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-05 Jan, 2021

Brazil private clinics seek deal for Ind

By: AFP-04 Jan, 2021

Pivotal moment as Britain set to roll ou

By: Reuters-04 Jan, 2021

India approves AstraZeneca and local COV

By: Reuters-04 Jan, 2021

A great milestone in India scientific ca

By: PTI-04 Jan, 2021

India records less than 20,000 fresh COV

By: PTI-04 Jan, 2021

Different efficacy data for Chinese COVI

By: Reuters-02 Jan, 2021

How IIT-Bombay professors studied coughs

By: PTI-02 Jan, 2021

India drug regulator approves AstraZenec

By: Reuters-02 Jan, 2021

New COVID-19 strain: Total 29 people in

By: PTI-02 Jan, 2021

Exclusive- Drugmakers to hike prices for

By: Reuters-01 Jan, 2021

WHO emergency COVID-19 vaccine listing a

By: Reuters-01 Jan, 2021

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shows 94 per ce

By: PTI-01 Jan, 2021

Budget 2021: Ayurvedic medication makes

By: Raghwendra Shukla-01 Jan, 2021

India braces for COVID-19 vaccination dr

By: FE Online-01 Jan, 2021

Study reveals single gene ‘invente

By: ANI-31 Dec, 2020

Study sheds light on explanation for lac

By: ANI-31 Dec, 2020

China gives conditional approval to

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

India will have Covid-19 vaccine withi

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

COVID: India registers 21,822 new case

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

New Covid-19 strain in India: 20 returne

By: FE Online-30 Dec, 2020

Health group CEPI to help fund Indian dr

By: Reuters-30 Dec, 2020

Non-judicious use of therapies leads to

By: Leroy Leo-30 Dec, 2020

Regeneron COVID-19 antibody therapy show

By: Reuters-30 Dec, 2020

COVID-19: India records 20,549 fresh cas

By: PTI-30 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 vaccination mock drill in fou

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

Serum Institute of India to make 300 m

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

Efficacy of Oxford jabs at 95% if give

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

UK variant linked to high viral loads,

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

MHA issues fresh COVID-19 guidelines,

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

The beginning of the end: Europe rolls o

By: Reuters-28 Dec, 2020

Co-Rakshak App- Now a safety training ap

By: FE Bureau-28 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 - Over 20,000 new infections re

By: PTI-28 Dec, 2020

National Task Force recommends enhanced

By: Press Information Bureau-28 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca vaccine gives 100% protectio

By: AFP-28 Dec, 2020

Antibodies target different part of co

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

Researchers identify potential new class

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

India, get ready for Covid vaccines! M

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

CoronaVac efficacy at 50-90% in Brazilia

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

New strain of coronavirus detected in 8

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

Aurobindo Pharma signs pact with Covaxx

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Chinese Sinovac covid vaccine more tha

By: Newsfeed-25 Dec 2020

Mutated Covid-19 strain’s transm

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Zydus Cadila seeks nod to start phase II

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Indian Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin has draw

By: Newsfeed-25 Dec 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination- BioNTech confident

By: Reuters-24 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 immunity lasts at least 8 month

By: PTI-24 Dec, 2020

First indigenous vaccine against pneumon

By: PTI-24 Dec, 2020

Covaxin found to be safe, effective in p

By: Leroy Leo-24 Dec, 2020

Moderna expects its COVID-19 vaccine to

By: Reuters-24 Dec, 2020

Russia will jointly produce Sputnik V va

By: PTI-23 Dec, 2020

New Covid-19 strain not detected in samp

By: ANI-23 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca says its vaccine should be e

By: Reuters-23 Dec, 2020

Supernus drug meets main goal of study i

By: Reuters-23 Dec, 2020

Scientists say UK strain unlikely to aff

By: PTI-23 Dec, 2020

Rare fungal infection with mortality rat

By: DNA webdesk-22 Dec, 2020

Optogenetic method can reveal how gut mi

By: Baylor College of Medicine-22 Dec, 2020

Coronavirus: EU regulator gives conditio

By: Associated Press-22 Dec, 2020

Oxygen level while walking identifies at

By: Reuters-22 Dec, 2020

India records lowest daily coronavirus t

By: Reuters-22 Dec, 2020

Italy has patient with new strain of vir

By: Reuters-21 Dec, 2020

Researchers find how Covid-19 infection

By: ANI-21 Dec, 2020

Qatar approves Pfizer and BioNTech COVID

By: Reuters-21 Dec, 2020

Govt must indemnify vaccine makers again

By: PTI-21 Dec, 2020

Cipla launches rapid antigen detection

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

Researchers develop rapid genomics strat

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

As temperatures drop, coronavirus part

By: Press Release-19 Dec 2020

Covid-19 vaccine delivery to poor coun

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

India says ready to soon start volunta

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

Covid-19 vaccinations in European Union

By: AFP-18 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 virus enters the brain, researc

