Acupuncture may help with inflammation a
15 Aug, 2020

A previous study published in the journal Nature Medicine had indicated that acupuncture can reduce inflammation in mice.....

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Immune response after mild COVID-19 is p
19 Aug, 2020

The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatme.....

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Endless first wave: how Indonesia failed
21 Aug, 2020

Only last week Luhut Pandjaitan, Indonesia’s maritime minister and close confidant of the country’s presiden.....

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Brain Cell Death in ALS, Dementia Tied t
2 Sept, 2020

Researchers have long sought to explain precisely how the most common genetic mutation linked to both amyotrophic latera.....

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‘CRISPR babies’ are still to
04 Sept, 2020

Editing genes in human embryos could one day prevent some serious genetic disorders from being passed down — but f.....

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COVID-19 Ills No Greater for Those With
05 Sept, 2020

People with lupus aren't at increased risk of hospitalization from COVID-19 due to steroidal medications they take t.....

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Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca m
10 Sep 2020

A day after pausing its Covid-19 vaccine trials due to a possible serious neurological problem in one patient, AstraZene.....

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Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca mus
12 Sept 2020

A day after pausing its Covid-19 vaccine trials due to a possible serious neurological problem in one patient, AstraZene.....

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MHFI and AIIMS doctors launch web portal
05 Oct, 2020

To address the growing issue of mental health illness during the Covid-19 pandemic across the country, the Mental Health.....

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Covid-19 to place greater demand on ment
07 Oct, 2020

NEW DELHI: Mental health programmes, both national and international, will see greater demand as coronavirus pandemic co.....

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20% Rise In Death Rate Mostly Because of
16 Oct, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the number of unexpected or ''excess" deaths over the typical number has.....

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AstraZeneca wins two approval recommenda
19 Oct, 2020

The European medicines watchdog has recommended approving AstraZeneca Plc's AZN.L treatments for a form of heart fai.....

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Antibodies Attack the Body In Some COVID
31 Oct, 2020

For some people with severe COVID-19, the immune system may attack itself rather than the virus, according to a new stud.....

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Zydus announces IND filing of ZYIL1, a n
03 Nov, 2020

Zydus’ development candidate ‘ZYIL1’ is efficacious in non-clinical animal models of inflammation, wit.....

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Taiwan bets big on gene-editing technolo
05 Nov, 2020

CRISPR/Cas9 is a revolutionary genomic engineering strategy in treating inherited hematopoietic disorders NEW DELHI, .....

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ResMed #WakeUpToGoodSleep campaign under
06 Nov, 2020

The digital campaign will educate consumers and doctors on sleep disorders NEW DELHI, November 6, 2020 #Healthca.....

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Metropolis Healthcare wins ‘Diagno
10 Nov, 2020

The company has received the recognition on the basis of its strong customer ownership experience   NEW DELHI, No.....

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MedTech startup, BrainSightAI gets Dassa
23 Nov, 2020

Through simulation of prognosis, doctors can easily develop a medication and therapy impact on the ailing patients suffe.....

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Could COVID delirium bring on dementia?
03 Dec, 2020

In her job as a physician at the Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts, Sondra Crosby treated some of the first people .....

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Covid-19 complications include kidney, l
14 Dec, 2020

As per a new research, a larger study of patients in America has revealed that individuals who contracted coronavirus su.....

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Immune system can cause broad damage in
15 Dec, 2020

(Reuters) - The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to .....

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Supernus drug meets main goal of study i
23 Dec, 2020

(Reuters) - Supernus Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Tuesday its experimental drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disor.....

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Exclusive- Drugmakers to hike prices for
01 Jan, 2021

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Drugmakers including Pfizer Inc, Sanofi SA, and GlaxoSmithKline Plc plan to raise U.S. prices on mo.....

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Covid-19: An FAQ factsheet for Covishiel
03 Jan, 2021

New Delhi: Prior to the beginning of the nationwide vaccination drive against Covid-19 in India on January 16, the Pune-.....

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New evidence of health threat from chemi
19 Jan, 2021

Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have uncovered new evidenc.....

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CRISPR technology to cure sickle cell di
02 Feb, 2021

University of Illinois Chicago is one of the U.S. sites participating in clinical trials to cure severe red blood congen.....

