Pandemic triggered 35% rise in anxiety,

The first-ever global estimate of Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on mental health showed that cases of two ailments&md.....

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Time to allow booster shot is now: P Chi

Congress leader P Chidambaram Wednesday called for allowing the booster Covid vaccine shot, saying the government alone .....

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Severe COVID-19 linked with long-term me

Serious COVID-19 illness is associated with an increased risk of long-term adverse mental health outcomes, according to .....

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‘Eliminator’ countries with

Countries that attempted to control COVID-19 transmission with stricter public restrictions had worse mental health outc.....

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Half of Covid survivors show one symptom

More than half of people hospitalised with COVID-19 still have at least one symptom two years after they were first infe.....

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Omicron less likely to cause Long COVID

The Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is less likely to cause long COVID than the Delta strain, according to a stu.....

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Typhoid-causing bacteria have become inc

Bacteria causing Typhoid fever are becoming increasingly resistant to some of the most important antibiotics for human h.....

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Over 42 lakh deaths in India prevented b

COVID-19 vaccines prevented over 42 lakh potential deaths in India in 2021, according to a modelling study published in .....

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Long Covid in children akin to adults, b

Noting that long Covid manifests itself in children similar to adults, experts on Sunday said there is no need to panic .....

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COVID-19 vaccine protects people of all

COVID-19 vaccines greatly reduced the number of cases of severe COVID-19 for everyone regardless of their body size, acc.....

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Breastfeeding cuts child mortality by 20

Nearly a fifth of all deaths among children below the age of five can be prevented by breastfeeding and dietary suppleme.....

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1 in 8 COVID-19 patients develop long-te

One in eight adults who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 experience long term symptoms due to COVID-19, according to one of .....

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Covid patients at higher risk of psychia

COVID-19 patients have an increased risk of developing some neurological and psychiatric conditions, including psychosis.....

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Smoking, alcohol, high BMI leading cause

Smoking, alcohol use, high body mass index (BMI), and other known risk factors were responsible for nearly 4.45 million .....

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Second-hand smoke 10th biggest risk fact

People living in close proximity to those who smoke tobacco may have a higher risk of cancer as a new study published in.....

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Young children are at increased risk of

Young children are at increased risk of exposure to tomato flu, and if not controlled and prevented, the transmission mi.....

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High cholesterol and weight, reduced phy

Young people infected with COVID-19 are likely to have increased cholesterol, a high body mass index (BMI), and reduced .....

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Over 47 per cent antibiotic formulations

More than 47 per cent of antibiotic formulations used in India's private sector in 2019 were not approved by the cen.....

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Lancet report on unapproved antibiotic u

A Health Ministry official has dismissed as “misleading and inappropriate” a Lancet report claiming that mor.....

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Govt to soon launch national tele-mental

The government is working on launching a national tele-mental health programme and a toll-free helpline number soon to e.....

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Symptomatic Covid infection linked with

Having symptoms of COVID-19 infection is associated with poorer mental health and lower life satisfaction, according to .....

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New Omicron subvariant largely evades ne

The BA.2.75.2 variant of Omicron largely evades neutralising antibodies in the blood and is resistant to several COVID-1.....

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More boys with cancer being diagnosed th

More boys than girls with cancer in India are being diagnosed with the disease and the probable cause for this is gender.....

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AI-derived digital marker to measure cha

Scientists have constructed an in silico, or computer-derived, marker for coronary artery disease (CAD) to better measur.....

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Molnupiravir does not cut deaths in high

Using the antiviral drug molnupiravir does not decrease deaths or hospital admissions among Covid-19 patients who are va.....

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Past COVID infection provided substantia

For people previously infected with COVID-19, their risk of hospitalisation or death is 88 per cent lower for at least 1.....

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Nearly everyone globally exposed to unhe

Nearly everyone across the world is exposed to unhealthy levels of small air pollution particles called PM2.5, according.....

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New technique may aid early Parkinson's

A technique that identifies the build-up of abnormal protein deposits linked to Parkinson's disease could aid in ear.....

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New finding may improve type-2 diabetes

Scientists have found genetic similarities and differences between various forms of type 2 diabetes in India and Europe,.....

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Over 800 million people globally may suf

More than 840 million people worldwide will suffer back pain by 2050, largely due to population increase and the ageing .....

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Death risk from liver disease twice as h

The risk of death for hospitalised liver disease patients is more than twice as high in lower-or lower-middle income cou.....

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