By: University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine-18 Dec, 2020

Covid recovery rate in India among highe

By: PTI-18 Dec, 2020

Babies born to COVID-19 mothers have ant

By: Reuters-18 Dec, 2020

With 22,890 fresh cases, India COVID-19

By: PTI-18 dec, 2020

AEFI reporting to be done through Co-WIN

By: Press Information Bureau-17 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines: India proposed WTO pa

By: Bloomberg-17 Dec, 2020

Covid19- Pfizer to price vaccine at litt

By: Leroy Leo-17 Dec, 2020

India may need to spend $1.8 billion on

By: Reuters-17 Dec, 2020

Novavax enters deal with New Zealand for

By: Reuters-17 Dec, 2020

Obesity impairs immune cell function, ac

By: Harvard Medical School-16 Dec, 2020

High BP in Middle Age Can Harm Your Brai

By: Alan Mozes-16 Dec, 2020

WHO to sift Chinese samples, data in hun

By: AP News-16 Dec, 2020

EU planning to buy 180 million additiona

By: Reuters-16 Dec, 2020

New coronavirus strain spreading in UK h

By: Reuters-16 Dec, 2020

COVID Tied to Rare But Severe Eye Infect

By: Steven Reinberg-15 Dec, 2020

Russia repeats 91.4% efficacy rate in ne

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

Immune system can cause broad damage in

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

WHO says authorities investigating new C

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 Daily new infections dip below

By: PTI-15 Dec, 2020

How kids immune systems can evade COVID

By: Bianca Nogrady-14 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 complications include kidney, l

By: Staff Writer-14 Dec, 2020

Health centre water crisis increasing Co

By: AFP-14 Dec, 2020

Bahrain approves registration for Sinoph

By: Reuters-14 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 98.5

By: PTI-14 Dec, 2020

Better diabetes treatment: New insulin

By: University of Copenhagen-12 DEc 2020

Indian scientists identify new potential

By: PTI-12 DEC 2020

India readies for 600 million COVID va

By: Reuters-12 Dec 2020

U.S. FDA authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 vacc

By: Reuters-12 Dec 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload rises to 97.

By: PTI-12 Dec 2020

IMA to strike across the nation today

By: TOI-11 Dec 2020

WTO delays decision on waiver on COVID

By: Reuters-11 Dec 2020

Evolution may be to blame for high risk

By: University of California - San Diego-11 Dec 2020

Indian scientists identify new potenti

By: PTI-11 Dec 2020

Not without India. Pharma sector to play

By: Abhirup Roy , Euan Rocha , Krishna N. Das , Reuters-11 Dec 2020

Researchers develop rapid genomics strat

By: Garvan Institute of Medical Research-10 Dec, 2020

CDSCO expert panel seeks more data on co

By: PTI-10 Dec, 2020

Covaxin to be available in the first qua

By: ANI-10 Dec, 2020

UK medicine regulator says people with a

By: Reuters-10 Dec, 2020

India COVID-19 caseload rises to 97.35 l

By: PTI-10 Dec, 2020

Co-WIN Health Ministry develops mobile a

By: PTI-09 Dec, 2020

Novel form of Alzheimer protein found in

By: Washington University School of Medicine-09 Dec, 2020

FDA Pfizer COVID Vaccine Effective After

By: Healthday News-09 Dec, 2020

Detecting Covid19 in less than 5 minutes

By: ANI-09 Dec, 2020

COVID19 Active caseload falls below 4 la

By: PTI-09 Dec, 2020

CRISPR-edited CAR T cells enhance fight

By: University of Pennsylvania-08 Dec, 2020

Some Covid-19 patients face skin problem

By: ANI-08 Dec, 2020

WHO against mandatory Covid-19 vaccines

By: AFP-08 Dec, 2020

Serum likely to supply COVID-19 vaccine

By: Reuters-08 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 Active caseload falls below 4 l

