Trivitron Healthcare in collaboration with Diagon Vanguard Diagnostics launches Diagon Coagulation range in India

20 October, 2021: Innovative new product introduction in the Coagulation segment to enhance clinical decisions and efficiencies.

Trivitron Healthcare, a leading medical devices company has announced the launch of new line of Coagulation Analyzer products manufactured by Diagon Ltd. Trivitron in partnership with Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics India announced the introduction of these products for the Indian Diagnostics Market following the signing of a collaboration agreement between the companies. This launch augurs well for the medical fraternity as it enhances the efficacies in clinical decision-making and broadens patient management. The new products include the COAG Line automated, semi-automated and POC systems manufactured by Diagon Hungary for reducing bleeding risk in extensive surgeries, checking the efficacy of haemostatic therapies and anti-coagulant drugs.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Rajesh Patel, Chief Executive Officer (IVD Business), Trivitron Healthcare said “Trivitron has prided itself in being the leader in innovation in the clinical and medical technology space. With this launch of product line from Diagon we are looking to broaden the scope and scale of efficacies in patient and clinical management. This range of products will complement Trivitron’s focus on supporting patient management by offering precision in clinical diagnostic fields, such as cardiology, infectious diseases, pathology, biochemistry, as well as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases”.

Commenting on this occasion, Ms. Chandra Ganjoo, Group CPO & Executive Director, Trivitron Healthcare said, “We are expanding and combining our organisational expertise to address the requirements of the medical community by introducing new solutions in the clinical and patient management space.  We are proud to announce the enhancement of our IVD range of clinical use by enabling additional products and devices testing menu to our portfolio.”

Commenting on the cooperation agreement Dr. Marco van der Looij, Director of Global Business Development, Diagon Ltd Hungary & Director, Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics India added, “We are proud to be associated with Trivitron Healthcare that has over 20 years of IVD and medical device manufacturing and selling experience in India. Together with Diagon-Vanguard-Diagnostics India, we will take our presence in the Indian market to a next level by promoting the Diagon COAG haemostasis systems line providing scalable and automated solutions for hospitals and reference laboratories. We are excited we can now offer our next generation haemostasis solutions to all laboratory sectors in India serving needs from POC testing to high-throughput requirements including critical D-Dimer test for COVID-19.” 

Commenting on the launch and cooperation agreement Ms. Veena Kohli, Managing Director Diagon Vanguard Diagnostics (P) Limited India said, 

"Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics India (P) Ltd, a joint venture between long-term partners – Diagon Ltd, and Vanguard Diagnostics (P) Ltd, announces a strategic collaboration with Trivitron Healthcare (P) Ltd. Trivitron will be a channel partner for the world class Coagulation range from Diagon. We are looking forward to jointly serving the Indian market by offering the best solutions in Coagulation, customised to meet the needs of all types of testing set-ups.”

Launching such advanced, accurate, robust technologies and point of care devices in coagulation will help in optical analyses of blood clotting parameters and automation will be a bonus for both lesser and high volume labs. These analyzers are known for their high throughput testing and reagent capacity that help laboratories or settings to increase their efficacy and turnaround time.  

The introduced coagulation devices will come with a high throughput for coagulation, chromogenic and immunology tests. Devices are easy-to-use operation with an innovative user interface and built-in QC due to their unique design, features, and multiple applications

Some key features of our latest Coagulation analyzers:

•    COAG-M is the most compact fully automated coagulometer that enables to easily manage the workload complete routine and speciality testing with minimal operator intervention. 

•    COAG-L is an automated coagulation instrument with random access of optical clotting, immunoturbidimetry and chromogenic assays.

•    COAG-XL is the high throughput random access flagship automated coagulometer for coagulation, chromogenic & immunology tests with 150 blood collection tubes in 15 racks, upto 300 test/hour.

•    COAG-2D (Two-channel semi-auto coagulometer) comes with a compact design and a complete test palette for clotting, immunoturbidimetry and chromogenic assays. The device is small with a compact footprint, easy to operate, and also offers maintenance-free operation & LIS connection.

•    COAG-4D is a four-channel semi-automated coagulometer with unique test traffic guidance.  It offers a complete test palette for clotting, immunoturbidimetry and chromogenic assays.

Trivitron Healthcare is committed to introduce more such technological advanced products for the Indian & International markets, in the field of laboratory diagnostics.

About Trivitron Healthcare:

Since 1997, the journey of Trivitron Healthcare as a medical technology company providing affordable healthcare solutions weaves a fascinating thread of inspiration to many healthcare providers. Having a solid expertise in research and development, Trivitron manufactures and distributes exceptional medical technology products to 180 countries. With 13 certified manufacturing facilities in India, Finland, Turkey & China; Trivitron spearheads innovation in the fields of COVID-19 Products, In-Vitro Diagnostics, Imaging & Radiology, Radiation Protection, Newborn Screening, Critical Care and Operating Room Solutions, thus, engraving its name as a holistic healthcare provider. 

About Diagon Ltd:

Diagon Ltd was founded in 1989 and has grown since from reagent manufacturer to world-leading systems provider. Today, Diagon supplies its products and services from factories in Hungary, Austria Brazil and Indonesia to over 75,000 laboratories in almost 150 countries through subsidiaries, distributors, OEM partners, and licensed manufacturing partners in China, Russia and India with Vanguard Diagnostics.

Diagon is recognized as the world's fifth-largest manufacturer of IVD hematology reagents and among the top-five manufacturers of full range IVD hemostasis systems. Our product range covers three principal areas: comprehensive system solutions, generic reagents and quality control materials, including critical tests for COVID-19

About Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics

Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics is a joint-venture between Diagon and Vanguard Diagnostics formed in January, 2021. Since its inception, Diagon-Vanguard Diagnostics has made a valuable contribution towards serving the need of the hour during the pandemic with its high quality D-Dimer quantitative tests.

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