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How a single gene alteration may have se
15 Feb, 2021

As a professor of pediatrics and cellular and molecular medicine at University of California San Diego School of Medicin.....

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Gut health and mood genetically entwined
03 March, 2021

University of Queensland researchers have confirmed a link between depression and stomach ulcers, in the world's lar.....

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New CAR T-Cell therapy extends remission
09 March, 2021

A new type of CAR T-cell therapy more than triples the expected length of remission for multiple myeloma patients who ha.....

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Britain approves worlds most expensive d
10 March, 2021

The 'most expensive drug in the world' has been approved by the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NH.....

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First AI system for contactless monitori
12 March, 2021

Smart speakers, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, have proven adept at monitoring certain health care issues at home......

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New discovery explains antihypertensive
13 March, 2021

A new study from the University of California, Irvine shows that compounds in both green and black tea relax blood vesse.....

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Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) &ndas
16 March, 2021

Achalasia is a disease where the function of the esophagus stops working overtime. It is thought to be neural degenerati.....

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Rare blood clot risk: UK agency says und
08 April 2021

The United Kingdom’s drug regulator says the AstraZeneca vaccine has huge benefits but people under 30 will be off.....

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How brain cells repair their DNA reveals
8 April 2021

Neurons lack the ability to replicate their DNA, so they're constantly working to repair damage to their genome. Now.....

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Autism gene study finds widespread impac
9 April 2021

Damage to the autism-associated gene Dyrk1a, sets off a cascade of problems in developing mouse brains, resulting in abn.....

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Most differences in DNA binding compound
15 April 2021

Compared to newborns conceived traditionally, newborns conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) are more likely to.....

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COVID-19: EU has not initiated discussio
17 April 2021

The European Union has not decided yet whether to sign new contracts for COVID-19 vaccines with AstraZeneca and Johnson .....

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New CRISPR technology offers unrivaled c
20 April 2021

In a paper published April 9, 2021, in the journal Cell, researchers at UC San Francisco and the Whitehead Institute des.....

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Sleeping six hours or less linked to hig
21 April 2021

Middle-age adults who sleep six or fewer hours a night may be at higher risk of developing dementia in later life, a new.....

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Rare COVID-19 response in children expla
17 May, 2021

While many children infected with the virus are asymptomatic or go undiagnosed, about one in 1,000 children experience m.....

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Black fungus cases rising in Delhi, doct
20 May, 2021

NEW DELHI : Hospitals in Delhi have reported a rise in the number of black fungus cases or mucormycosis among people rec.....

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Glenmark Pharma gets USFDA nod for Icati
25 May, 2021

Drug major Glenmark Pharma on Monday said it has received final approval from the US health regulator for Icatibant Inje.....

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New tool activates deep brain neurons by
31 May, 2021

Neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and epilepsy have had some treatment success with deep brain stim.....

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Anti-inflammatory drugs may cause weaker
04 June, 2021

New Delhi: Some people who take the drug methotrexate to treat common immune system disorders like rheumatoid arthritis .....

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Signs of brain inflammation found in peo
24 June, 2021

Scientists have found signs of inflammation and neurodegeneration in the brains of individuals who died of COVID-19, sim.....

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Unraveling the origin of Alzheimer disea
25 June, 2021

Case Western Reserve University researchers studying prions -- misfolded proteins that cause lethal incurable diseases -.....

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Joint pain, backache common among many p
19 July, 2021

A leading private hospital in Delhi on Saturday claimed that joint pain and backache were the most common problems repor.....

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Approval given to use Coronil as support
24 July, 2021

The State Licensing Authority of Uttarakhand has granted license for Coronil tablet to be used as supporting measure in .....

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Extra COVID vaccine OK for those with we
13 Aug, 2021

US regulators on Thursday said transplant recipients and others with weakened immune systems can get an extra dose of th.....

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Novel coronavirus may infect a higher pr

Comorbidities such as anaemia, tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus were associated with an increased risk of maternal dea.....

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Covid-19 vaccine: Centre files plea agai

The Centre, in its appeal, contends that the September 3 judgement of a Single Judge of the High Court if not set aside .....

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U.S. CDC advisers back COVID-19 booster

A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advisory panel on Thursday recommended a booster shot of the Pfi.....

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