By: PTI-08 Dec, 2020

Sinovac secures $515 million funding to

By: Reuters-07 Dec, 2020

New CDC Quarantine Recommendations for C

By: Healthline-07 Dec, 2020

Midwives May Help Save the Lives of Mill

By: Healthline-07 Dec, 2020

1 Dead, 292 Fall Sick In Andhra Pradesh

By: PTI-07 Dec, 2020

Sputnik V Russia rolls out its COVID-19

By: Euronews-07 Dec, 2020

Researchers determine how the SARS-CoV-2

By: Boston University School of Medicine-05 Dec, 2020

Zydus Cadila gets DGCI nod for phase 3 c

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

COVID-19: 36,652 new cases take India&

By: Press Release-05 Dec 2020

Kidney ailment leading risk factor for c

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

India biggest buyer of covid-19 vaccine

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

Can Some Vaccines Reduce Your Alzheimers

By: Newsfeed-04 Dec 2020

COVID-19 caseload surges to 95.71 lakh,

By: PTI-04 Dec, 2020

Moderna to supply up to 125 million COVI

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

Pfizer says supply chain challenges cont

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

U.S. CDC approves expert panel recommend

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

Lilly to supply 650,000 more doses of CO

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Russia Vladimir Putin orders mass vaccin

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Could COVID delirium bring on dementia?

By: Carrie Arnold-03 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca U.S. COVID-19 vaccine trial

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

India coronavirus infections below 40,00

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Indian pharma sunrise segment prognosis

By: PTI-02 Dec, 2020

How SARS-CoV-2 reaches the brain

By: Charite - Universitatsmedizin Berlin-02 Dec, 2020

In 20 minutes, you can test yourself f

By: NewsFeed-02 Dec 2020

Entire population may not need to be vac

By: Sushmi Dey-TNN-02 Dec, 2020

AYUSH medicines allowed to Covid patient

By: PTI-02 Dec, 2020

India COVID-19 tally rises to 94.62 lakh

By: PTI-01 Dec, 2020

Serum Institute denies side effects clai

By: Sangeeta Ojha-01 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 drives 40% spike in number of p

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

India looking to be self-reliant in de

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

Moderna files for U.S. vaccine authori

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

Mental health counseling startup, Hope

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Doctors at Fortis Hospital perform com

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Diabetes as a condition can not entire

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Prime Minister Modi reviews vaccine deve

By: VOH News Desk-30 Nov, 2020

Dr Reddy’s to acquire select ant

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Australia invests $4 million for new C

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

DETAK app by Indonesian scientists det

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

Korean researchers develop technology

By: Press Release-28 Nov 2020

India to host production of 100 millio

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

Indian scientists report rare heart di

By: Press Release-28 Nov 2020

Australia to undertake clinical studie

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Govt reviews implementation of Ayushma

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

AstraZeneca partners RSSDI to empower

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Japan’s Takeda makes Nihon Pharm

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Scientists in Israel discover antibody

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Koru Lifescience identifies drug compoun

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

India’s top vaccine producer, Se

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

Indian immunologicals invests INR 150

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

ZNZ Pharma 2 acquires majority stake in

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

Omron leads $65M investment round for

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

In a first in India, doctors airlift C

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

GE Healthcare uses AI to assess ETT pl

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Healthium Medtech launches India&rsquo

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Japanese scientists detect repetitive

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Russia's COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V to

By: VOH News Desk-25 Nov, 2020

Initiative to develop tech-driven solu

By: Press Release-24 Nov, 2020

SpiceHealth launches COVID-19 RT-PCR tes

By: Press Release-24 Nov, 2020

Zuellig Pharma expands cold storage wa

By: Newsfeed-24 Nov, 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows avera

By: VOH News Desk-24 Nov, 2020

Hester Biosciences Nepal unveils live th

By: Newsfeed-24 Nov, 2020

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital lands in India

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Narayana Health joins TriNetX to drive i

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Sai Life Sciences opens representative o

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Medanta expands e-health outreach in Gur

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

MedTech startup, BrainSightAI gets Dassa

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Australia invests $22 million to tackle

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Syngene & Deerfield sign strategic partn

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

3M strengthens efforts to fight Covid-19

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Pfizer collaborates with LianBio to brin

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Abbott launches heart valve repair devic

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

iGene inks personalized medicine project

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Microsoft partners Social Alpha to boost

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

UK-wide study shows antibodies persist f

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Samsung Biologics announces investment p

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Roche Pharma launches pan-tumor liquid b

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

HPE eHealth centers provide free Tubercu

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

WHO reports end of 11th Ebola outbreak i

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Lung cancer cases among non-smokers incr

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

National Epilepsy Day: Aster RV Hospital

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Eris Lifesciences appoints V Krishnakuma

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Biological E begins clinical trials of i

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

India to be a part of United Nations bac

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Cipla launches ‘Covi-G’ for

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

AliveCor closes $65 million financing to

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Dr Bishnu Panigrahi joins Fortis Healthc

