Change is in the air. Take a look at our new video format.

13 Jan, 2020 - A journey becomes immortal only when it is chronicled. When it is re-lived in the words of the journey-man (or woman). Narrated by master story-tellers. And presented in a form that clicks with the vibe of the viewer.

The healthcare sector is a living pitara of such journeys. Chronicles of people who have beaten unthinkable odds to achieve the imaginable. Tales of disruption, ideas and teamwork that were once thought un-doable. There is a need to capture these amazing foot-prints, these eye-opening experiences, to the world at large. Not only to celebrate these heroes – but to inspire the next.

With its mini-biographical properties called Limelight Stories that regularly highlights personalities who have made a ‘ding in their universe’ - to borrow Steve Jobs’ famous quote. You can check them here

We are now adding another feather to our storytelling arsenal – this time, in the video format. Video, after all, its today’s leading format of content consumption, and we felt it makes sense for our stories to explore the space. Videos, of course, is not new in the VOH universe. What makes our new endeavour different is the ambitious scope and scale. We are expanding both to make our platform more inclusive. So expect wider coverage, deeper analyses and a more kaleidoscopic range of personalities.

As a nodal body and visionary think tank for policy advocacy, idea mobilization and sustainable advancement in healthcare, VOH has always considered itself an instrument and voice of transformation. Our new video format is therefore called VOICES OF CHANGE. Check out the first episode .


With every new episode, we hope to change the way you look at healthcare in our own little way. Stay tuned.

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