Leaders Discuss Urgent Priorities in Vaccination Against Food & Water Borne Infections For Young Schoolers.

4th May 2022
On the occasion of World Immunization Week, Voice of Healthcare – in association with Dr Reddy’s – hosted a Discussion with a distinguished industry PANEL. The aim of this panel discussion was to identify the FORWARD ROUTES FOR VACCINATION AGAINST FOOD & WATER BORNE INFECTIONS FOR EARLY SCHOOLERS.

Dr Gunjan Taneja

Voice of Healthcare hosted a Panel Discussion On: “ Vaccination against Food & Water Borne Diseases in Early School Goers ”- Significance and the way forward on 30th April 2022, under which various emerging routes of vaccination were highlighted. The LIVE virtual panel discussion saw participation of Pediatric and Immunization Experts from Public Health Organizations such as World Health Organization-India, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation- India, UNICEF India as well as hospitals such as P D Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai and  Rainbow Children's Hospitals, Bangalore. 

Dr Mainak Chatterjee

The Key Topics Emerged Were: 

•    There is a need to ensure all the essential vaccines that have the maximum impact on preventing childhood mortality and morbidity are administered. 

•    Going forward, a certain set of vaccines which cannot be a part of the Universal Immunization Programme should be made available to the public through the private sector. 

•    The overarching recommendation is that- if affordability is not a concern, all vaccines from both government and private sector should be administered. 

•    Health education for food and water borne diseases, hand washing and maintaining personal hygiene is a non negotiable for keeping children healthy.

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To watch the session please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlYwdjowbIA


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