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Certara opens new office in Shanghai to

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Gene editing wonder, Metagenomi raises $

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Lead Pharma partners Roche to develop or

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Japan based Eisai receives approval for

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: South Korea to produce 150 mil

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Daiichi Sankyo creates new business unit

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

India reports less than 50K new daily ca

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

LifeCell to provide COVID-19 and pregnan

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

Nanavati Hospital raises public awarenes

By: Newsfeed-16 Nov, 2020

Medtronic launches first integrated smar

By: Newsfeed-16 Nov, 2020

Emcure’s Anaemia-free India outrea

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

Close to 30% Delhiites have no health re

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

Zydus Cadilla completes Phase II trials

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

World’s leading generic drug maker

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Omega Healthcare selects Oracle’s

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Insilico enters into AI-powered drug dis

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Sputnik V vaccine developers vouch for i

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Anurag Khosla appointed as the new CEO o

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

University of Florida College of Medicin

By: Newsfeed-12 Nov, 2020

Australia invests $2.5M to ensure COVI

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Merck collaborates with China based Tran

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

SGH, AstraZeneca unveil promising interv

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Pharmacy chain, Wellness Forever receive

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Practo witnesses whopping 1200% rise in

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

TataMD CHECK to make COVID-19 detection

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Metropolis Healthcare wins ‘Diagno

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Pfizer & BioNTech COVID-19 vacci

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Trial in Britain to assess aspirin as po

By: Newsfeed-10 Nov, 2020

Bharat Biotech to manufacture 10 types o

By: Newsfeed-09 Nov, 2020

Thermo Fisher to establish new pharma se

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

Experts disagree with Indian Sugar Mills

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

VIT uses bioengineering approach for neu

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: India’s Health Minister

By: Press Release-07 Nov, 2020

Japanese firm develops urethane microfoa

By: Newsfeed-07 Nov, 2020

NPPA observes ‘National Cancer Awa

By: PIB-07 Nov, 2020

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation Unveil

By: Press Release-07 Nov, 2020

Aster Labs Introduces US FDA Approved Di

By: Press Release-06 Nov, 2020

India and Israel to cooperate in the fie

By: PIB-06 Nov, 2020

ResMed #WakeUpToGoodSleep campaign under

By: Newsfeed-06 Nov, 2020

Digital hospitals deliver higher standar

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Taiwan bets big on gene-editing technolo

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Singapore scientists identify undetected

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Australia secures 50 million doses of CO

By: Newsfeed-05 Nov, 2020

Anticholinergic drugs increases risk of

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Indian govt approves MoU with UK for med

By: PIB-05 Nov, 2020

Olympus announces acquisition of French

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

CEPI funds Sichuan Clover for COVID-19 v

By: Newsfeed-05 Nov, 2020

MedGenome launches tumor mutation burden

By: Press Release-04 Nov, 2020

Taiwan based researcher develops novel s

By: Newsfeed-04 Nov, 2020

Absence of transparency a major bottlene

By: Press Release-04 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: India’s Active Cases hav

By: PIB-04 Nov, 2020

Manipal Hospitals all set to acquire Col

By: Newsfeed-04 Nov, 2020

Zydus announces IND filing of ZYIL1, a n

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Mr Neeraj Lal joins Medicover Hospitals

By: VOH Team-03 Nov, 2020

Australia reports highest childhood vacc

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Eli Lilly collaborates with Daiichi Sank

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Israel begins clinical trials of COVID-1

By: Unedited Newsfeed-03 Nov, 2020

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital relea

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

Homegrown MedTech startup, Inito, clears

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

WHO calls for attention to stroke relate

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

Abbott launches its glucose monitoring t

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

India crosses the landmark of 11 crore C

By: PIB-02 Nov, 2020

COVID-19 Infection Fatality Ratio is Abo

By: Ralph Ellis-2 Nov, 2020

Bharat Biotech plans to launch vaccine c

By: Aakriti Bhalla-2 Nov, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload crosses 82 lak

By: PTI-2 Nov, 2020

COVID-19 spreads faster, more widely wit

By: PTI-02 Nov, 2020

High number of unreliable rapid antigen

By: PTI-02 Nov, 2020

New polio vaccine poised to get emergenc

By: Aisling Irwin-02 Nov, 2020

Latest on worldwide spread of the corona

By: Reuters-02 Nov, 2020

Antibodies Attack the Body In Some COVID

By: Carolyn Crist-31 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload goes past 81 l

