Cancer Cells Take Over Blood Vessels to
2 Sept, 2020

Representative confocal fluorescence microscopy image of a primary tumor (red) and associated tumor vasculature (green)......

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Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Further L
2 Sept, 2020

Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers have added to evidence that a gene responsible for turning off a cell’s natural.....

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Scientists Identify New Way to Target So
12 Sept 2020

Scientists Identify New Way to Target Some Rapidly Dividing Cancer Cells, Leaving Healthy Cells Unharmed 09/09/2020 Es.....

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Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital relea
02 Nov, 2020

According to the survey, four out of ten people have heard of breast cancer but don’t know much about the disease......

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Lung cancer cases among non-smokers incr
19 Nov, 2020

November is being observed as Lung Cancer Awareness Month NEW DELHI, November 19, 2020— For the past few years .....

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Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by g
15 March, 2021

Cancer cells can dodge chemotherapy by entering a state that bears similarity to certain kinds of senescence, a type of .....

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Undruggable cancer protein becomes drugg
23 April 2021

Inspired by a rare compound found in a shrub native to North America, Mingji Dai, professor of chemistry and a scientist.....

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Alcohol drinking linked to over 62,000 n
16 July, 2021

Alcohol consumption was associated with 62,100 or five per cent of newly diagnosed cancer cases last year in India, acco.....

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Researchers: Breast cancer drug could he

For the first time, a drug targeting a protein that drives breast cancer growth has been shown to work against tumours w.....

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Breastfeeding cuts child mortality by 20

Nearly a fifth of all deaths among children below the age of five can be prevented by breastfeeding and dietary suppleme.....

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Sanofi trial failure ends development of

French healthcare company Sanofi said it would stop further work on amcenestrant, once seen to have large potential aga.....

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Smoking, alcohol, high BMI leading cause

Smoking, alcohol use, high body mass index (BMI), and other known risk factors were responsible for nearly 4.45 million .....

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Survey reveals low awareness about cance

Awareness about cancer screening continues to be low amongst the people of Arunachal Pradesh, with only 5.6 per cent of .....

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A blood test that screens for multiple c

Detecting cancer early before it spreads throughout the body can be lifesaving. This is why doctors recommend regular sc.....

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Popular dietary supplements may increase

Intake of popular commercial dietary supplements like nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3, could actually i.....

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Eli Lilly introduces medication for earl

Drug firm Eli Lilly and Company (India) on Thursday said it has launched a product to treat early stage breast cancer af.....

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