Cambridge university aims for autumn tri
26 Aug, 2020

LONDON (Reuters) - The University of Cambridge is aiming to start clinical trials of its possible coronavirus vaccine in.....

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From ACTH to DNA: the rise of acronyms i
21 Aug, 2020

The use of acronyms in biomedical research papers has increased steadily over the past 70 years, a study of millions of .....

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Study reveals immune-system deviations i
2 Sept, 2020

A Stanford study shows that in severely ill COVID-19 patients, “first-responder” immune cells, which should .....

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‘CRISPR babies’ are still to
04 Sept, 2020

Editing genes in human embryos could one day prevent some serious genetic disorders from being passed down — but f.....

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Scientists Identify New Way to Target So
12 Sept 2020

Scientists Identify New Way to Target Some Rapidly Dividing Cancer Cells, Leaving Healthy Cells Unharmed 09/09/2020 Es.....

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The poisonous history of chemotherapy
16 Sept, 2020

The Great Secret: The Classified World War II Disaster that Launched the War on Cancer Jennet Conant W. W. Norton (2020).....

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Government to use immunisation program m
18 Sept, 2020

-Currently, there are three covid-19 vaccine candidates that are in human trials in India -Russia’s Sputnik V vac.....

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Some Covid-19 patients show signs of hea
25 Sept, 2020

The new coronavirus can leave some patients with signs of heart inflammation and injury months after they get sick with .....

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Pioneers of revolutionary CRISPR gene ed
08 Oct, 2020

It’s CRISPR. Two scientists who pioneered the revolutionary gene-editing technology are the winners of this year&r.....

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MedGenome launches tumor mutation burden
04 Nov, 2020

The test will help clinicians identify how many mutations occur in a given length of DNA to understand whether immunothe.....

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Taiwan bets big on gene-editing technolo
05 Nov, 2020

CRISPR/Cas9 is a revolutionary genomic engineering strategy in treating inherited hematopoietic disorders NEW DELHI, .....

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Gene editing wonder, Metagenomi raises $
17 Nov, 2020

The fresh funding boost will help the company to advance research and preclinical validation for its own pipeline NEW.....

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Lung cancer cases among non-smokers incr
19 Nov, 2020

November is being observed as Lung Cancer Awareness Month NEW DELHI, November 19, 2020— For the past few years .....

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iGene inks personalized medicine project
20 Nov, 2020

iGene will perform genotyping analysis as part of LCCP's research screening activities    NEW DELHI, Nov.....

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Japanese scientists detect repetitive
25 Nov, 2020

A near-infrared probe decodes telomere dynamics; malfunctions from a repetitive DNA sequence can be watched inside livin.....

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Prime Minister Modi reviews vaccine deve
30 Nov, 2020

Indian government is supporting six new COVID-19 research projects across four institutions, allowing researchers to con.....

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Researchers develop rapid genomics strat
10 Dec, 2020

Thanks to cutting-edge 'Nanopore' genome sequencing technology, researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical R.....

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Researchers develop rapid genomics strat
19 Dec 2020

Thanks to cutting-edge 'Nanopore' genome sequencing technology, researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical R.....

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Zydus Cadila seeks nod to start phase II
25 Dec 2020

The Phase II study of the vaccine ZyCoV-D had been conducted in over 1000 healthy adult volunteers as part of the adapti.....

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Researchers identify potential new class
26 Dec 2020

The research team designed TETi76 to replicate and amplify the effects of a natural molecule called 2HG (2-hydroxyglutar.....

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India approves AstraZeneca and local COV
04 Jan, 2021

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India’s drugs regulator on Sunday approved for emergency use two coronavirus vaccines, one d.....

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Enemy is down but not out, cautions CCMB
12 Jan 2021

Despite experts pointing out repeatedly that masks and social distancing is the only hope, many are willing to let their.....

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Covid 19 vaccine in India: Zydus Cadila
22 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccine in India: In a major step towards having another Covid-19 vaccine after Serum Institute of India’.....

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New maintenance treatment for acute myel
01 Feb, 2021

Patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), the most common form of acute leukemia in adults, that has gone into remissi.....

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CRISPR technology to cure sickle cell di
02 Feb, 2021

University of Illinois Chicago is one of the U.S. sites participating in clinical trials to cure severe red blood congen.....