By: PTI-31 Oct, 2020

New polio vaccine poised to get emergenc

By: Aisling Irwin-30 Oct, 2020

Lonza to make COVID-19 antibody combinat

By: Reuters Staff-30 Oct, 2020

Study Shows COVID-19 May Cause Brain Agi

By: Carolyn Crist-30 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India climbs to 80,

By: PTI-30 Oct, 2020

Japan's Shionogi readies COVID-19 vaccin

By: Rocky Swift-29 Oct, 2020

Japan's Takeda to import 50 million dose

By: Reuters Staff-29 Oct, 2020

Next crop of COVID-19 vaccine developers

By: Julie Steenhuysen, Caroline Copley-29 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India breaches 80-l

By: PTI-29 Oct, 2020

Some evidence shows children could be Co

By: PTI-28 Oct, 2020

Russia starts making second Covid-19 vac

By: Surajit Dasgupta-28 Oct, 2020

80% of COVID-19 patients in Spanish stud

By: PTI-28 Oct, 2020

Novavax delays U.S. trial of COVID-19 va

By: Reuters-28 Oct, 2020

Sanofi, GSK to supply vaccine doses to W

By: Reuters-28 Oct, 2020

Down Syndrome Increases COVID Death Risk

By: Ralph Ellis-27 Oct, 2020

Italy okays trial of osteoporosis drug t

By: Reuters-27 Oct, 2020

Exposure to air pollution increases Covi

By: ANI-27 Oct, 2020

South Korea begins review of Oxford covi

By: Staff Writer-27 Oct, 2020

After over 3 months, less than 40k COVID

By: PTI-27 Oct, 2020

Moderna Might Seek Government OK for Vac

By: Ralph Ellis-26 Oct, 2020

WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationa

By: AFP-26 Oct, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine seen effective in e

By: Staff Writer-26 Oct, 2020

Drug found effective in treating covid-1

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-26 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India mount to 79,09,9

By: PTI-26 Oct, 2020

Why COVID outbreaks look set to worsen t

By: Smriti Mallapaty-24 Oct, 2020

Next 3 months will help determine the si

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-24 Oct, 2020

AstraZeneca says Oxford vaccine deal all

By: Reuters-24 Oct, 2020

India needs a sustainable healthcare sys

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-24 Oct, 2020

Serum Institute joins Merck, IAVI to dev

By: Leroy Leo-23 Oct, 2020

US health regulator approves first treat

By: Sangeeta Ojha-23 Oct, 2020

Pfizer seeks clarity on future of trials

By: Reuters-23 Oct, 2020

As COVID-19 cases spike, pneumonia vacci

By: Reuters-24 Oct, 2020

Exclusive: In WHO overhaul push, EU urge

By: Francesco Guarascio, Andreas Rinke-22 Oct, 2020

Japan researchers show masks do block co

By: Rocky Swift-22 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 testing kit COVIRAP by IIT-Khar

By: Staff Writer-22 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 underscored importance of inves

By: PTI-22 Oct, 2020

US health regulator to hold key meeting

By: Agencies-22 Oct, 2020

COVID-19: India records 55,839 new infec

By: PTI-22 Oct, 2020

Novartis to pursue SMA drug branaplam in

By: Reuters Staff-21 Oct,2020

GSK to launch late-stage testing of sync

By: Reuters Staff-21 Oct,2020

Mixed results for arthritis drug repurpo

By: AFP-21 Oct,2020

Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials o

By: Reuters-20 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus and diabetes: What you need

By: Staff Writer-20 Oct, 2020

India records 46,790 new COVID-19 cases

By: PTI-20 Oct, 2020

50% Indians are likely to have Covid by

By: Reuters-20 Oct, 2020

Living coronavirus found on frozen food

By: PTI-19 Oct, 2020

Getting vaccine doubters to roll up thei

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

AstraZeneca wins two approval recommenda

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

With dip in air quality in Delhi, health

By: ANI-19 Oct, 2020

Global coronavirus cases surpass the 40

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

Pan-India covid-19 genome studies sugges

By: PTI-18 Oct, 2020

Health expert asserts on N95 mask withou

By: Joymala Bagchi , ANI.-18 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus survives on skin five times

By: AFP-18 Oct, 2020

Treat coronavirus early to save patients

By: Jason Gale , Bloomberg-18 Oct, 2020

Long COVID 'May Be Four Syndromes'

By: Peter Russell-17 Oct, 2020

WHO trial to assess other antibody, anti

By: Reuters-17 Oct, 2020

Scientists develop new method to block c

By: PTI-17 Oct, 2020

Sinovac coronavirus vaccine offered by C

By: Reuters-17 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 infection tally crosses

By: PTI-17 Oct, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 may use key carbohydrate to i

