The Global Cooperation and Training Framework (GCTF): Collaborating on Digital Health Hybrid Conclave 


The first ever hybrid conclave exploring collaborations in the digital healthcare space - was hosted by Voice of Healthcare on 25th February 2022 at the Claridges, New Delhi. Honorary minister Dr. Munjapara Mahendrabhai (Hon’ble Minister of State , Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and Hon’ble Minister of State , Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India) was the Chief Guest on the occasion. 



The hybrid event brought India, Taiwan, US, Japan and Australia to collaborate and co-create solutions for sustainable growth, future-ready healthcare infrastructure and spurring innovations through shared learning in areas like digital healthcare systems, med device and collaboration. The august assembly featured the country's top officials from the public health sector, officials from the governments, medical device and diagnostics industry, pharmaceuticals, healthcare experts, medical researchers, health-tech companies and CEOs, CIOs and other decision-makers from the corporate hospitals. 


Dr. Munjapara Mahendrabhai

Chief Guest Dr. Munjapara Mahendrabhai, Hon’ble Minister of State , Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India and Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Women & Child Development , Government of India, shared that collaborating on digital healthcare at the large has always been the need of the hour. The aim of collaborating on digital health is worldwide improvement in healthcare quality, affordability and accessibility. Digital healthcare since recent years has the role to be a reliable solution to health at everyone’s doorsteps. 

Dr. Naveen Nishchal , Chairman, Voice Of Healthcare, welcoming the speakers and delegates, gave the opening address in which challenges faced during the covid era were brought to light. He stressed that In a country such as India, with 250,000 villages, the doctor ratio is 1.34 per 1000, 2 nurses per 1000 and equally limited allied health staff, digital health is the way to go. 

Ambassador H.E. Amb. Baushuan Ger

Taiwan's Representative To India, Ambassador H.E. Amb. Baushuan Ger, shared that in a deeply connected world global health has become the utmost requirement for consistent collaboration and cooperation. Ms. Patricia A. Lacina -Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., U.S. Embassy New Delhi, noted that more resilient Indo Pacific collaboration – as well as synergizing action via the World health Organization and other multilateral forums - would be the way forward.

GCTF panel 01

Other discussion were led by, amongst others, Dr. Shubnum Singh (Principal Advisor - Health , Confederation Of Indian Industry -CII) , Dr. Preetha Rajaraman ( Health Attaché And South Asia Regional Representative For the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services - HHS), Dr. Wui-Chiang Lee (U.S. Embassy New Delhi and Deputy Superintendent, Taipei Veterans General Hospital) and Shri Sunil Kumar Bhushan (Deputy Director General & Head Health Sector, National Informatics Centre ( Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Gov. of India ). These stalwarts touched upon issues like the importance of common grounds & basic principles of agreement… the fact that COVID has caused every stakeholder to step forward…  and the impact of adoption-friendly software.

About GCTF 


GCTF-THE GLOBAL CO-OPERATION AND TRAINING FRAMEWORK is a memorandum, signed by The US and Taiwan and is a platform to utilize Taiwan’s strengths and expertise to address global issues of mutual concern. GCTF initiative, assists countries in the Indo-Pacific, for their capacity building efforts, through training programs for officials and experts, while also enhancing Taiwan’s multilateral cooperation, throughout the region.

Dr. Mukesh Kumar

Dr. Mukesh Kumar (Head, International Health Division, Indian Council Of Medical Research, Department of Health Research,  Ministry of health and Family Welfare, Govt of India) highlighted several windows and opportunities for working together in science and technology.  Mr. Prakash Sharma (Chief Financial Officer, National Skill Development Corporation) noted that skilling presents a big opportunity for India for transformation. 

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