Expert Panel Aims to Lift Glaucoma Out of Societys Blind Spot

On the occasion of World Glaucoma Week, Healthcare Thinktank #VoiceofHealthcare ( – in collaboration with Zydus Lifesciences - hosted a LIVE panel discussion with eminent subject matter experts on the theme: #BeatBlindness- Creating Glaucoma Awareness Through Early Detection.


The overarching goal of the panel discussion was to elevate awareness on the importance of regular eye (and optic nerve) checks for detecting glaucoma as early as possible. A parallel objective was to inform the community and public about new Diagnostic techniques and advanced treatment options available in India, and also to eliminate myths and false perceptions about glaucoma. 


With approximately 11.2 million persons aged 40 years and older with glaucoma in India, a large volume of undetected cases, significant manpower & resource constraints and major challenges in detecting and treating those who are affected, this Expert Intervention was indeed the need of the hour.
‘World Glaucoma Week’ managed to put a spotlight on glaucoma as the leading cause of preventable irreversible blindness worldwide, and underscored the urgent priority for preventive intervention to eliminate needless distress.  


The event attracted several leading luminaries from the field, who approach the topic through the lens of mission-critical expertise and shared actionable views and recommendations to elevate outcomes.  
They were…
•    Prof. Dr. Sushmita Kaushik- Professor Ophthalmology , Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) , Chandigarh.
•    Dr. A. Murali Ariga- Director, Swamy Eye Clinic and Chennai Glaucoma Foundation.
•    Dr. Manish S Shah- Consultant , Department of Ophthalmology , Lilavati Hospital & Research Center , Mumbai.
•    Dr. Prateep Vyas- Specialist ( Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma Treatment ) , CENTRE FOR SIGHT, Indore.
•    Anurag Dhingra- General Manager , Zydus Cadila Healthcare Limited.


We share a synopsis of the perspectives and opinions shared by our panel which spanned a rich cross section of domains and disciplines around glaucoma. 

•    Prof. Dr. Sushmita Kaushik- “It is very important to make patients aware about glaucoma blindness for which regular tests are of utmost importance”.
Dr. A. Murali Ariga- “With proper treatments and regular check-ups, you can continue your life like normal and glaucoma won't put you back from experiencing any of that”. 
•    Dr. Manish S Shah- “Making sure that the pressures always remain under control and that eye drops and medications are strictly followed, is essential even after undergoing Iridotomy”
•    Dr. Prateep Vyas- “To sit with the patient, to counsel the patient and to explain about the disease is extremely important”.
•    Anurag Dhingra- “Industry has a very vital role to play in creating the awareness of glaucoma and supporting the ophthalmologists in diagnosing and treating glaucoma by creating better access to new and improved medications. ”

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