By: Erin Bryant-16 Oct, 2020

20% Rise In Death Rate Mostly Because of

By: Kathleen Doheny-16 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 Doesn’t Seem Seasonal, St

By: Carolyn Crist-16 Oct, 2020

Can Vitamin D treat coronavirus? UK scie

By: Meghna Sen-16 Oct, 2020

WHO trial results show remdesivir has li

By: Leroy Leo-16 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 73,7

By: PTI-16 Oct, 2020

A healthy young person might have to wai

By: Staff Writer-15 Oct, 2020

Important that Russia's Covid-19 vaccine

By: ANI-15 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 72,3

By: PTI-14 Oct, 2020

Aarogya Setu app helped identify coronav

By: Meghna Sen-14 Oct, 2020

World Bank approves $12 billion for covi

By: AFP-14 Oct, 2020

Eli Lilly pauses Covid-19 antibody treat

By: AFP-14 Oct, 2020

New Zealand signs deal with Pfizer, Bi

By: Reuters-12 Oct, 2020

Less than 1000 coronavirus deaths reco

By: PTI-12 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines under different trial

By: Sangeeta Ojha-12 Oct, 2020

Maintain quality testing for Covid-19 ki

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

Maintain quality testing for Covid-19 ki

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

COVID research updates: Dense cities sho

By: Anonymous-12 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus risk may go up on exposure t

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

UK to begin trials to test if BCG vaccin

By: PTI-12 Oct, 2020

Inhaled vaccines aim to fight coronaviru

By: Bloomberg-12 Oct, 2020

U.S., AstraZeneca strike deal for COVID-

By: Heidi Ledford & Ewen Callaway-10 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 Story Tip: Biomedical Engineers

By: Elizabeth Logsdon, Ph.D., and Warren Grayson, Ph.D./Johns Hopkins Medicine-10 Oct, 2020

India reports 73,272 new coronavirus cas

By: PTI-10 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine: Russia all set to appr

By: Anulekha Ray-10 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: Regeneron's antibody

By: Mint Agencies-10 Oct, 2020

Gilead's remdesivir shaved five days off

By: Reuters-09 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: After Lilly, Fosun u

By: Reuters-09 Oct, 2020

COVID + flu nasal spray vaccine set to s

By: Bloomberg-09 Oct, 2020

Moderna to apply for EU's rolling approv

By: Staff Writer-09 Oct, 2020

Virologists who discovered hepatitis C w

By: Ewen Callaway & Heidi Ledford-08 Oct, 2020

Pioneers of revolutionary CRISPR gene ed

By: Heidi Ledford & Ewen Callaway-08 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India cross 68-lakh ma

By: PTI-08 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: Lilly seeks emergenc

By: Staff Writer-08 Oct, 2020

India declines proposal to test Russia C

By: Reuters-08 Oct, 2020

Asthma patients less likely to die from

By: Reuters-08 Oct, 2020

Government to launch Ayurveda and Yoga p

By: Rhythma Kaul, Hindustan Times New Delhi-07 Oct, 2020

COVID-Linked Syndrome Seen in Kids Found

By: Anonymous-07 Oct, 2020

Single-day spike of 61,267 COVID-19 infe

By: PTI-07 Oct, 2020

HIV treatment has no benefit for hospita

By: Reuters-07 Oct, 2020

Doctors consider anti-cancer drugs as a

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-07 Oct, 2020

CDC issues latest guidance on covid-19 s

By: LiveMint-07 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 to place greater demand on ment

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-07 Oct, 2020

COVID research updates: Massive contact-

By: Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times/Getty-05 Sept,2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 66-lakh m

By: PTI-05 Oct, 2020

Can cancer drugs prove helpful in treati

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-05 Oct, 2020

Researchers develop new Covid-19 test th

By: PTI-05 Oct, 2020

MHFI and AIIMS doctors launch web portal

By: ANI-05 Oct, 2020

Pandemic, new platforms prompt surge in

By: Anne Steele , The Wall Street Journal-05 Oct, 2020

How long could I be contagious before a

By: AP News-04 Oct, 2020

Single-day COVID-19 cases in India below

By: PTI-04 Oct, 2020

Research Story Tip: Study Finds Obesity

By: Newsroom-04 Oct, 2020

Research Story Tip: Temperature-Sensitiv

By: Newsroom-04 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 65-lakh m

By: PTI-04 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines should first go to hea

By: The Wall Street Journal-04 Oct, 2020

Why A Negative Test Doesn't Rule Out COV

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-04 Oct, 2020

Pain relief caused by coronavirus may he

By: PTI-03 Oct, 2020

Dr Reddy's seeks DCGI nod to conduct pha

By: PTI-03 Oct, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: Canada launches re

