VOH hosts CONNECTED HEALTH SUMMIT-22 on World Health Day

7th April 2022

The Connected Health Summit 2022 was hosted by Voice of Healthcare on the occasion of World Health Day 2022. The goal of the Summit was to bring leading minds from the fields of connected healthcare on a common plank to deliberate on the emerging remote patient monitoring solutions in the field of healthcare technology. 


The Connected Health Summit 2022 saw enthusiastic and extensive participation of clinical experts from Manipal Hospitals who hailed from a rich cross-section of specialities in the connected health space. Some of them are…

Panel 1: 

Dr. Vinod Reddy, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospital, Varthur Road. Dr. Nitin Yashas, Consultant - Medical Oncology and Hemato-Oncology, Manipal Hospital, Sarjapur. Dr. Rajesh V Helavar, Consultant - Interventional Radiology, Manipal Hospital, Yeshwanthpur. Dr. Abhijit Bhograj, Consultant - Endocrinology, Manipal Hospital, Hebbal. Dr. Abhinav Raina, Consultant – Neurology, Manipal Hospital, Whitefield. Dr. Asawari Savant, BDS, Masters in Public Health, University of Central Lancashire-UK, Team Voice of Healthcare (Moderator).

To watch the session click here: 

Panel 2: 

Dr. Suchismitha Rajamanya, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Manipal Hospital, Whitefield. Dr. Davender Singh Chadha, Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road. Dr. Pramod Krishnan, HOD & Consultant – Neurology, Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road. Dr. N. Raghunathan, Consultant - Neurosurgeon, Manipal Hospital, Salem. Dr. Upendra Shenoy, Consultant - Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon, Manipal Hospital, Mysore. Dr. Asawari Savant, BDS, Masters in Public Health, University of Central Lancashire-UK, Team Voice of Healthcare (Moderator).

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The Connected Health Summit 2022 activated urgent narratives in the space of Connected Care and Digital Health tools by turning the spotlight on burning priorities and emerging issues to enhance patient engagement, patient care access and patient empowerment. Some of the themes that went under the scanner were…

•    Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring options in healthcare.
•    Latest technologies to monitor patients for enhancing clinical outcomes.
•    Designing Healthy Habits for Healthier Outcomes. 
•    Decoding the present and future of care delivery in an age of ‘Connected Health’.


Leading minds at the event lent their expertise and knowledge on a multitude of topics in connected health space, emphasising the growing need for enhanced precision and accuracy for already existing remote health technologies such as Deep brain stimulation (DBS), da Vinci SP,  remote health trackers heart rate, blood pressure, activity metrics, steps, sleep quality and pain score. 

Experts also shared a ‘preview’ of remote health motoring devices (that are currently under development at Manipal Hospital-Hebbal) which are slated to facilitate specialised monitoring of complete food, activity, prescriptions, mood and sleep quality along with various other health parameters for providing holistic health support to patients with lifestyle and endocrinal disorders. 


The virtual intervention left audiences with a strong reminder of the urgency for educating patients, patients' families and the community-at-large on health priorities and optimal treatment plans. Alongside, it emphasised the potential of Connected Health Solutions in touching and transforming mindsets, practises and outcomes for healthcare grassroots levels up.   



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