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Expert panel to submit report soon on pr
10 Feb, 2021

An expert committee set up to develop the criteria for identifying significant comorbidities present in a person, which .....

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How a single gene alteration may have se
15 Feb, 2021

As a professor of pediatrics and cellular and molecular medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicin.....

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Scientists identify more than 140,000 vi
24 Feb, 2021

Viruses are the most numerous biological entities on the planet. Now researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and EM.....

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Non-DNA mechanism is involved in transmi
18 March, 2021

It has long been understood that a parent's DNA is the principal determinant of health and disease in offspring. Yet.....

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AI used in battle against asbestos-linke
30 March, 2021

International genomics research led by the University of Leicester has used artificial intelligence (AI) to study an agg.....

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New method expands the world of small RN
8 April 2021

A team led by a biomedical scientist at the University of California, Riverside, has developed a new RNA-sequencing meth.....

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How brain cells repair their DNA reveals
8 April 2021

Neurons lack the ability to replicate their DNA, so they're constantly working to repair damage to their genome. Now.....

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Vaccinated people better protected again
13 April 2021

NEW DELHI : COVID-19 vaccines protect against serious illness but transmissibility can still continue and inoculated peo.....

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Most differences in DNA binding compound
15 April 2021

Compared to newborns conceived traditionally, newborns conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are more likely to.....

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New CRISPR technology offers unrivaled c
20 April 2021

In a paper published April 9, 2021, in the journal Cell, researchers at UC San Francisco and the Whitehead Institute des.....

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Undruggable cancer protein becomes drugg
23 April 2021

Inspired by a rare compound found in a shrub native to North America, Mingji Dai, professor of chemistry and a scientist.....

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Process for eliminating unneeded cells m
10 May, 2021

One way that organisms get rid of unneeded cells is through a process called extrusion, which allows cells to be squeeze.....

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New research optimizes body own immune s
21 May, 2021

A groundbreaking study led by engineering and medical researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities shows how e.....

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India - Cadila to produce up to 30 milli
25 May, 2021

India's Cadila Healthcare is aiming to triple monthly production of Covid-19 vaccine candidate to as many as 30 mill.....

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Gujarat: Zydus Cadila now plans to test
31 May, 2021

After covering adults and children aged between 12 and 18 years under the ongoing clinical trials of its Covid-19 vaccin.....

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New discovery shows human cells can writ
17 June, 2021

Cells contain machinery that duplicates DNA into a new set that goes into a newly formed cell. That same class of machin.....

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Zydus Cadila likely to seek emergency us
19 June, 2021

Indian pharmaceutical major Zydus Cadila is likely to apply to the central drugs regulator seeking emergency use authori.....

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India likely to have Covid vaccine for c
24 June, 2021

Noting that children usually have a mild disease but there is a need to develop Covid-19 vaccines for them, AIIMS Delhi .....

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Zydus seeks nod for world-first plasmid
02 July 2021

Ahmedabad: Homegrown healthcare and pharmaceutical major Zydus Cadila has applied for emergency use authorisation (EUA) .....

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Alcohol drinking linked to over 62,000 n
16 July, 2021

Alcohol consumption was associated with 62,100 or five per cent of newly diagnosed cancer cases last year in India, acco.....

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4 Covid vaccine candidates in human tria
21 July, 2021

Four COVID-19 vaccine candidates are at different stages of human trials while one, developed by Genique Life Sciences, .....

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Zydus Cadila likely to get emergency use
10 Aug, 2021

Ahmedabad-based Zydus Cadila's three-dose COVID-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D is expected to get an emergency-use nod from the .....

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Potential role of junk DNA sequence in a
11 Aug, 2021

The human body is essentially made up of trillions of living cells. It ages as its cells age, which happens when those c.....

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Zydus Cadila Covid-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D ge
21 Aug, 2021

Indigenously developed Zydus Cadila COVID-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D has received approval for Emergency Use Authorisation from .....

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NTAGI to soon chalk out roadmap to intro
26 Aug, 2021

NTAGI Chairman Dr N K Arora said it is estimated that there are around 12 crore adolescents in the age group of 12-18 ye.....

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Talks on to make Zydus Cadila’s CO

Responding to a question at a press conference, NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr V K Paul said to bring Zydus Cadila’.....

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India first to develop DNA vaccine, can

The "plug-and-play" technology on which the plasmid DNA platform is based can be easily adapted to deal with m.....

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