By: Reuters-03 Oct, 2020

How long a person could contagious befor

By: AP News-03 Oct, 2020

'Superspreaders' Are Driving the COVID-1

By: Ralph Ellis-03 Oct, 2020

Neanderthal genes linked with severe COV

By: Reuters-02 Oct, 2020

Gene mutation behind difference in COVID

By: PTI-02 Oct, 2020

Startup bets on new coronavirus testing

By: Bloomberg-02 Oct, 2020

Mosquitoes cannot transmit the coronavir

By: Reuters-02 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 tally comes close to 64

By: PTI-02 Oct, 2020

The race for COVID-19 vaccine: Why this

By: Bloomberg-02 Oct, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-30 Sept, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload races past 62

By: PTI-30 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Shows Promise for

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-30 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus may deplete testosterone lev

By: PTI-30 Sept, 2020

Russia to supply 2.5 crore doses of covi

By: Agencies-30 Sept, 2020

Moderna COVID vaccine: Early study shows

By: Reuters-30 Sept, 2020

Tests reveal silent reinfections in hosp

By: Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty-29 Sept, 2020

Can the coronavirus spread through the a

By: AP-29 Sept, 2020

Covid vaccine: Russia may be the first t

By: Polina Nikolskaya , Polina Ivanova , Reuters-29 Sept, 2020

Russia to supply 2.5 crore doses of covi

By: livemint-29 Sept, 2020

COVID tally crosses 60 lakh; 1,039 more

By: PTI-28 Sept, 2020

Covid-19: A cheaper, faster, accurate te

By: ANI-28 Sept, 2020

Phase III trials of Sputnik V critical t

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-28 Sept, 2020

Researchers combine heat and humidity to

By: PTI-26 Sept, 2020

FDA Authorizes Point-of-Care COVID Antib

By: Carolyn Crist-26 Sept, 2020

Novavax initiates late-stage covid-19 va

By: Reuters-26 Sept, 2020

India's COVID vaccine: Phase-3 trial of

By: Staff Writer-26 Sept, 2020

WHO backed China for emergency use of CO

By: PTI-26 Sept, 2020

Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine shows

By: ANI-26 Sept, 2020

Covid vaccine: Pfizer urged to wait for

By: Bloomberg-26 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 May Damage Blood Marrow Immune

By: Carolyn Crist-25 Sept, 2020

How can I tell the difference between th

By: AP News-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine: UP govt allows Covaxin

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

Some Covid-19 patients show signs of hea

By: Sarah Toy , The Wall Street Journal-25 Sept, 2020

Can I use a face shield instead of a mas

By: AP News-25 Sept, 2020

Dengue vaccine: Panacea Biotec seeks rev

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

Covid-19: Daily recoveries exceed daily

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 57-lakh m

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 tally in India crosses 56-lakh

By: PTI-24 Sept, 2020

U.S. FDA to tighten coronavirus vaccine

By: Reuters-24 Sept, 2020

Many Metrics to Measure COVID-19, Which

By: Christine Lehmann, MA-24 Sept, 2020

DCGI issues guidelines for pharma giants

By: ANI-23 Sept, 2020

EPA Adds to List of Coronavirus-Fighting

By: Jay Croft-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine makers see EU shield

By: Francesco Guarascio-22 Sept, 2020

Flu jab 'more important than ever' this

By: Michelle Roberts-22 Sept, 2020

Tracking COVID-19 with wastewater.

By: David A. Larsen & Krista R. Wigginton-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine likely to be ready f

By: Bloomberg-22 Sept, 2020

Influenza vaccine does not increase Covi

By: Reuters-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus grows less deadly as doctors

By: Bloomberg-21 Sept, 2020

86,961 new COVID-19 cases in India, tall

By: PTI-21 Sept, 2020

WHO endorses protocol for coronavirus he

By: AFP-21 Sept, 2020

TCS sets up 11 coronavirus isolation cen

By: PTI-21 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: AstraZeneca denies

By: Bloomberg-18 Sept, 2020

Government to use immunisation program m

By: Leroy Leo-18 Sept, 2020

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine: Serum Institute

By: Anulekha Ray-19 Sept, 2020

WHO endorses protocol for coronavirus he

By: REUTERS-20 Sept, 2020

When will COVID-19 vaccines be generally

By: Reuters-18 Sept, 2020

COVID Conflicts Are Straining Relationsh

By: Serena Gordon-18 Sept, 2020

COVID Prevention May Mean Record Low Flu

By: Dennis Thompson-18 Sept, 2020

Coffee May Slow Spread of Colon Cancer

By: Alan Mozes-18 Sept, 2020

Rich nations have cornered half of futur

By: AFP-18 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: AstraZeneca denies

By: Bloomberg-18 Sept, 2020

Centre approved anti-viral medicines to

By: PTI-17 Sept, 2020

Record 97,894 infections pushes India's

By: PTI-17 Sept, 2020

Can a Parkinson's Drug Treat Macular Deg

By: Serena McNiff-17 Sept, 2020

US emergency approval broadens use of Gi

By: PTI-17 Sept 2020

The poisonous history of chemotherapy

By: Heidi Ledford-16 Sept, 2020

Researchers highlight ‘questionabl

By: Alison Abbott-16 Sept, 2020

The lasting misery of coronavirus long-h

By: Michael Marshall-16 Sept, 2020

Post COVID-19, Lung Function Improves Ov

By: Carolyn Crist-16 Sept, 2020

Stillbirth rate rises dramatically durin

By: Clare Watson-16 Sept, 2020

When will there be a cure for covid? The

By: Michelle Cortez , Bloomberg-15 Sept, 2020

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Be Gi

By: Anonymous-15 Sept, 2020

Scientists relieved as coronavirus vacci

By: David Cyranoski & Smriti Mallapaty-15 Sept, 2020

China coronavirus vaccine may be ready f

By: Reuters-15 Sept, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-15 Sept, 2020

Bill Gates: ‘The next big question

By: Noah Higgins-Dunn & Christina Farr-15 Sept, 2020

Gilead CEO: We’re studying new way

By: Kevin Stankiewicz-15 Sept, 2020

Business leaders push for inclusivity af

By: Sam Shaed-15 Sept, 2020

Scientists publish images of coronavirus

By: PTI-14 Sept, 2020

How pharma companies can still deliver a

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

China starts testing world's first nasal

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Over 1 lakh health IDs created under Nat

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Internet searches for symptoms can revea

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca mus

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Oxford-AstraZeneca covid vaccine trials

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Russia Begins Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccin

By: Ralph Ellis-12 Sept 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Surprise!

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Scientists Identify New Way to Target So

By: Newsroom-12 Sept 2020

COVID-19 Story Tip: Researchers Expect V

By: Newsroom-12 Sept 2020

Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca m

By: Mint News-10 Sep 2020

Can Plexiglass Stop COVID?

By: Kathleen Doheny-08 Sept 2020

Companies testing vaccines pledge safety

By: Linda A. Johnson-08 Sept 2020

Coronavirus research updates: The immune

By: Nature-09 Sept 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study pause

By: Lauran Neergaard-09,Sept, 2020

India considering Russia's request for P

By: Surajit Dasgupta-08, Sept, 2020

Trial Tests MMR Vaccine to Help Prevent

By: HealthDay Reporter-04 Sept2 020

India's COVID-19 infection tally crosses

By: PTI-08 Sept, 2020

How to fight the deadly dengue virus? Ma

By: Jon Emont , The Wall Street Journal-08 Sept, 2020

Health-Care Startup Ro Raises $200 Milli

By: John McCormick-08 Sept, 2020

The Latest: Australia OKs funding for tw

By: The Associated Press-08 Sept, 2020

UNICEF to lead global procurement, suppl

By: PTI-08 Sept, 2020

UN: No vaccine to be endorsed before it&

By: AP News-08 Sept, 2020

Transplanted brown-fat-like cells hold p

By: Joslin Diabetes Center-05 Sept, 2020

Russia covid vaccine produces immune res

By: Suzi Ring , Bloomberg-05 Sept, 2020

Covid-19 vaccine developers prepare join

By: Peter Loftus-05 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 Ills No Greater for Those With

By: Robert Preidt-05 Sept, 2020

Asthma May Not Boost Odds of Severe COVI

By: Serena Gordon-05 Sept, 2020

Study Backs Use of Saliva COVID-19 Test

By: Kerry Dooley Young-05 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Powerful n

By: Anonymous-05 Sept, 2020

Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes?

By: Anonymous-04 Sept, 2020

‘CRISPR babies’ are still to

By: Heidi Ledford-04 Sept, 2020

Study: COVID-19 Antibodies May Last 4 Mo

By: WEBMD NEWS BRIEF-04 Sept, 2020

Why A Vaccine Won’t Be a Quick Fix

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-04 Sept, 2020

Tiny Biological Package Gets Drug Right

By: Newsroom-04 Sept, 2020

India's COVID-19 tally crosses 38-lakh m

By: PTI-3 Sept, 2020